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Kansas Statutes for KSDE

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Absences from school, unexcused 72-3121
Abstaining from vote, board of education 72-1138
Abuse of children, generally 38-2201 et seq.

Academic achievement of pupils, report on 72-3219
Access to public buildings and facilities, specifications for the handicapped 58-1301 et seq.
Accessed valuation

  • Certification of 79-5a27
  • Extension of valuations, director of property valuation 79-1404(17)

Accident insurance 72-1881

Accounting (See also Auditing)

Accounts against school must be itemized and certified 10-802, 12-105b
Account with county treasurer, charges and credits 19-312, 19-318
Accreditation, quality performance 72-6439
Accrediting colleges, teacher training,

Acquisition of land, bonds for (See also Bonds) 10-121
Activities Association, Kansas State High School 72-7114 to 72-7118
Activities fee authorized 72-3353
Activity funds authorized 72-1178
Administrators, standards board 72-2308 et seq.

  • Responsibilities and duties 72-2312
  • Shared services, interdistrict agreements 72-13,102

Administrator nonrenewal 72-2281 et seq.
Admission of pupils from other districts 72-3123

Admissions to state universities and colleges 76-717b
Adult education act

Ad valorem valuation, notification to taxing districts 79-5a27
Advisory commission, Kansas state library 75-2546
Advisory commission, proprietary schools 72-4922
Advisory council, developmental disabilities services 74-5501
Advisory council, special education 72-964
Advisory council, vocational education 72-4409
Age of entrance, public schools 72-1107
Age of majority 38-101
Age, school service retirement system 72-5512b

Aides, teacher (See also Paraprofessionals) 72-1106
Alcohol and drug abuse programs for pupils 72-53,105

Alcoholic liquors in public places forbidden 41-719
Alcoholic liquors (See also, Cereal Malt Beverages)

  • Furnishing cereal malt beverages to minors 21-3610a
  • Intoxicants, furnishing to minors 21-3610
  • Unlawful acts by minors 41-715

Alcoholism, drug abuse programs, pupils 72-8164
Employee assistance 72-5398
Allegiance, pledge of to the flag 72-5308
Alternative schools 72-9201
American Indian Day 75-115c
American sign language, constitutes foreign language 72-1118 et seq.
Annexation by cities, no effect on unified district boundaries 72-6779
Annexation of territory, change in boundary, taxation 72-7103, 79-1807
Annual audit of accounts, school districts 75-1122, 75-1125
Annual budget, school district 72-8204a

Annual statement of indebtedness, municipalities 10-1007a

  • Audit program, minimum standards 75-1123

Application for federal funds, school districts 72-6201
Appointment of employees, school districts 72-8202b to 72-8202e
Appropriation of funds 79-2934
Approval of claims 12-105a, 12-105b
Arbitration, professional negotiations 72-5424
Arbitration, Public Employees Relation Board (P.E.R.B) 75-4330
Arbor Day 35-204
Area advisory councils, vocational education 72-4415
Area vocational schools (See Vocational education)
Area vocational-technical schools (See Vocational education)
Armories, assistance of school district 48-308
Art (See Kansas Arts Commission)
Asbestos control projects, bonds for 12-5401

  • Capital outlay tax levy for 72-8801 et seq.

Assessment, levy of special 12-6a10
Assessments levied by other municipality, tax to pay 79-1808
Assessments, academic, report of 72-8231
Assessments, special, city improvements 10-114, 10-115
Assets, transfer of

  • Consolidation of districts 72-8708
  • Disorganization of school districts 72-7301 et seq.

Assignments, bonds 10-602
Assistance, employee programs 72-5398
Athletic field, city of first class 13-1356 to 13-1357
At-risk education council 72-9910, 72-9911
At risk pupil defined 72-6407

Attachment of territory


Attendance center, defined, unified school district 72-8213
Attendance facility, unified school district 72-8213

Attendance, out-of-state (K-12 students) 72-6757
Attorney fees, boards of education 72-8205
Attorney general

  • Adjustment of board member district boundaries 72-6769
  • Advisor to state board 75-704
  • Approval of interlocal agreements 12-2904
  • Prosecution of official bonds or contracts 75-703

Audiometer testing 72-1204 to 72-1207
Audit, reports, filing 75-1124
Auditing (See also Accounting)

Auxiliary services, private school pupils 72-5392

  • Conditions for provision 72-5393
  • Religious activity prohibited 72-5394


Balanced budget required, exception 79-2927
Balances budget not required;

Balances, use of, budget law 79-2934
Ballots (See Elections) Banks and banking, code, definitions 9-701
Banks, deposits of public moneys 9-1401, 10-131, 12-1675 et seq.

Basic Skills Reading Program 72-7534
Bequests, school districts 72-8210, 72-8212
Bible readings 72-1111 (d), 72-1628

Bid law, amendments to bids 75-6901 et seq.
Bids, sealed, required when 72-6760
Bilingual education programs 72-9501 to 72-9510
Birth certificates72-53,106
Blind, deaf, severely handicapped 72-853
Blind, interference with rights 39-1103

Blind, purchase of products from 72-6760, 75-3317 to 75-3321
Board of education Abstaining from vote 72-8205

Boards, election (See Elections)

