Professional Practices Commission

The Professional  Practices Commission shall exercise disciplinary and advisory functions and shall hear cases arising under rules and regulations adopted by the State Board of Education involving the issuance, continuance, suspension, revocation or reinstatement of teachers' and school administrators' licenses and render initial orders for disposition thereof, and the State Board of Education shall review such initial orders in accordance with the provision of K.S.A. 77-527. The Professional Practices Commission may conduct, upon request and at the direction of the State Board of Education, investigations of departures from the code of professional responsibility and competency which may be adopted by the State Board of Education upon recommendation made under subsection (b) of K.S.A. 72-2312, and amendments thereto, and report findings thereon to the State Board


During its March meeting, the Kansas State Board of Education will conduct a public hearing to consider the adoption of proposed amendments to regulations K.A.R. 91-22-1a, 91-22-1b, 91-22-2, 91-22-5a, 91-22-9, 91-22-22, and 91-22-25.  The amendments are proposed to bring Professional Practices Commission regulations up to date with actual State Board practices as well as to provide better notice to applicants and licensees of the type of actions it considers to be misconduct for which discipline may be imposed.  The public hearing is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m., March 12, 2024 in the Board Room of the Landon State Office Building, 900 SW Jackson St. in Topeka. 

PPC Regulations for March 2024 Public Hearing



NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderLicense NumberDescription of ActionAction DateDownload
Abellera, Julia7357789632Publicly Censured2017-05-09Abellera, Julia Final Order.pdf
Abla, Melissa 9366342183Revoked 2023-05-09Abla, Melissa Final Order.pdf
Adams, Cecily 6633879482Publicly Censured 2020-09-08Adams, Cecily Final Order.pdf
Adams, Wendi1845512456Revoked 2020-05-12Adams, Wendi Final Order.pdf
Adrian, Justin8313324759Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2018-12-11Adrian, Justin Final Order.pdf
Aleman, Kimberly 7259244895Denied 2019-07-09Aleman, Kimberly Final Order.pdf
Alibadi, Dheyaa 2635231168Denied 2022-08-09Alibada, Dheyaa Final Order.pdf
Allen, Christine5816912348 Denied2017-09-12Allen, Christine Final Order.pdf
Allen, Christine 5816912348Denied 2021-07-13Allen, Christine Final Order.pdf
Allen, Robert 8248235971Denied 2022-04-12Allen, Robert Final Order.pdf
Alvarez, Veronica 2925435416Denied 2021-01-12Alvarez, Veronica Final Order.pdf
Alzidlani, Manar 9171656162Denied 2021-08-10Alzidlani, Manar Final Order.pdf
Amaro, PatrickN/ADenied2015-07-15Amaro, Patrick Final Order.pdf
Andrade-Juarez, Nancy9926656994Revoked 2020-05-12Andrade-Juarez, Nancy Final Order.pdf
Andrews, Calvin2487663413Denied 2019-12-10Andrews, Calvin Final Order.pdf
Atkinson, Jessica 2488194913Denied 2019-02-12Atkinson, Jessica Final Order.pdf
Bachman, Clare4259593234Revoked2017-04-18Bachman, Clare Final Order.pdf
Banning, Trenton3561778836Revoked 2018-07-10Banning, Trenton Final Order.pdf
Barngrover, Ansel9211489814Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2017-01-10Barngrover, Ansel Final Order.pdf
Bauman, Gabrielle 6263548398Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2018-05-08Bauman, Gabrielle Final Order.pdf
Beckley, David 4323425236Denied 2020-05-12Beckley, David Final Order.pdf
Benitez, CindyN/ADenied2014-12-09Benitez, Cindy Final Order.pdf
