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World Languages


Kansas schools educate students to be proficient in English and other world languages so that they will be engaged participants in a global society.  Content on this webpage is intended to meet this purpose: “to improve the quality and support the growth of teaching and learning of world languages in Kansas.”



Calendar for World Languages EventsCalendar for World Languages Events


World Languages Photo Gallery

Please feel free to send photos of World Language events in your school.  Please include a date and a short caption.

Rachel Delzer is a Spanish teacher in the Maize school district with more than twenty years of teaching experience. She engages her students in 90% target language use from day one. As a graduate of Emporia State University, holding two degrees in Building Leadership and Spanish Education with an ESOL endorsement, Rachel has received awards for Excellence in Education and is active in serving in a variety of leadership committees in her school. 

Visiting International Teachers from Spain during their orientation week in July, 2019. The guest teachers participate in professional development sessions to help them begin to adapt to their new home away from home. They also purchase cars, set up their homes and meet their community mentors this week.

Approximately 25 students spent four weeks on the University of Kansas campus this past summer to learn Swahili through the STARTALK initiative. STARTALK’s mission is to increase the number of U.S. citizens learning, speaking, and teaching critical need foreign languages. At the end of the four weeks, students performed skits, sang songs, and displayed the artwork they created from lessons on culture.

Professor Oleksandra Wallo of the University of Kansas teaches students some skills for studying abroad for a summer in Ukraine. The Open Language Resource Center at the University of Kansas is one of sixteen federally-funded National Foreign Language Resource Centers working to increase the nation's capacity to teach and learn world languages.  The World Languages Fair is envisioned as an annual event that brings together K-12 language students and teachers throughout the region. For more information, please see the Open Language Resource Center website at

World Languages General Information

These documents have general information relevant to all World Language educators. Information on standards, assessments, visiting international teachers, and world language resources can be found using the "World Languages Quick Links" above.
World Language AssessmentsEasy access to Kansas Benchmark (performance) assessment documents, and links to national and/or international summative assessments. This link is also located in the World Languages Quick Links in the upper right hand corner of the page.
World Language ResourcesDocuments and links pertain to advocacy, instruction, special projects, and professional development. This link is also located in the World Languages Quick Links in the upper right hand corner of the page.

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