Board's duties, professional negotiation act 72-5423
Boiler insurance 72-8401
Bond and interest fund, state aid 75-2319
Bond elections (See also Bonds) 72-6761
Bond, labor and materials (public works bond) 60-1111
Bond limitation, exceeding (USDs) 75-2315 to 75-2318
Bond maturity 10-103, 10-428
Bond proceeds, disorganized district 72-7302, 72-7306
Bonded indebtedness assumed, consolidation of districts 72-8707
Bonded indebtedness assumed, disorganization of district 72-7304, 72-7305
Bonded indebtedness, unified school district
Bonds, Generally 10-101 et seq. Bonds, revenue 76-6a13
Bonds for buildings, school districts 72-6761
  • Official school district, adjustment of board member district 72-6769
  • Unified school district, adjustment of board member districts 72-6769
  • Ward and precinct 19-3439
Boundary, member district, changes by resolution, notice to election officer 72-6769
Boundary changes, certified by clerk of board 25-2017a
Boundary changes, effect on bonds 10-119, 72-7104 Boundary lines, elections 19-3439
Breakfast programs 72-5125
Budget, generally 72-8204a, 79-2925 et seq. Budget law (See Budget)
Building code standards 31-150, 58-1301 to 58-1305
  • Accessibility to handicapped persons 58-1301 to 58-1305
  • Bond election 72-6761
  • Bonds for school buildings of district with extraordinary declining enrollment 75-2320
  • Control by school board 72-8205
  • Community, joint city and school district 12-1769
  • Construction of 72-6760, 72-6761
  • Open to public 72-8212
  • Revenue bonds, defined, area vocational schools 76-6a13
  • Selling, unified school district 72-8212
  • State aid 75-2319
  • Tax levy, capital outlay 72-8801 et seq.
  • Vocational education projects, selling of 72-8232
Bus (See School bus)

Bus drivers, license restrictions 8-237 to 8-238
Buying goods, materials and wares 72-6760


Campaign finance act, USD’s 25-901 et seq. Cancelable purchase orders 10-1113
Cancellation, municipal bonds 10-110, 10-111
Cancellation of bonds by state treasurer 10-110
Cancellation of certain checks, reversion of money 10-508, 10-509
Cancellation of teachers’ certificates 72-1383
Capital improvements, school district, state aid entitlement 75-2319
Capital outlay levy (USDs) 72-8801 et seq.

Capital Outlay Levy (USDs) Supplemental 72-8159 to 72-8162
Career opportunities, access to students 72-5399

Cash-basis law 10-1101 et seq.

Cash, petty, board of education 72-8208

Cerebral palsied children (See Exceptional children)
Certificate of health (school personnel) 72-5213 Certificate of inspection, dental 72-5203
Certificates (See also Teachers’ certificates)

Certificates of approval, proprietary schools 72-4924 to 72-4931
Certificates of deposit (investment of idle funds) 9-701, 12-1675

Certifying levies 79-1801
Challenge to secondary school pupils, Kansas 72-11a01 et seq.
Change in boundary, annexation of territory, taxation 79-1807
Change in boundary, taxation 72-7103, 79-1807
Change in boundary, board member districts, notice 72-6769
Change in method of election Unified school districts 72-8001 et seq.
Changes in payroll periods 75-5503, 75-5504
Charter schools 72-1903 et seq.
Checks and Warrants; signature on 10-803
Chauffeur defined 8-234c
Child abuse 38-1501 et seq.

Child care authorized 72-8236
Child care programs, recreation centers and schools, licensing of 65-527
Child labor 38-601 et seq.
Child, neglected or dependent 38-1501 et seq.

Children (See also Child abuse)

  • Abuse of 38-1501 et seq.
  • Exceptional (handicapped and gifted) 72-961 et seq.
  • Handicapped, coordinating council for 74-6301 et seq.

Church schools, compulsory school attendance 72-1111
Cities, annexation by, no effect on unified district boundaries 72-6779
Citizens and citizenship, courses of study 72-1101, 72-1103
City community building, joint control with school district 12-1769
City improvements, special assessments 10-114

Claims (See also Audits) Authorization of payment 10-802

Claims, uniform act 12-105a, 12-105b
Clerk of board, unified school district 72-8202c
Clerks, cash-basis law, unlawful acts 10-1114
Closing attendance facilities 72-1431

  • Fire marshal's orders 31-144

Closing of county superintendent's office 72-7801
Closing of schools, procedure 72-1431

Collective negotiation act (See Professional negotiation act)
College enrollment for high school students 72-11a01 et seq.
College savings program 75-640 et seq.
Colleges accredited for teacher training 72-1371, 72-1372, 72-1374
Commercial driver training schools 8-273 et seq.
Commercial driver's licenses; diversion agreements not allowed for license holders 8-2,150
Commercial driver's licenses; school bus endorsement; waiver of driving skills test requirements 8-2,149
Commissioner of education (See also State Board of Education) 72-7601, 72-7602
Compensation, deductions from USD's 72-8601 to 72-8603
Compensation, semimonthly authorized 75-4315
Compulsory attendance 72-1111, 72-1113

Computerized information search service 72-7527
Concurrent enrollment 72-11a01
Condemnation procedures (See also Eminent domain) 26-501 et seq.
Conflict of interest 75-4301 et seq.
Consent by minor 16 or over to medical treatment 38-123b
Consolidated districts; temporary board of education; powers 72-8709
Consolidation, unified school districts 72-8701 et seq.

Construction of buildings

Contracts Administrators, due process 72-5451 et seq.

Courses of study 72-1101, 72-1103
Credit Card Fees 75,30100
Credit hour, defined, Washburn University 72-6501
Crimes, reporting of 72-89b01 et seq.
Criminal acts, reporting required 72-89b02

  • (School Safety and Security Act)

Criminal history records check 72-8202f

  • for employees



Dangerous student, notice of 72-89b01 et seq.

  • (School Safety and Security Act)

Deaf-blind, severely handicapped 72-853
Deductions for fringe benefits 72-8414, 72-8601, 72-8602
Dental inspections, students 72-5201 to 72-5203
Dependents of public safety officers, tuition and fee waiver 75-4364
Deposit of public moneys 9-1401 et seq., 10-131, 12-1675 et seq.