Berens, Amanda3226589172Denied2016-05-18Berens, Amanda Final Order.pdf
Bishop, Michael 2574355997Denied 2021-06-08Bishop, Michael Final Order.pdf
Bloom, Eden3878167512 Denied2015-01-14Bloom, Eden Final Order.pdf
Bockhold, Quinton 4474721594Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2023-08-08Bockhold, Quinton Final Order.pdf
Bosiljevac, Tyler 1971547255Revoked 2020-11-10Bosiljevac, Tyler Final Order.pdf
Boyette, Lynne 1318552842Publicly Censured 2021-10-12Boyette, Lynne Final Order.pdf
Brinkman, Eric 7393353733Denied 2019-02-12Brinkman, Eric Final Order.pdf
Brinkman, Steven3445811911Revoked2015-04-17Brinkman, Steven Final Order.pdf
Brown, Holly5672941656Denied2018-08-14Brown, Holly Final Order.pdf
Bulk, Robert8873955266Revoked2017-11-14Bulk, Robert Final Order.pdf
Burd, Todd 4758587167Revoked 2019-05-14Burd, Todd Final Order.pdf
Burgan, Michael3419538758Revoked2016-06-14Burgan, Michael Final Order.pdf
Butler, Keith 4861436753Revoked 2023-05-09Butler, Keith Final Order.pdf
Byerly, Michael3471477233 Revoked2015-04-17Byerly, Michael Final Order.pdf
Cammisa, Shelli1399725165 Revoked2015-09-08Cammisa, Shelli Final Order.pdf
Cavitt, Andre 6374315839Publicly Censured 2023-07-11Cavitt, Andre Final Order.pdf
Chambers, Amber R.N/ADenied2015-04-17Chambers, Amber R. Final Order.pdf
Charles, Lauren 8115764558Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2021-10-12Charles, Lauren Final Order.pdf
Clark, Shannon 6187521951Denied 2022-04-12Clark, Shannon Final Order.pdf
Coleman, Timothy5723191748Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2018-05-08Coleman, Timothy Final Order.pdf
Collins, Kareem 3824642913Denied 2022-09-13Collins, Kareem Final Order.pdf
Colon Ramos, Melisha5964641822Publicly Censured2017-01-10Colon-Ramos, Melisha Final Order.pdf
Conover, Sonnet 8139457434Publicly Censured 2019-08-13Conover, Sonnet Final Order.pdf
Couch, Terry1684473993Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2017-04-18Couch, Terry Final Order.pdf
Courkamp, Brylee3882431156Revoked2018-08-14Courkamp, Brylee Final Order.pdf
Cox, Ryan S.6865496949Revoked2015-04-17Cox, Ryan S. Final Order.pdf
Crawford, Johnna 4556452686Denied 2019-05-14Crawford, Johnna Final Order.pdf
Cresci, Michele 3823238663Denied 2022-04-12Cresci, Michele Final Order.pdf
Creten, Kristopher 8793877986Denied 2021-08-10Kreten, Kristopher Final Order.pdf
Crider, Elisabeth1271725533 Revoked2016-02-09Crider, Elisabeth Final Order.pdf
Crum, Jason 5244586483Revoked 2020-09-08Crum, Jason Final Order.pdf
Cullens, Casey 4868697692Denied 2019-09-10Cullens, Casey Final Order.pdf
Daskoski, Jerry7215664635Denied2015-08-11Daskoski, Jerry Final Order.pdf
Davenport, Lea 2947616715Denied 2022-06-14Davenport, Lea Final Order.pdf
Deal, BradleyN/ADenied2015-06-09Deal, Bradley Final Order.pdf
Demoss, Matthew2683545789Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2016-07-12Demoss, Matthew Final Order.pdf
DeVore, Kirstan 5894575192Denied 2023-01-10DeVore, Kirstan Final Order.pdf
Dickerson, Michael 8831765191Revoked 2019-12-10Dickerson, Michael Final Order.pdf
Dinkel, Brooke9358119861Denied2015-04-17Dinkel, Brooke Final Order.pdf
Dinkel, Kimberly9563132351Revoked2015-08-11Dinkel, Kimberly Final Order.pdf
Dockter, Kelly8132557964Denied2015-05-13Dockter, Kelly Final Order.pdf
Dove, Richard 9749431545Denied 2019-04-16Dove, Richard Final Order.pdf
Duncan, Kylie1571246967Denied2017-04-18Duncan, Kylie Final Order.pdf
Eberhart, Angela 4278131631Voluntary Surrender/Revoked 2023-10-10Eberhart, Angela Final Order.pdf
