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Homeschooling In Kansas (Non-Accredited Private Schools (NAPS))

All homeschools are classified as Non-Accredited Private Schools (NAPS) in Kansas. Compulsory school attendance laws apply to children attending homeschools who have reached age 7 to those who are under 18 years old (may be under 7 for children identified as handicapped). Every parent or guardian of children in that age group must require such children to attend a public, private, denominational, or parochial school for the duration of the school term.

When a student transfers to a NAPS, the school previously attended must be notified by the parent/guardian. If this step is not completed, the school is required by law to report the student as truant.

Have you considered a Virtual School Program?

Virtual Schools and Programs Webpage (link)
If you are considering a homeschool, perhaps a virtual school is an option. Students enrolled and attending virtual schools that are accredited by KSDE will receive credit for coursework as though attending an in-person school.

Registration Requirement

Non-accredited private schools are required by law to register the name and address of the private elementary or secondary school (homeschool) with the State Board of Education. There is no “approval” process or review by the State Board of Education for a NAPS and there is no cost associated with the registration. No confirmation of registration will be sent. Please make copies of your registration for your records and for the school from which your student is withdrawn.

Home School Requirements

Teacher Requirements

Non-accredited private schools are not required to employ teachers who are licensed by the state; however, courses must be taught by competent instructors.

Hours of Instruction

Classes must be held for a period of time which is substantially equivalent to the time public schools are in session. The time required for public schools is at least 186 days of not less than 6 hours per day, or 1116 hours per year for grades 1-11.

Curriculum and Activities

Non-accredited private schools are responsible for acquiring their own books and curriculum materials. The State Department of Education does not supply books, curriculum materials or technical assistance for non-accredited private schools.

  • Kansas Curricular Standards provide information on what students should know and be able to do at different grade levels. Kansas curricular standards are guidelines that may be used to develop curriculum. The standards are not the curriculum.
  • Navigating Change
    Kansas’ guide to learning and school safety operations. Provides multiple options to design learning environments that meet unique needs created by the pandemic.
  • Kansas State High School Activities Association (external link)


Accurate and complete records of students attending NAPS should be kept in the event that the student transfers to a public or an accredited school, applies to a post-secondary institution or enters the Armed Services. If a student does transfer from a NAPS to an accredited school, the accredited school is not required to accept the transfer of credit and may evaluate the student in order to make placement decisions.

Kansas Graduation Requirements-recommended for NAPS:
  • 4 units of English Language Arts
  • 3 units of History and Government
  • 3 units of Science
  • 3 units of Mathematics
  • 1 unit of Physical Education
  • 1 unit of Fine Arts, and
  • 6 units of Electives.


The NAPS must issue their own high school diplomas. These diplomas are not recognized by the State of Kansas as meeting any requirements.

Entering College

Colleges and universities determine their own criteria for admission of students who graduate from a NAPS. Most institutions of higher education will require a Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED) or other criteria to be met for admission.

Homeschool Help

Phone: (785) 368-7088
Email: homeschool@ksde.org

Consultant: Maureen Tabasko
Registration: Alysha Nichols

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