Special Education Services

The primary goal of the Special Education Services team is to provide leadership and support for exceptional learners receiving special education services throughout Kansas schools and communities.  Our web pages are designed to provide access to available documents, resources and guidelines.

District Level Reports
Dispute Resolution
Fact Sheets
Fiscal Resources
Gifted Education Services
Kansas Integrated Accountability System (KIAS)
Kansas Special Education Process Handbook
MIS and Student Data
Resources for Families and Educators
Sensory Losses
State Performance Plan (SPP) & Annual Performance Report (APR)
Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)
Secondary Transition

Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI)

COVID-19 Updates - Special Education

KSDE Guidance

Federal Guidance


Medicaid Updates in Response to COVID-19 Emergency

KSDE Licensure


SETS Listserv

To receive announcements from the Special Education and Title Services Team, please send an email to Joyce Broils (jbroils@ksde.org) with your Name, Email Address, and Organization.

Special Education Conference for Special Education

Special Education Administrators' Monthly Web Meeting Schedule/Topics

The KSDE SETS team provides regularly-scheduled webinars for special education administrators. Communication will occur via online meeting platform Zoom and materials and chat are available during the scheduled meeting date and time. The schedule of dates and topics with registration link at the bottom to receive reminders prior to the meeting.

Meeting Schedule for 2023-34 Meetings begin at 9am on Zoom
September 08, 2023 (Vimeo Link) / Materials (PDF)
October 13, 2023 (Vimeo Link) / Materials (PDF)
November 17, 2023 (Vimeo Link) / Materials (PDF)
December 08, 2023 (Vimeo Link) / Materials (PDF)
February 09, 2024 (Vimeo Link) / Materials (PDF)
March 08, 2024 (Vimeo Link) / Materials (PDF)
April 12, 2024 (Vimeo Link) / Materials (PDF)
May 10, 2024 (Vimeo Link) / Materials (PDF)

Meeting Schedule for 2022-23 Meetings begin at 9 am on Zoom
September 16, 2022 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
October 14 2022 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
November 18 2022 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
December 09 2022 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
February 10 2023 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
March 10 2023 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
April 14 2023 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
May 12 2023 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)

Meeting Schedule for 2021-22 Meetings begin at 9 am on Zoom
September 3, 2021 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
October 8, 2021 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
November 12, 2021 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
December 10, 2021 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
February 11, 2022 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
March 11, 2022 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
April 8, 2022 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
May 6, 2022 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)

Meeting Schedule for 2020-21 Meetings begin at 9 am on Zoom
August 14, 2020 (Vimeo link) / Chat transcript (PDF) / Slides (PDF) / DLM flyer (PDF)
September 25, 2020 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
October 30, 2020 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
December 11, 2020 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
January 8, 2021 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
February 19, 2021 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
April 9, 2021 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)
May 7, 2021 (Vimeo link) / Materials (PDF)

Special Education Administrators’ Quarterly meetings

The KSDE Special Education and Title Services (SETS) Team is hosting meetings for new and experienced special education administrators. Team members will cover timely special education topics and a call for questions from the field will be sent prior to each meeting so that the SETS team can prepare specific information.  The following will be included for special education; hot topics, networking, helpful hints for upcoming reports/requirements, KIAS calendar requirements, Q’s & A’s.

Webinar recordings and materials

Special Education, and Title Services Team

Bert Moore

Assistant Director
Doug Boline

Assistant Director
Brian Dempsey

Assistant Director
Kerry Haag

Assistant Director
Tate Toedman

Assistant Director
Dean Zajic

Team Organizational Chart (PDF)
KSDE Leadership Chart (PDF)

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