Eichbauer, Eliot 6631619246Suspended (Effective through April 1, 2019)2017-04-18Eichbauer Final Order.pdf
Ellebracht, Debra3154591923Denied2018-06-12Ellebracht, Debra Final Order.pdf
Ellebracht, Debra 3154591923Revoked 2016-01-13Ellebracht, Debra Final Order (Revocation).pdf
Emanuel, LouisN/ADenied2016-11-09Emanuel, Louis Final Order.pdf
Enoma, NosazeN/ADenied2015-07-15Enoma, Nosaze Final Order.pdf
Evans, Sarah5464258892Revoked 2019-04-16Evans, Sarah Final Order.pdf
Evans, Sarah 5464258892Denied 2022-02-08Evans, Sarah Final Order.pdf
Fielding, Kimberly 8563669729Publicly Censured 2021-01-12Fieldling, Kimberly Final Order.pdf
Fleming Ohmes, Jeana4994721122 Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2016-05-18Fleming-Ohmes, Jeana Final Order.pdf
Foster, Drake2394172843 Revoked2015-04-17Foster, Drake Final Order.pdf
Freelend, Sarah 6864258114Suspended until the remainder of the contract term which ends May 12, 20232023-01-10Freelend, Sarah Final Order.pdf
Friess, Michael 2291282719Revoked 2020-09-08Fries, Michael Final Order.pdf
Froehlich, Jon7745667712Revoked2017-05-09Froehlich, Jon Final Order.pdf
Fry, Laurie2746433168Revoked2018-07-10Fry, Laurie Final Order.pdf
Fulton, Elana 1329844173Suspended for the remainder of the contract year 2021-20222022-04-12Fulton, Elana Final Order.pdf
Gillette, Devin2763799876Denied2018-08-14Gillette, Devin Final Order.pdf
Gorgas, Lette 6572797589Denied 2024-07-09Gorgas, Lette Final Order.pdf
Gossage, Lara 2549568281Revoked 2021-11-09Gossage, Lara Final Order.pdf
Grove, Colton 9161372323Revoked 12-12-2023Grove, Colton Final Order.pdf
Ha, Loc1772424145 Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2016-01-13Ha, Loc Final Order.pdf
Hafenstein, Amber 9322416734Denied 2023-02-14Hafenstein, Amber Final Order.pdf
Hammond, Allan9186754637 Denied2015-06-09Hammond, Allan Final Order.pdf
Hancock, Stacey 2735496783Denied2022-09-13Hancock, Stacey Final Order.pdf
Hawkins, Mandie 4689791643Denied 2019-04-16Hawkins, Mandie Final Order.pdf
Heath, Laurel 9674935185Revoked 2020-05-12Heath, Laurel Final Order.pdf
Heidesch, Joseph 7586972354Revoked 2023-05-09Heidesch, Joseph Final Order.pdf
Henderson, Kelli Jo9117992915Suspended (Effective through August 8, 2019) (Public Censure) 2019-05-14Henderson, Kelli Jo Final Order.pdf
Henderson, Peter8849142374 Revoked2015-04-17Henderson, Peter Final Order.pdf
Herrs, Shari 3996381786Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2019-12-10Herrs, Shari Final Order.pdf
Hiebert, Mark 8996323454Denied2019-07-09Hiebert, Mark Final Order.pdf
Hilmes, KraigN/ADenied2015-06-09Hilmes, Kraig Final Order.pdf
Hinds, Rocky3372975588 Denied2017-09-12Hinds, Rocky Final Order.pdf
Hobbs, Matthew4387472553Revoked2015-09-08Hobbs, Matthew Final Order.pdf
Hodges, Shannon 2642964892Revoked 2020-05-12Hodges, Shannon Final Order.pdf
Hodson, Jerry 9489589624Revoked 2022-09-13Hodson, Jerry Final Order.pdf
Howard, Lance4595254644Revoked2015-07-15Howard, Lance Final Order.pdf
Howell, Jamanshua1969164972Revoked2017-07-11Howell, Jamanshua Final Order.pdf
Huff, Ethan 1894891287Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2019-05-14Huff, Ethan Final Order.pdf
Ingalls, Kayla3114337341Revoked2018-02-13Ingalls, Kayla Final Order.pdf
Jasiczek, Michael 7489779669Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2018-05-08Jasiczek, Michael Final Order.pdf
Jennings, Stacey 3913767932Denied 2024-04-09Jennings, Stacey Final Order.pdf
Ji, Zhiyang 3776498137Revoked 2018-05-08Ji, Zhiyang Final Order.pdf
