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Welcome to the Assessments web page of the Kansas State Department of Education.  The purpose of this page is to provide assistance to the districts and schools with their participation in the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP).  This site contains documents and resources related to the state assessments in Kansas and should assist in the understanding of the program.  Updates are made as new information becomes available.  For further assistance please contact those individuals listed at the right.

2014-15 Assessment Documents and Resources

2014-15 Kansas Assessments OverviewRevised 10/16/14. This overview document is on one page for elementary, middle school and high school.
Kansas Assessment Examiner's ManualRevised 2/24/2015. This is the Kansas Assessment Manual for 2014-2015 year.
New Test Coordinators PP PresentationThis is a Power Point Presentation with helpful information for New Test Coordinators.

Accommodations Documents and Resources

2014-15 Kansas Assessment Accommodations Scribing GuidelinesInformation on the scribing accommodation.
KSDE Accommodations ManualRevised 12/15/14. This is the Accommodations Manual for 2014-15 year.
Tools and Accommodations for the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP)Revised 12/5/14. An updated tools and accommodations list for the 2014-15 year.

Assessment Q&A

Hello Kansas educators! We have been receiving countless emails with questions around the KITE system and thought we would throw together a sort of Q&A email to hopefully help clarify a few items. First let us start by informing you that CETE serves many states across the country with KITE and therefore many of the resources they have available are general in nature. They are in the process of creating a section on their website which we help clarify procedures for Kansas. In the meantime we will try and help sort through the process. We might also add CETE is currently working on the 2014 Examiners Manual which will be the best resource for Kansas schools to reference. Once this document is available to the field we will notify everyone via the listserv. Click on the question for the answer.

Assistant Director
Beth Fultz
(785) 296-2325

Assessment Coordinator
Lee Jones
(785) 296-4349

Public Service Administrator II
Mark Stephenson
(785) 296-3379

Deputy Commissioner
Division of Learning Services
Brad Neuenswander
(785) 296-2303

Career, Standards and Assessment

Scott Smith
(785) 296-3142

Assistant Director
Career and Technical Education
Jay Scott
(785) 296-3951

Assistant Director
Academic Standards
Jeannette Nobo
(785) 296-2078

Assistant Director
Beth Fultz
(785) 296-2325

Career, Standards and Assessment Services Upcoming Events

Youth Mental Health First Aide Training
March 4 in Wichita

Perkins Grant Application Workshop
April 9 in Hutchinson
April 24 in Topeka

Perkins Grant Application Review Workshop
June 16 in Salina

2015 KSDE Impact Institutes
June 17-18 in Hays
July 6-7 in Wichita

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