  • Designation of depositories 9-1401
  • Exemption for insured portion 9-1407
  • Exemption from liability when money protected 9-1406
  • Peak deposits 9-1403
  • Security for 9-1402

Deposit, certificates of 9-701, 12-1675
Destruction of school records 72-5369 to 72-5373
Determination of exceptionality (exceptional children) 72-972 to 72-974

Developmental disabilities, Advisory council on 74-5501
Disabled persons (See Physically disabled persons)
Disaster relief programs 72-8234
Disasters, effect on enrollment 72-6447
Disasters (See Emergency preparedness)


Dismissal of instructor, tenure of instructors 72-5436 et seq.

  • (See also Continuing contract law and Teacher Due Process) 72-5410 et seq.

Disorganization of school districts 72-7301 et seq.

Disposal of property, unified school districts 72-8212
Disposal of records 72-5369 to 72-5373
Disposition of records of county superintendent 72-7801, 72-7802
Display of flag 73-706 et seq.
District in two or more counties, transfer of funds 72-8204b
District-wide self-evaluation 72-1114 to 72-1116
Districts, unified (See Unified school districts) Diversion of funds, prohibited 79-2934
Diversion of interest, bonds 10-118a, 10-118b

Public agencies, leases for 55-211a

Driver training courses 8-267, 8-272

  • Motor vehicles (See also Motor vehicles) 72-5015 et seq.

Driver’s license suspension for school suspension or expulsion 72-89c01 et seq.
Drug and alcohol abuse, citizens committee 75-5381 et seq.
Drug treatment, minors 65-2892a

Drugs, manufacturing, possession or distribution of, within 1,000 feet of a school 65-4159, 65-4161, 65-4163
Dual enrollment of students in high school and college 72-11a01 et seq.
Due process for exceptional children 72-972 to 72-974
Due process for expulsion of students 72-8901 et seq.
Due process for teachers 72-5436 to 72-5446

Dues, K.A.S.B., paid from general fund 72-5326


Early retirement incentive programs School districts 72-5395
Education commission of the states 72-6011 to 72-6014
Education for adults (See Adult education)
Education, state department (See also State board of education) 72-7701
Educational cooperation agreements (Interlocals) 12-2901 et seq., 72-8230
Educational cooperation agreements (Sponsoring district, special education) 72-968, 72-969
Educational services in regular school setting; school districts not required to provide certain persons; alternative placement to be offered 72-53,111
Elections, generally 25-2001 et seq.

  • Absentee voting 25-1114 et seq.
    • Persons in federal service 25-1214 et seq.
  • Age of voter 25-2306
  • Arrangements of names on ballots Boards of Education 25-2014
  • Boards, election 25-2801 et seq.
  • Bond elections
  • Boundary lines (See Precincts)
  • Campaign finance law (for USD’s) 25-901 et seq.
  • Certification of offices to be filled, Board of education 25-2017a, 25-2018
  • Certificates of election 25-3110
  • Challenges 25-216, 25-410, 25-1337
  • Change in method of election, Board of education 72-8001 et seq.
  • Clerk, Board of education, duties 25-2017a
  • Consolidation of school districts 72-8701 et seq.
  • Contest of 25-1434 et seq.
  • Dates of elections (See also Elections, definitions)
    • Correlation with other local elections 25-2011
    • General, school districts 25-2502
    • Primary, school districts 25-2502, Deceased persons' names given to county
    • election officer 65-2422
  • Disorganization of unified school district 72-7302, 72-7304, 72-7305
  • Employees, leave allowance to vote 25-418
  • Filing deadline, Board of education 25-2007
  • Filing as a candidate, Board of Education member 25-2007, 25-2020
  • General elections, state, time, officers to be elected, vacancies 25-101
  • Incompatible offices, election to 25-123
  • Leave allowance for employees to vote 25-418
  • Nonpartisan, unified school districts 25-2009
  • Notices
    • Board of education member 25-2017
    • Bond election 72-6761
    • Change in method of election, Boards of education 72-8001 et seq.
  • Oath of office 54-101 et seq.
    • Board of education members 25-2024
  • State board of education candidates 25-1903
  • State board of education election act (See also State board of education) 25-1901 et seq.
  • State officers 25-101a, 25-4001 et seq.
  • Terms of office, commencement of, Board of education 25-2023
  • Vacancies Boards of education 25-2022, 25-2022a, 25-2022b
  • Voting, leave for 25-418
  • Voting machines 25-1307 et seq.
  • Voting places, designation and requirements 25-2701 to 25-2703, 25-2710
  • Voting plans Unified school districts 72-8001 to 72-8008

Elementary school guidance programs 72-9301, 72-9302
Elementary schools, required courses 72-1101
Eminent domain (Condemnation of land)

Employee assistance programs 72-5398
Employee benefits contribution fund 12-16,102
Employee evaluations 72-9001 et seq.
Employee health certification 72-5213
Employee relations board, president 75-4322 (h)
Employees, criminal history checks 72-8202f
Employees, leave allowance to vote 25-418
Employees, payment of salaries 44,314, 74-4940
Employees, retention bonus 12,105b, 72-8246
Employees, right to organize and negotiate (See Professional negotiation act)
Employees, social security 40-2305 (a)
Employees, state schools for blind for deaf 76-11a03 to 76-11a15
Employment discrimination 44-1013
Employment following retirement See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.
Employment incentives 12,105b, 72-8246
Energy, leases 75-37,125
Enrollment, annual certification of 72-6419
Entrance to public schools, age of 72-1107
Equalization act (See School district finance)
Equipment of vehicles 8-1729 et seq.
Ethics, conflict of interest 75-4301a to 75-4306
Evaluation, self, district-wide 72-1114 to 72-1116
Evaluations, teachers, other employees 72-9001 et seq.
Exceeding bond debt limit 75-2319
Exceeding budget limitations 72-6432, 79-2935
Exceptional children, special instruction (See also Special Education) 72-961 et seq.