Johnson, Kevin 8157972582Revoked 2019-01-15Johnson, Kevin Final Order.pdf
Jones, Heather 9356492158Revoked 2019-05-14Jones, Heather Final Order.pdf
Kaiser, Todd2247428169Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2017-07-11Kaiser, Todd Final Order.pdf
Kennedy, Christopher 7212995827Denied 2020-02-11Kennedy, Christopher Final Order.pdf
Kennington, SarahN/ADenied2017-07-11Kennington, Sarah Final Order.pdf
Kincade, William8476973829 Denied2018-03-13Kincade, William Final Order.pdf
Klea, Charles4836115221Revoked2015-04-17Klea, Charles Final Order.pdf
Klofstad, Kyle 9242742783Revoked 2022-04-12Klofstad, Kyle Final Order.pdf
Knake, Michael 9343298277Revoked2018-10-09Knake, Michael Final Order.pdf
Krell, Keaton 3764694556Revoked 2019-05-14Krell, Keaton Final Order.pdf
Krumm, Melissa 3315915342Revoked 2023-05-09Krumm, Melissa Final Order.pdf
Kuckelman, Anthony 1216134278Revoked 2023-05-09Kuckelman, Anthony Final Order.pdf
Lady, Jeffrey3558753372Revoked 2022-04-12Lady, Jeffrey Final Order.pdf
Laing, Clinton 4472794128Revoked 2019-04-16Laing, Clinton Final Order.pdf
Latimore, Mallory5785211831 Denied2015-09-08Latimore, Mallory Final Order.pdf
Layher, Lori2547346834Revoked2015-04-17Layher, Lori Final Order.pdf
Leonard, Ryan 9273254365Revoked 2023-05-09Leonard, Ryan Final Order.pdf
Lindeman, Lori 5231872369Revoked 2020-07-14Lindeman, Lori Final Order.pdf
Linn, Patricia 6234612814Revoked 2019-01-15Linn, Patricia Final Order.pdf
Loewen, Wesley8553175383Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2016-01-13Loewen, Wesley Final Order.pdf
Loganbill, James 5725918688Revoked 2020-09-08Loganbill, James Final Order.pdf
Loop, Charles 7992346548Denied 2023-05-09Loop, Charles Final Order.pdf
Maderos-Treaster, William 4696754979Suspended (Effective though February 23, 2017)2015-08-11Maderos-Treaster, William Final Order.pdf
Magwire, William Drew4562855118Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2017-04-18Magwire, William Drew Final Order.pdf
Marshall, Karen5992839194Revoked2017-02-14Marshall, Karen Final Order.pdf
Martin, Ginger 8454516468Publicly Censured 2024-03-12Martin, Ginger Final Order.pdf
Martindale, Amanda 3559823226Denied 2019-05-14Martindale, Amanda Final Order.pdf
Maxwell, Jane 9438421939Denied 2023-10-10Maxwell, Jane Final Order.pdf
McConville, Kathleen 7496948497Revoked 2022-04-12McConville, Kathleen Final Order.pdf
McCullough, Ross 9178862736Revoked 2023-05-09McCullough, Ross Final Order.pdf
McDaniel, Adam9598479129Revoked 2023-10-10McDaniel, Adam Final Order.pdf
McDonald, Cheryl9274638345Revoked 2018-09-12McDonald, Cheryl Final Order.pdf
McGarry, Gage7627892511Revoked2016-09-21McGarry, Gage Final Order.pdf
McGee, Kyle 6117537158Revoked 2023-05-09McGee, Kyle Final Order.pdf
McGregor, Lori 1371988269Denied 2023-05-09McGregor, Lori Final Order.pdf
McGuire, Tyson6636539925Revoked 2018-08-14McGuire, Tyson Final Order.pdf
McKay, Timothy 2619643813Revoked 2024-01-09McKay, Timothy Final Order.pdf
McKim, Christian3544194856Suspended (Effective through June 30, 2017)2016-07-12McKim, Christian Final Order.pdf
McLeroy, Shanda 6678193245Revoked 2023-05-09McLeroy, Shanda Final Order.pdf
McMillan, John 7231739598Denied 2020-09-08McMillan, John Final Order.pdf
McMurry, Terry4785292318Revoked2017-07-11McMurry, Terry Final Order.pdf
Melcher, Michael8786994328Revoked2017-11-14Melcher, Michael Final Order.pdf
Meredith, Dawn8376355139 Revoked2018-02-13Meredith, Dawn Final Order.pdf
Mesa, Steven 3448151912Revoked 2024-04-09Mesa, Steven Final Order.pdf
Michel, Ariadna 4357135931Denied 2023-10-10Michel, Ariadna Final Order.pdf
