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Career Clusters & Pathways

A Career Cluster is a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. The 16 Career Clusters organize academic and occupational knowledge and skills into a coherent course sequence and identify pathways from secondary schools to two- and four-year colleges, graduate schools, and the workplace. Students learn in school about what they can do in the future. This connection to future goals motivates students to work harder and enroll in more rigorous courses.

Career Cluster Pathway Program of Study Application (CPPSA)

Career Pathway Program of Study Application ChecklistPDFNew to Pathways? This checklist will help everyone with how to create new pathways or submit maintenance information on old pathway applications. It is a step by step guide.
Career Pathway Program of Study Application TrainingPPTRevised August 2015. New to Pathways? This power point provides training on how to create a new pathway application and/or provide new information to maintain an older one.
Pathway Deletion FormDOCThe Pathway Deletion Form should be filled out and submitted to the Pathways Help Desk if your district no longer wants to maintain a pathway or receive the funding associated with this pathway.
Pathways Student Data Management ChecklistPDFRevised 7/13/15. Pathways Student Data Management Checklist provides a step by step procedure guide for assigning and updating students to Pathways.
Pathways Student Data Management TrainingPPTPathways Student Data Management Training provides instruction on how to assign and update students in Pathways.
Pathways User's GuidePDFRevised 11/12/15. The Pathways User's Guide includes instructions as well as examples on how to do all the necessary functions of creating a pathway application and maintaining a pathway for the district. Required Student Data Mgmt. collection procedures
Section IIA - Occupation ListPDF 

Career & Technical Education Information Documents

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Career and Technical Education
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Pathways Help Desk
Career Clusters & Pathway Information

KSDE Secondary-Level CTE Contacts

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Division of Learning Services
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Career, Standards and Assessment

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Career and Technical Education
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Academic Standards
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