  • Advisory council for special education 72-964
  • Cooperative agreements 72-968, 72-8230
  • Determination of exceptionality 72-972
  • Definitions 72-962
  • Due process hearing 72-972 to 72-974
  • Enrollment, mandatory 72-977
  • Hearings 72-972
  • Mandatory services 72-933
  • Parent or guardian's duties 72-977
  • Reimbursement 72-978
  • School records
    • Transfer of; when change of placement placement 38-1513b
    • Transfer of; when child changes schools 72-997
  • Special education fund 72-6420
  • Special teachers (including paraprofessionals) 72-962
  • State advisory council for special education 72-964
  • State Board to adopt State Plan 72-963
  • State Board, administration of special education act 72-963
  • State reimbursement 72-978
  • Transportation 72-967

Excess indebtedness unlawful, Taxing bodies 79-2935
Excess levy, duty of county clerk 79-1965
Excessive vacancies, school board 25-2022b
Exclusive representative (See Professional negotiation act)   
Executive sessions (open meetings law) 75-4317 to 72-6760 
Expenditures over $10,000, sealed bids required 75-4320
Expulsion and suspension of students 72-8901 et seq.
Extraordinary programs authorized 72-8238
Eye protective devices, required 72-5207
Eye testing program 72-5204 to 72-5206


Facilities, school (See School buildings)
Facsimile, signatures, coupons, bonds 10-105,10-803, 75-4001 to 75-4007
Federal employees in Kansas as voters 25-3402
Federal enclaves, elections 25-3401, 25-3403
Federal funds

  • Accounting procedures, vocational education 72-4424 (b)
  • Application by school board 72-6201

Federal taxes, withholding from earnings of state and municipal employees 75-3038

  • Duties of governing bodies 75-3042

Fees 72-5389 et seq.

Filing audit reports 75-1124
Filing, elections (See Elections)
Financial statement to state auditor, bonds 10-110
Fire arms, possession of in or on school property 21-4204, 21-6301
Fire drills 31-133
Fire exits 31-133 (3)
Fire inspection, annual 31-144
Fire insurance 72-8402
Fire marshal, state, orders and recommendations Procedure for closing school 31-144
Fire safety and prevention 31-144, 31-150, 31-150a
First grade, age of entrance 72-1107
Fiscal agent, bonds 10-501 et seq.
Fiscal procedure, uniform 75-1120
Fiscal year, school districts 72-8204
Flag and patriotic emblems


  • Sanitary rules and regulations 65-626

Food service programs, generally 72-5112 et seq.

Fort Leavenworth military reservation school district

Fraternities, secret, prohibited in high schools 72-5311
Free textbooks 72-4107, 72-4107a
Fringe benefit deductions 72-8414, 72-8415, 72-8601 to 72-8603
Fund defined, budget law 79-2925


Garnishment of wages and salaries 60-714 et seq.
Gas leases by school districts 55-211, 55-211a
General fund 72-6409
General obligation bonds (See also Bonds) 72-6761
General Pulaski's memorial day 75-115a
Gift or bequest (unified school districts) 72-8210, 72-8212
Gifted children (See Special education)
Gifts to libraries, acceptance 12-1252, 12-1253
"Goggle Law" (eye protective devices) 72-5207
Good Samaritan Act 65-2891
Goodland, Kansas area-vocational school 76-6a13
Goodnow home, historical landmark 76-2034, 76-2035
Government records preservation act 45-401 et seq.
Governmental ethics (See Ethics)
Grades K through 12, every unified district 72-8212
Graduates, high school, admission to state universities 72-116, 76-717
Grants, tuition (for private institutions) 72-6107 to 72-6112
Grants-in-aid, approval or rejection 39-1008
Grants-in-aid, rehabilitation of handicapped adults 39-1205
Group insurance (See also Insurance) 72-8414, 72-8415
Group life insurance (See also Insurance) 40-433
Guidance programs, elementary school 72-9301, 72-9302
Guide dogs, use of 39-1102, 39-1103
Gun-free schools act 72-89a01 et seq.
Guns on school property, prohibited 21-4204


Handicapped children, coordinating council for 74-6301

  • (See also Special education)
  • Day care programs 39-1001 et seq.

Handicapped persons (See also Physically disabled persons) 39-1101 to 39-1106


Health and accident insurance 72-8414 to 72-8416
Health care benefits, group, for retirants 12-5040
Hearing testing for students 72-1204 to 72-1207
Hearings, budget 9-2927, 79-2929, 79-2933
Hearings, exceptional children 72-972 to 72-975

Higher education student loan guarantee act 72-7401 to 72-7405
High school activities association 72-130 to 72-134
Historical landmark, Goodnow home 76-2034, 76-2035
Historical museums, community 12-1681 et seq.

Homeless children, attendance in school 72-1046
Human rights (see also Discrimination) 44-1001 et seq.
Human rights commission 44-1001 et seq.