Michels, Ronald8316723174Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2015-09-08Michels, Ronald Final Order.pdf
Mies, Gary 7398429592Publicly Censured 2021-03-09Mies, Gary Final Order.pdf
Miller, Kyle 7791415755Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2018-10-09Miller, Kyle Final Order.pdf
Miller, Meghan 4782317239Publicly Censured 2022-09-13Miller, Meghan Final Order.pdf
Montemayor, Angela 7794161614Denied 2023-10-10Montemayor, Angela Final Order.pdf
Moore, Shelly4262564533 Revoked2018-02-13Moore, Shelly Final Order.pdf
Murrow, Rodney 5353835131Denied 2024-01-09Murrow, Rodney Final Order.pdf
Myers, Andrew3785433794Denied 2021-06-08Myers, Andrew Final Order.pdf
Nelson, Celia 4952167925Publicly Censured 12-12-2023Nelson, Celia Final Order.pdf
Nelson, Kevin 7796217846Publicly Censured 2024-03-12Nelson, Kevin Final Order.pdf
Newman, Jesse 6279396215Denied 2023-05-09Newman, Jesse Final Order.pdf
Newton, Ernest6424429638Revoked2015-04-17Newton, Ernest Final Order.pdf
Neyland, KennN/ADenied2015-04-17Neyland, Kenn Final Order.pdf
Olson, Benjamin 3163452256Revoked 2019-09-10Olson, Benjamin Final Order.pdf
Ottley, Jordan 5515657128Revoked 2018-10-09Ottley, Jordan Final Order.pdf
Pate, Katrina2551812933Revoked 2024-01-09Pate, Katrina Final Order.pdf
Persinger, Keely 1847562434Suspended (Effective through May 12, 2020)2019-11-12Persinger, Keely Final Order.pdf
Popplewell, Edward 9495959292Revoked 2019-12-10Popplewell, Edward Final Order.pdf
Porter, David 3292812542Denied 2019-05-14Porter, David Final Order.pdf
Pounds, Joshua 2815283816Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2022-04-12Pounds, Joshua Final Order.pdf
Ramos, Suzette7189941584Suspended (Effective through June 12, 2017)2016-12-14Ramos, Suzette Consent Agreement and Order.pdf
Randall, Robert 3665393469Revoked 2020-09-08Randall, Robert Final Order.pdf
Rankin, Rustin 8586967335Denied 2023-02-14Rankin, Rustin Final Order.pdf
Redden, TishaN/ADenied2015-04-17Redden, Tisha Final Order.pdf
Restivo, Paul 7631236356Revoked 2023-08-08Restivo, Paul Final Order.pdf
Restivo, Thomas3741813842Denied2016-05-18Restivo, Thomas Final Order.pdf
Reynolds, Estella 6553763216Denied 2019-12-10Reynolds, Estella Final Order.pdf
Reynolds, Estella 6553763216Denied 2023-01-10Reynolds, Estella Final Order.pdf
Reynolds, Gwendolyn 2457376424Publicly Censured 2021-03-09Reynolds, Gwendolyn Final Order.pdf
Reynolds, Toni 5965415591Revoked (Voluntary Surrender) 2018-12-11Reynolds, Toni Final Order.pdf
Riggs, Jeremy 7668574611Revoked 2021-08-10Riggs, Jeremy Final Order.pdf
Roth, NathanN/ADenied2015-06-09Roth, Nathan Final Order.pdf
Ruder, Chris4815387923 Revoked2018-03-13Ruder, Chris Final Order.pdf
Rufener, Katie1679783769Revoked2016-07-12Rufener, Katie Final Order.pdf
Ruff, Elisabeth 2258237939Suspended (Effective though June 1, 2021)2019-07-09Ruff, Elisabeth Final Order.pdf
Samsel, Mark 3534644395Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2021-10-12Samsel, Mark Final Order.pdf
Schwartz, Jordan 2625167149Publicly Censured 2021-05-11Schwartz, Jordan Final Order.pdf
Schwindt, Kelsey 5815935476Denied 2023-10-10Schwindt, Kelsey Final Order.pdf
Segovia, Martin3528578483Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2018-07-10Segovia, Martin Final Order.pdf
Servatius-Brown, Sheryl2923714156Suspended (Effective through April 26, 2021)2020-05-12Servatius-Brown, Sheryl Final Order.pdf
Shipley, John T.2527832393 Revoked2015-04-17Shipley, John T. Final Order.pdf
Silver, Bobbi 6169248599Denied 2023-01-10Silver, Bobbi Final Order.pdf
