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 In June of 2007, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) published a common secondary school course classification system for high school courses. The purposes of the Secondary School Course Classification System: School Codes for Exchange of Data (SCED) are to make it easier for school districts and states to:

  • Maintain longitudinal student records electronically;
  • Transmit course taking information from one student information system to another;
  • Meet reporting requirements;
  • Reduce the cost and burden of transcript studies; and
  • Use course taking information in research and evaluation of student outcomes.

In Kansas, a committee was brought together to work on developing Kansas Course codes that would be standard across all schools in Kansas. The purpose for developing the Standard Course Codes was so that they could be used on educator licenses and employment reports; and, if Kansas makes optimum use of the codes, they can become the codes used by most or all districts on student transcripts. The standard course codes developed are a system of numerical codes that are used to describe the courses taught by licensed teachers or completed by elementary and secondary students.

The Kansas Course Codes Management System (KCCMS) is the online tool whereby schools enter their courses which are then utilized in CTE/Pathways applications; KCAN reporting for virtual school students over 19, migrant students, CTE/Pathways students, and dual credit course. Users must apply for an account via the KIDS system


Newer Features


  1. The import/export file has been changed from bar delimited to tab.  
  2. Allow for mapping introductory CTE courses to 8th grade.
  3. Added ability to filter by and download "future effective only" courses.
  4. CTE Course Status column has been added.


Inter-System Changes


EDCS:  EDCS will no longer utilize the local course information in KCCMS but instead will use the State course codes, however schools will still need to enter their local course information into KCCMS and "map"/connect it to a State course.

KIDS K-CAN collects course information to support the Kansas State Board of Education Kansans Can initiatives for the following student populations only:

  • Course enrollments and outcomes for Migrant Students to populate the Migrant application.
  • Migrant Services provided during Summer term.
  • Course outcomes for Career and Technical Education (CTE) students to populate the Pathways application.
  • CTE Certifications earned by students (formerly collected in the K-PAC application).
  • Course outcomes for virtual students 20 and over to verify funding amounts.
  • Course outcomes for students receiving dual credit on high school courses.



Kansas Course Code Management System (KCCMS) Resources

KCCMS State Course CodesComplete list of course codes available in the Kansas Course Code Management System (KCCMS).
KCCMS CTE Course MappingDescription of Kansas Course Code Management System college and career field designations for CTE courses.
KCCMS User Guide 2023Updated December 2023. The KCCMS user guide provides step by step instructions for manually entering or uploading courses, as well as editing and other information.
KCCMS Import/Export ComparisonNo change: KCCMS exports 23 fields but only imports 19
KCCMS Vendor Export SpecificationsKCCMS Vendor Export Specifications will be the same as last year with the exception that now courses should be tab delimited.
KCCMS Vendor Import Specifications KCCMS Vendor Import Specifications will be the same as last year; note that last year the specifications were changed to tab delimited files.
Expiring Courses Feature in KCCMS 
Pathways Feature in KCCMS 

KCCMS Training Videos

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KSDE Account Set Up - Authenticated Web Applications Access KCCMS with a new user account
Adding KCCMS Access to an Existing KSDE Account Access KCCMS with an existing user account that needs to have the rights added.
Manually Creating a Course in KCCMS How to manually enter local district courses into KCCMS and map/connect them with pre-existing state courses.
Unique Course Identifiers in KCCMS The combination of data that comprise all the unique course identifiers in KCCMS.
Example of How to Manually Create a Course in KCCMS A sample local district course is created and mapped/connected to a state course.
Manually Duplicating a Course in KCCMS How to use the "duplication" feature within KCCMS.
Duplicate and Expire Course Simultaneously How to simultaneously expire an existing course and duplicate it.

Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS)

An initiative through the Kansas Board of Regents, the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS) is a two-year residential academy for 11th and 12th grade students talented in mathematics and science. KAMS students enroll in college courses taught by the faculty of a post-secondary educational institution. Over the course of their time in the Academy, students earn a high school diploma and college credits that meet the requirements for an associate of arts or associate of science degree.

KAMS Web Site


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