Identity, proof of 72-53,106
Idle funds, investment of 9-701 (i)(2), 10-131, 12-110b, 12-1675, 12-1677, 12-1678, 17-5002
Immunization of school children 72-5208 to 72-5211a
Incarcerated kids, no duty to educate unless disabled 72-53,109
Inclement weather 72-1106, 72-1106c
Incompatible offices, election to 25-123
Income tax, federal, withholding 75-3038, 75-3042
Income tax, state, withholding 79-3294 to 79-3296
Increase taxes by election (local option budget) 72-6433
Indebtedness, excess, unlawful, (budget law) 79-2935
Indebtedness in excess of funds, unlawful (cash -basis law) 10-1113
Indebtedness, municipalities 10-1114 to 10-1119

Indemnifying bonds 10-704
Indian, American, day 75-115c
Information search service, computerized 72-7527
Inservice education 72-9601 et seq.
Inspection of schools, health 65-202
Installment payments 10-130, 10-429, 10-1116b
Instruction permits, driving 8-239
Instruction, units of, 30 required (U.S.D.’s) 72-8212
Insufficient budget, effect on continuing contracts 72-5412
Insurance, generally 72-8401 et seq.


Interlibrary cooperation 75-2575 et seq.
Interlocal cooperation 12-2901 et seq., 72-8230

Investment of idle funds 9-701 (i), 10-131, 12-110b, 12-1675, 12-1677, 17-5002

  • Savings and loan associations 17-5002

Investment of proceeds, bonds 10-131
Investment, certain

  • Exception to budget law 12-1672
  • Exception to cash-basis law 12-1671
  • Inapplicability to certain moneys 12-1676
  • Political or taxing subdivisions 12-1678a

Isolation, quarantine 65-119
Itemized statement from county treasurer 19-508b


Jailed students 72-53,109
Job corps center students 72-8187
Job training partnership act (See also Vocational Education) 72-4427
Johnson County, final unification 72-8123 et seq.

  • Board of education
  • Disorganization of districts

Judgment, tax levy to pay 72-8209
Judgments, periodic payments 75-6112
Judgments, refunding bonds for 10-427
Jury service 43-155 to 43-159
Juvenile detention facilities, money for pupils in 72-8187

Juvenile justice 72-8187
Juvenile justice, definitions 38-1602
Juveniles in correctional facilities, notice to school district upon release 38-1673
Juveniles in jail, no duty to educate unless disabled 72-53,109


Kansas act against discrimination 44-1001 et seq.
Kansas arts commission 74-5202 to 74-5205
Kansas association of school boards, dues paid from general fund 72-5326
Kansas challenge to secondary school pupils 72-11a01 et seq.
Kansas education building fund 76-6b02
Kansas flag 73-701 et seq.
Kansas history, required for graduation 72-1117
“Kansas March” 73-801
Kansas open meetings law 75-4317 et seq.
Kansas open records act 45-215 et seq.
Kansas proprietary school act (See also Proprietary schools) 72-4916 et seq.
K.P.E.R.S. , see Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
Kansas Public Employees Retirement System See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S
Kansas state animal 73-1401
Kansas state bird 73-901
Kansas state high school activities association 72-130 to 72-134
Kansas state library and library services

Kansas state march 73-801
Kansas state school for the blind 76-1101 et seq.

Kansas state school for the deaf 76-1001 et seq.

Kansas state tree 73-1001
Kansas tort claims act 75-6101 et seq.
Kansas white cane law 39-1101 to 39-1106
Kindergarten 72-1107, 72-8212


Labor, child 38-601 to 38-612
Labor and material bond (Public works) 60-1111
Land, transfers of 72-7108
Language, English, use in instruction 72-1101
Law enforcement powers, school security officers 72-8222
Learning Quest savings program 75-640 et seq.

Leases, oil and gas, school grounds 55-211
Leasing of property 72-8225
Leavenworth (See Fort Leavenworth)
Leave allowance to vote 25-418
Leave of absence, KPERS See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.
Legal counsel, boards of education 72-8205
Legal designation of unified school districts 72-8201, 72-8202
Legal holidays 35-107, 38-108

Legal notices

Levies (See Tax levies)

  • Increase, State Board of Tax Appeals 79-1964a
  • Judgments 72-8209
  • Library, first class city, unified district 72-1623a
  • Tax, two mill, vocational education 72-4424a

Liability for damages (See Kansas Tort Claims Act)
Liability insurance, motor vehicles, school districts 72-8404
Libraries (See also Kansas state library)

Licensed practical nurses 65-1113, 65-1124
License restrictions, bus drivers 8-237 to 8-238

  • Certificates of approval, proprietary schools 72-4924 et seq.
  • Chauffeurs' 8-238
  • Driver training instructor 8-277
  • Driver training schools, commercial 8-273 et seq.
  • Drivers' 8-234a et seq.

Life insurance, group 72-8414, 72-8415
Liquor in public places, forbidden 41-719

Lobbyists and lobbying 72-53,108
Local ad valorem tax reduction fund 79-2959 et seq.
Local option budget 72-6433

Lump sum payments, teachers 74-4940
Lunch program 72-5112 et seq.


Maps of school districts by county clerk or assessor 79-1429
Mathematics and science teacher service scholarship program 74-32,186 et seq.
Meadowlark, state bird 73-901
Meals for aged 39-711a
Medical insurance 72-8404
Meetings of taxpayers, budget law 79-2929
Meetings (Open meetings law) 75-4317 et seq.

