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All Kansas School/Activity Bus Drivers are required to have a physical regardless of the passenger rating of the bus. All individuals primarily hired to provide transportation in a school passenger vehicle are required to have a physical. Per K.A.R. 91-38-6, the physical requirement shall be those found in the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation 49 C.F.R. 391.41 which states .“A person subject to this part must not operate a commercial motor vehicle (in our case a school/activity bus and or school vehicle) unless he or she is medically certified as physically qualified to do so”. The Kansas Department of Education is committed to having Kansas School/Activity Bus and or School Vehicle Drivers be medically certified and physically qualified and has no intention of deviating from this requirement.

The phyisical shall be completed using either the Federal Medical Examiners Report and Certificate or the Kansas State Department of Edcuation Medical Examiners Report and Certificate. 

Federal Medical Examiner Report MCSA 5875 (PDF)

Federal Medical Examiners Certificate MCSA 5876 (PDF)

Find a certified Medical Examiner for Category #1 drivers

FMCSA Medication Information

Federal Schedules of Controlled Substances

School/Activity Bus Drivers and School Vehicle Drivers, who are employed by a school district and have not declared category #1 or #3  on their medical self-certification may use the exception for government entities found in 49 CFR 390.3. They may have their family physician or other medical examiner of their choice, who is not on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners perform the physical. A Doctor Notification document is linked below which can be provided to the medical examiner to explain this exception.

The Kansas State Department of Education Medical Examiners Report & Medical Examiners Certificate, form SBSU_MER & form SBSU_MEC can be used in lieu of MCSA 5875 and MCSA 5876. Forms SBSU_MER & form SBSU_MEC can only be used if the driver meets the following: 

  • The driver is a Kansas Activity/School Bus driver and holds a CDL and who has  declared category 2 or 4 on their medical self-certifcation.
  • The driver is a Kansas Activity/School Bus driver, drives a Non-CDL bus, (bus rated for less than 14 passengers plus the driver and has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of less than 26,000 pounds) and is required to have a physical.
  • The driver is required a physical because he or she is primarily hired to transport students in a school passenger vehicle.


Doctor Notification Letter

Kansas State Department of Education Physical Waiver Information and Forms (PDF) Information including a fillable form which may be used to meet the physical waiver requirements found in KAR 91-38-6

Medical Self-Certification

Medical Certification is part of the CDL, any person applying for a CDL on or after January 30, 2012 must certify with the State's Driver's License Agency to one of four categories:

  1. Non-excepted interstate. I certify that I operate or expect to operate in interstate commerce, and I am both subject to and meet the qualification requirements under 49 CFR part 391, and I am required to obtain a medical examiner's certificate by 49 CFR §391.45.
  2. Excepted interstate. I certify that I operate or expect to operate in interstate commerce, but engage exclusively in transportation or operations excepted under 49 CFR §§390.3(f), 391.2, 391.68 or 398.3 from all or parts of the qualification requirements of 49 CFR part 391, and I am therefore not required to obtain a medical examiner’s certificate by 49 CFR §391.45.
  3. Non-excepted intrastate. I certify that I operate only in intrastate commerce and therefore I am subject to and meet the State’s driver medical qualification requirements.
  4. Excepted intrastate. I certify that I operate in intrastate commerce, but engage exclusively in transportation or operations excepted from all or parts of the State’s driver medical qualification by K.S.A. 66-1,129.
  • CDL holders or employers can check  medical self-certification & CDL status for no charge using the Kansas Driver's License Status Check website. 
    Kansas Driver's License Status Check
  • A driver can change from a category 1 to a category 2 or vice versa at any time by using the on-line or paper form.
  • The Kansas Department of Revenue advises after your initial self-certification you will have to recertify when:

    1.       Anytime you change categories.

    2.       Anytime you renew your CDL.

    3.       Anytime you upgrade your CDL class. (go from a class B to a class A)

    4.       Anytime you add endorsements to your CDL

    5.       Anytime your medical card expires if you are a category 1.

It is important for CDL holders to understand & know their medical self-certification category and check their status on-line at least annually.

If your driver is a medical self-certification category #1 or #3, a copy of the medical examiners certificate has to be sent in and has to be done by an examiner on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. If the driver is a category #1 or #3 an updated medical examiners certificate must be submitted to the state every time it expires. 

If the school bus driver works and drives only for the school district, we recommend they be a category #2 on their medical self-certification. Category #2 drivers DO NOT send a copy of their medical examiners certificate to the state. Category #2 is an interstate classification which means the driver can legally drive a school bus out of state. Drivers can change their medical self-certification category at any time if they were to get a job where a category #1 was required. .

You may certify or change your certification anytime provided your CDL status is valid using the Kansas Department of Revenue on-line certification form.
Kansas Department of Revenue on-line Certification Form

You may also certify using a paper form 
and mailing or faxing to:

Driver Licensing
Attn: Medical Certification
P.O. Box 2188
Topeka, KS 66601
Fax: 785-296-5859

Click on links below for more information:

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Self Certification
(Kansas Department of Revenue)

Insulin Treated Diabetes

Insulin dependency is a disqualifier for the Kansas Bus Driver DOT physical requirement under 49 CFR 391.41. Once the driver, who is required a  DOT Physical under KAR  91-38-6, begins taking Insulin to control diabetes their current medical examiner's certificate becomes null and void.

FMCSA has a process by which the doctor who is prescribing insulin can complete a form if the driver meets certain conditions. This form then goes to the medical examiner who makes the final decision on whether or not the driver can drive for 12 months. 

KSDE will accept this form and process. However, please remember even if the doctor treating the diabetes and prescribing the insulin completes the form, the medical examiner who performs the physical, may not agree or approve and issue a valid medical examiner's certificate. This form is only valid for one year.

A driver, taking Insulin to control diabetes, would also be able to apply for a Kansas State Department of Education DOT physical waiver under KAR 91-38-6. This wavier, if approved by the distirct's governing board, is only valid for operation of the districts vehicles in the state of Kansas. Here is link to our forms and process Kansas State Department of Education Physical Waiver Information and Forms

49 CFR 391.41 Excerpt:
Physical qualifications for drivers
(b) A person is physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle if that person—
(3) Has no established medical history or clinical diagnosis of diabetes mellitus currently requiring insulin for control;

School Bus Safety Director
Keith Dreiling
785-296-6659 (fax)

School Bus Safety
Public Service Administrator
Dennis Tate

School Bus Safety
Public Service Administrator 

Melissa Ostermeyer


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