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Seal of Biliteracy

Guidance, Directions, and Documentation

This section contains a document giving an overview and Guidance on the Seal of Biliteracy initiative; a second, shorter document with directions for completing the Excel spreadsheet; the Excel spreadsheet to be filled out by your district and sent to:; and a short webinar on the Seal of Biliteracy.

Guidelines for Kansas Seal of BiliteracyPlease follow these guidelines created by the World Languages Advisory Council to award a state seal of biliteracy in your district. This document was updated in March 2023.PDF
Kansas State Seal of Biliteracy Fact SheetAs adopted, May 2016 by the Kansas Board of Education, this will be awarded by Kansas State Department of Education and a local school district to recognize any student who has attained proficiency in English and one or more other world languages.PDF
Seal of Biliteracy 2023-2024 SpreadsheetComplete and return this Excel spreadsheet to in order to certify students for the Seal of Biliteracy and to receive the students' Seal of Biliteracy certificates.XLXS

Seal of Biliteracy Highlights

The Educational and Economic Impact on One StudentAlvaro Escobedo talks about how the Seal of Biliteracy has increased his earning potential and career choices as he pursues his degree at Fort Hays State. Alvaro is a 2017 Salina South High School graduate.MP4
The Social and Cultural Benefits of Language LearningHannah Janzen talks about how the Seal of Biliteracy requires proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Her ability to speak Spanish and French has given her social connections and access to more media (film, news, books). MP4

Graphics, Posters & Flyers

These images can be used when printing programs for awards ceremonies or for projecting a Kansas Seal of Biliteracy image on a screen for an awards ceremony or other events. The image files are available in a variety of formats: PNG, GIF, and JPG. TIF format is available by request.

Annual Reports for the Kansas Seal of Biliteracy

The Seal of Biliteracy annual report contains detailed information at the state and district level regarding students, languages, levels of award. The national Seal of Biliteracy report is available here:

Map of the districts offering the Seal of Biliteracy 2020-2021

Seal of Biliteracy Contact:

Deputy Commissioner
Division of Learning Services

Dr. Ben Proctor
(785) 296-2303

Career, Standards and Assessment

Beth Fultz
(785) 296-3142

Assistant Director
Career and Technical Education

Natalie D. Clark
(785) 296-4351

Assistant Director
Curricular Standards

Dr. David Fernkopf
(785) 296-8447

Assistant Director

Julie Ewing
(785) 296-2325

Assistant Director
Kansas Volunteer Commission

Dr. Jessica Dorsey
(785) 296-3163

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