Meetings, board of education, regular and special 72-8205
Member district method, board of education 72-8009
Memorial parks and fields 13-1356

  • Lease to board of education 13-1357

Mentally retarded (See Exceptional children and Special education)
Mentor teacher grant program 72-1412 et seq.
Microfilming records 72-5371 to 72-5373
Mileage and transportation of students 72-8301 et seq.
Military memorial parks and fields 13-1356

  • Lease to board of education 13-1357

Military recruiters, access to students 72-5399
Military reservations, schools on 72-5333a to 72-5333e

Military service, temporary absence of public officials, employees, relief 73-213 to 73-219
Minimum competency assessment reporting 72-8231
Minimum competency testing 72-9401 et seq.
Minimum wage-maximum hours law 44-1201 et seq.
"Minor," defined 38-101
Misuse of public funds 21-3910
Modification of bond debt limitation 75-2315 et seq.
Money, deposit of public 9-701, 9-1401 et seq.
Money, unexpended 72-7062, 79-2958
Mother's day, flag displayed 75-115
Motor vehicle liability insurance, school district 72-8404
Motor vehicles

Multi-county districts, transfer of funds 72-8204b
Municipal accounting board

Municipal bonds (See Bonds)
Municipal university, Washburn 72-6501 to 72-6509


Musical instruments 72-5389 et seq.


National Board Certification Program 72-1398
Natural disaster, enrollment 72-6447
Neglected or dependent child 38-1501 et seq.

Negligence (See Kansas Tort Claims Act) 75-6101 et seq.
Negotiations (See Professional negotiation act)
Neighborhood revitalization act 12-17,114  et seq.
Newspapers, notices (See also Notices)

Newspaper, student 72-1504 et seq.
Nine-month school employees, calculation of pay 75-5509
No-fund warrants (See also Warrants) 10-807, 72-7208, 79-2005

Nominations (See Elections)
Noncertificated personnel 72-962, 72-1106
Nonpublic schools

Nonrenewal, administrators 72-5410 to 72-5412, 72-5451 to 72-5455
Nonrenewal, teachers 72-5410 to 72-5412, 72-5436 to 72-5446
Nonresident pupils; attendance in school; provision of transportation authorized 72-1046b
Nonresident students

Notes, temporary (See Temporary notes)
Notice of dangerous student (School Safety and Security Act) 72-89b01 et seq.
Notice of nonrenewal by board or teacher or administrator 72-5411, 72-5437, 72-5452
Notices (See also Elections)


Nutrition and health education guidelines adopted by state board 75-5128


Oath of member, board of education 25-2023
Oath of office, public officers and employees 75-4308 to 75-4314
Oaths and affirmations 54-101 et seq.
Observance of holidays, programs for patriotic exercises 72-5308
Officers and employees filing for public office 25-2110
Official bonds, surety 78-111
Oil and gas, drilling, school grounds 55-211
Old age and survivors insurance for public employees 40-2301 et seq.
On-line bidding to buy property 72-6760
Open meetings law 75-4317 et seq.
Open records act 45-215 et seq.
Operating expenses (See School District Equalization Act)
Ouster when audit discloses grounds 75-1126
Out-of-state attendance 72-6757
Out-of-state tuition, vocational education 72-4422
Overpayment, unified school district 72-6418


Paraprofessionals (special education) 72-962
Parent education programs 72-3603 et seq.
Parent-teacher conferences, as part of 72-1106
school term Parking fees on school grounds 72-9101, 72-9104
Parochial schools Accreditation 72-7513

Patriotic exercises, observing certain legal holidays 72-5308
Patriotism (curriculum) 72-1103
Payment, bonds 10-103,10-603
Payment, no-fund warrants 10-807
Payment of claims, procedure for 12-105a, 12-105b
Payment of salaries, when unlawful 10-1113, 72-1390
Payment of bonds, disorganized district 72-67,106, 72-7302 (c), 72-7302, 72-7305, 72-8707
Payments to school districts, county treasurer 12-1678a

Payments required to be paid in June; insufficient revenues to pay 72-8251
Payroll deductions, generally 72-8601 et seq.

Pensions (See Retirement)
"Periods of silence," permitted at opening of every school day 72-5308a
Personal financial literacy programs; development and implementation 72-7535
Personal property, Lease of 72-8225

Personnel, certificate of health 72-5213


Petty cash fund 72-8208
Physical examinations of school personnel 72-5213
Physical examinations of students 72-5214
Physically disabled persons


Playgrounds (See Public recreation)
Pledge of allegiance to flag 72-5308
Political or taxing subdivisions, investments 12-1675, 12-1678a
Polls, time of opening and closing 25-2111
Postsecondary savings program 75-640 et seq.
Practice of nursing, definition 65-1113, 65-1114, 65-1124
Practices commission (See Professional practices commission)
Prayer, silent permitted 72-5308a
Precinct (See also Elections)

Prepayment of salaries or wages, limitations 75-5520
Preschool programs authorized 72-67,115
Presentation of claims against municipality 12-105b
Presentment of claims not incurred, public officials 75-3202
President of board of education 72-8202a

Primary elections (See Elections)


Prior service credit, KPERS See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S
Prisoner of war dependents, tuition waived 73-1216, 73-1217
Privacy, right to, generally 72-6214

  • Access to students by career counselors 72-5399

Private school pupils

Private schools (accredited)

Probationary period, tenure (Due process) 72-5445
Professional negotiation act 72-5413 to 72-5425

  • Administrative employees exempt 72-5413, 74-5431
  • Agreements become part of teachers' contracts 72-5423
  • Agreements between boards and representatives 72-5421to 72-5424
  • Arbitration authorized 72-5424
  • Board's duties unchanged except for negotiation 72-5423
  • Costs 72-5429
  • Decision of state department of human resources on appropriate local unit 72-5420
  • Definitions 72-5413
  • Employees' right to organize and negotiate 72-5414
  • Exceptions of board to recognition request 72-5416
  • Exclusive representative designated 72-5415
  • Fact-finding board,
  • Federal mediation and conciliation service 72-5427
  • Final action by board 72-5428, 72-5428a
  • Impasse 72-5426
  • Investigations by state department of human resources 72-5417to 72-5420
  • Mediation 72-5427
  • Petition for investigation to state department of human resources 72-5417
  • Prohibited practices 72-5430
  • Recognition of employees’ organizations 72-5416
  • Request for recognition to the board 72-5416
  • Secret ballot election by state department of human resources 72-5419
  • Strikes prohibited 72-5423
  • Unilateral contracts 72-5428a
  • Unit, local, defined 72-5420
  • Written notices to negotiate 72-5423