Smith, Crystal 3646339756Revoked 2020-05-12Smith, Crystal Final Order.pdf
Smith, Scott E.7471578432Denied2015-09-08Smith, Scott E. Final Order.pdf
Smith, Troy3767753189Revoked2017-02-14Smith, Troy Final Order.pdf
Sohm, Christopher 6811548584Suspended (Effective though May 17, 2024)2023-09-13Sohm, Christopher Final Order.pdf
Solis, Jesse 4654155813Denied 2023-10-10Solis, Jesse Final Order.pdf
Stanton, Tera 5384229861Denied 2024-01-09Stanton, Tera Final Order.pdf
Steinert, Anna 4391611457Revoked 2019-12-10Steinert, Anna Final Order.pdf
Straub, Nathaniel 9495921856Revoked 2023-05-09Straub, Nathaniel Final Order.pdf
Sullivan, Nathan 2765296537Publicly Censured 2022-09-13Sullivan, Nathan Final Order.pdf
Sumpter, Jacob 2959689682Revoked 2024-01-09Sumpter, Jacob Final Order.pdf
Sund, Bryce 8283586858Revoked 2019-05-14Sund, Bryce Final Order.pdf
Swart, Madison 6137673855Suspended (Effective though May 31, 2024)2024-05-14Swart, Madison Final Order.pdf
Swinehart, Michael 1879272768Revoked 2019-09-10Swinehart, Michael Final Order.pdf
Sylvester, Allen 5358467572Revoked 2022-09-13Sylvester, Allen Final Order.pdf
Sylvester, Deborah 6694426151Revoked 2022-09-13Sylvester, Deborah Final Order.pdf
Tarr, Cameron 5137482838Denied 2020-06-09Tarr, Cameron Final Order.pdf
Tokarz, Joseph6581171298Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2018-08-14Tokarz, Joseph Final Order.pdf
Torrence, Melissa 8557391323Revoked 2022-04-12Torrence, Melissa Final Order.pdf
Torres, Claire7665626645Revoked2017-07-11Torres, Claire Final Order.pdf
Vander Linden, Matthew7352957839Revoked2018-03-13Vander Linden, Matthew Final Order.pdf
Vega, Oyun 9148217387Denied 2022-09-13Vega, Oyun Final Order.pdf
Vondemkamp, Karen2414345535Denied2017-01-10Vondemkamp, Karen Final Order.pdf
Wahwasuck, Karen 3835185993Denied2022-03-09Wahwasuck, Karen Final Order.pdf
Walker, Josie 9648618658Revoked 2022-04-12Walker, Josie Final Order.pdf
Walrod, Brian 4161252897Revoked 2024-01-09Walrod, Brian Final Order.pdf
Walsh, Sandra2331864276Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2017-11-14Walsh, Sandra Final Order.pdf
Way, Jeremy5476633766 Revoked2016-05-18Way, Jeremy Final Order.pdf
Weis, Timothy4527384511Revoked 2018-10-09Weis, Timothy Final Order.pdf
West, Bradley9176354644Revoked2015-09-08West, Bradley Final Order.pdf
Whittit, Stephanie 4395262481Denied 2024-01-09Whittit, Stephanie Final Order.pdf
Whorley, Brandon 2474725164Publicly Censured 2019-09-10Whorley, Brandon Final Order.pdf
Wilson, Melinda 9315692268Revoked 2018-06-12Wilson, Melinda Final Order.pdf
Wingfield, Shawn 1799695131Revoked 2023-08-08Wingfield, Shawn Final Order.pdf
Wisner, Mark2794987321 Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2015-04-17Wisner, Mark Final Order.pdf
Woodford, Jeb6946742249 Denied2015-09-08Woodford, Jeb Final Order.pdf
Woodland, Julie8162671633Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2017-11-14Woodland, Julie Final Order.pdf
Young, Charles 8269291366Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2022-09-13Young, Charles Final Order.pdf
Young, Christopher 7274853678Revoked 2019-01-15Young, Christopher Final Order.pdf
Young, Steven3946713157Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2017-01-10Young, Steven Final Order.pdf
Zier, Kim 5144952658Revoked (Voluntary Surrender)2023-05-09Zier, Kim Final Order.pdf

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Scott Gordon

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Ronald Gish

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