Professional nurse, definition 65-1113
Professional practices act (See also Professional practices commission) 72-2308 eq.
Professional standards advisory board

Professional practices commission Appointment of members 72-2311

Profile of school district; contents; notice of availability 72-8204d

  • Alcohol and drug abuse programs for pupils 72-53,105
  • Employee assistance programs 72-5398

Prompt payment of claims act 75-6401 et seq.
Proof of identity 72-53,106

Property valuation, extension of deadline 79-1404 (17)
Property tax exemption 79-210
Proprietary schools


Public accountants, licensing of 75-1119
Public budget hearings 79-2929
Public building commissions, offices for school districts 12-1757 to 12-1766
Public employees' insurance, old age and survivors 40-2301 et seq.

Public employee organizations (meet and confer- employment conditions) 75-4321 et seq.

Public employee relations board (P.E.R.B.) 75-4327 et seq.

Public funds (See Public moneys) 75-4201
Public health

  • Communicable diseases 65-118, 65-119
    • Isolation and quarantine 65-128
    • Schools, nonadmissions and exclusions 65-122
  • County health funds 65-204
  • County health officers 65-202
  • Garbage and trash disposal 65-204
  • Secretary of health and environment, health supervision 65-101

Public information (Open records act) 45-215 et seq.
Public library (See also Libraries) 12-1215 et seq., 72-8115
Public meetings, open 75-4317 to 75-4322
Public moneys, definitions 9-701

Public officers and employees,

Public officials

  • Open meetings law 75-4317 et seq.
  • Recall of local 25-4301 et seq.
  • Uniform facsimile of signatures act 75-4001 et seq.

Public records

Public recreation and playgrounds 12-1922 et seq.

Public use of schoolhouse 72-8212
Public television commission 75-4901 et seq.
Public works bond 60-1111
Publication; legal, in newspapers 64-101 et seq.
Publication of salary of superintendent, cities of first class 72-1623
Publicly-owned motor vehicles (See Motor vehicles)

Purchase of benefits and credits, KPERS See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.
Purchase of products from blind 75-3317 to 75-3322
Purchase orders, cancelable 10-1113


Qualification of voters 25-409, 25-410
Qualified admission to state universities 72-116, 76-717
Quality performance accreditation 72-6439
Quarantine 65-119
Quarterly statement, county treasurer 19-520


Race discrimination 44-1001 et seq.
Railroad crossings, motor vehicles 8-1552, 8-1553
Recall of locally elected officials 25-4301 to 25-4304, 25-4318
Recitals, bonds 10-112
Recognition request, exceptions of board, negotiation act 72-5416

Records of clerk and treasurer, cash-basis law 10-1117 to 10-1118
Recreation systems, generally 12-1922 et seq.

Redemption of municipal bonds and coupons 10-130, 10-607
Redemption of no-fund warrants 10-808
Redevelopment of central business districts 12-1770 et seq.
Refunding bonds (See also Bonds) 10-116a, 10-118a
Regents, state board of (See also State Board of Regents)

Regional libraries 12-1231 et seq.
Regional system of cooperating libraries (See also Libraries) 75-2547 et seq.
Registered nurses 65-1115
Registration of bonds 10-107, 10-601, 10-604, 10-606, 10-607
Registration of motor vehicles 8-128, 8-143
Registration of no-fund warrants 10-807, 79-2940
Registration of representatives, proprietary schools 72-4931, 72-4932
Registration of school buses, not required 8-128
Registration to vote 25-2301 et seq.

Religious beliefs

  • Basis for objection to immunization 72-5209 (b)
  • Children not required to participate in activities contrary to 72-1111
  • Compulsory school attendance, right of persons to attend private, denominational or parochial school 72-1111

Religious doctrines, forbidden to be taught 72-1628
Rental textbook plans 72-4141
Report of pupil performance 72-8231
Reporting abuse or neglect of child 38-1522
Reporting communicable diseases 65-118
Reporting criminal acts required 72-89b02

  • (School Safety and Security Act)

Required subjects 72-1101, 72-1103, 72-1117

  • Board of education
    • Member to reside in member district 72-8009
    • Voting plans, change of method of election 72-8003
    • Out-of-state and foreign 72-4422
  • Defined 77-201
  • School (K-12) 72-1046
  • Vocational education, six months' waiting period 72-4417a

Retirement See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.
Retention bonuses 72-8246
Revenue bonds 76-6a13, 76-6a15, 76-6a17

Reverse auctioning 72-6760
Rewards, authority to offer, regarding criminal acts 12-1672a
Right of privacy act 72-6214


Sabbatical leaves

  • Professional negotiations 72-5413 et seq.

Safety, eye protective devices 72-5207
Safety fund, driver training course 8-272

Sale of school property 72-8212
Sales, use, and guest tax returns to city upon request 12-1780d
Sales tax 79-3603, 79-3604

Savings annuities

Savings program, postsecondary 75-640 et seq.
Scholarships 72-6810 to 72-6815

School activity funds 72-8208a
School administration professional standards advisory board 72-8502
School annuity, retirement system 72-5501 (g), 72-5512
School attendance, compulsory 72-1111, 72-1113
School attendance review board 72-8239 - 72-8243
School board (See Board of education)
School bonds (See also Bonds) 72-6761

School books (See Textbooks)
School budget (See Budget)
School buildings

School buses 72-7531, 72-8212

School census (optional) 72-1110

School day defined 72-1106
School district finance, generally 72-6405 et seq.

School districts (See also Board of education)

School elections (See Bond elections)
School employee, defined, retirement system 72-5501 (d)

  • K.P.E.R.S See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.

School enrollment, annual certification of 72-6419
School equalization act (See School district finance)
School employee evaluations 72-9001 et seq.
School employee health certification 72-5213
School for the blind (See Kansas State School for the Blind)
School for the deaf (See Kansas State School for the Deaf)
School grounds, traffic and parking 72-9101 et seq.

School guidance programs, elementary 72-9301, 72-9302
School lands 72-2101 et seq.

School libraries, unified school districts 72-8115
School lunch program (See Food service program)
School month, defined 72-1106
School nurse

School officers and employees (See also Board of education) 72-8202a to 72-8202e

School personnel, appointment of 72-8202e
School property

School records, destruction of 72-5369 to 72-5373

School residence (K-12) 72-1046
School safety and security act 72-89b01 et seq.
School security officer 72-8222
School records (See Records)
School service, defined, retirement system 72-5501
School sites and improvements, elections on 72-6761
School supplies and equipment, cancelable purchase orders 10-1113
School taxes

School term, defined 72-1106
School year, defined 72-6408
Schoolhouse, public use of 72-8212
Schools, provisions for closing facilities 72-8213
Schools (See Board of education, School districts, and Unified school districts)

  • Admission to state universities and colleges 72-116
  • Adult education 72-4517 et seq.
  • Alcoholic liquor in public places forbidden 41-719
  • Alternative schools 72-9201
  • Bids, sealed, when required 72-6760
  • Cash-basis law, exceptions to 10-1113
  • Census 72-1110, 72-5333d
  • Communicable diseases, nonadmissions and exclusions, readmissions 65-122
  • Compulsory attendance 72-1111, 72-1113
  • Consolidation of districts 72-8701 et seq.
  • Continuing contract law 72-5410 to 72-5412
  • Contracts, written, required, when 72-6760
  • County clerk, duties (See County clerk)
  • Deductions from compensation 72-8601 to 72-8603
  • Disorganization of districts 72-7301 to 72-7307
  • Exceptional children programs (See also Special education) 72-961 et seq.
  • Group insurance (See also Insurance) 72-8414
  • Hearing testing 72-1204 to 72-1207
  • Holiday observances (see also Legal public holidays) 72-5308
  • Kansas State High School Activities Association 72-130 to 72-134
  • Leasing of property 72-8225
  • Nurses, unlawful acts, exceptions 65-1114, 65-1124
  • Paraprofessionals 72-962
  • Parent-teacher conferences, part of school day 72-1106
  • Patriotic exercises 72-5308
  • Petty cash fund 72-8208
  • Physically disabled, employment of 39-1105
  • Pledge of allegiance required 72-5308
  • Purchase of books, buses, equipment as exceptions to cash-basis law 10-1113
  • Records, destruction authorized, when 72-5369
  • Retirement system and K.P.E.R (See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.)
  • Sale of property 72-8212
  • School day, year, defined 72-1106
  • Security officers, school districts 72-8222
  • Sites, authority of school board to select 72-6761
  • Student teaching 72-1392
  • Summer programs; authority to establish, operate and maintain 72-8237
  • Surety bonds for officials 78-111
  • Teacher aides 72-1106
  • Teachers’ certificates 72-1381 to 72-1390
  • Tenure of instructors, due process 72-5436 to 72-5445
  • Textbooks 72-4107
  • Transfer of territory 72-7108

Sealed bids, required when (See also Bids) 72-6760
Secret ballot by board prohibited 75-4317
Secret ballot election, professional negotiation act 72-5419
Secret fraternities prohibited in high schools 72-5311
Sectarian doctrine prohibited 72-1628
Securities, deposit of 9-1405

  • Exemption from liability 9-1406

Security for deposit of public moneys (See also Investment of idle funds) 9-1402

Security officers, schools 72-8222
Selling buildings, unified school districts 72-8212
Semimonthly compensation authorized 75-4315
Service credit, K.P.E.R.S See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.
Shortages in revenue, when, no-fund warrants 79-2938
Sickle cell anemia 65-1,105
Signatures, uniform facsimile of 75-4001
Sinking fund 10-113, 10-118, 10-118a

Site councils 72-6439
Sites, bonds for, board of education 72-6761

Smoking in school building prohibited 21-4009, 72-53,107
Special assessments, bonds 10-103
Special assessments, city improvements 10-114,10-115
Special assessments, installment basis, interest 12-6a10
Special bond projects in cities; approval by secretary of commerce; restrictions 12-1780b
Special bond project; project plan, contents; resolution adopting plan; public hearing; construction time schedule 12-1780c
Special education for exceptional children act (See also Exceptional children) 72-961 et seq.

Special liability expense funds; uses of money 72-8248
Special meetings, unified school district 72-8205
Special reserve fund; uses of money 72-8249
Special teachers, exceptional children 72-962
Standards board (See Professional standards advisory board)
State aid (See also School district finance)

State aid payments, delayed 72-8251
State banner 73-703, 73-704
State board of education Kansas Constitution, Article 6, 72-7501 et seq.

  • Abolition of office of state superintendent 72-7505
  • Accreditation of schools 72-7513
  • Administration of education laws 72-7513
  • Approval of territory transfer 72-7108
  • Approval to exceed bond limitation 75-2315 et seq.
  • Approve change in voting plan, board of education elections 72-8006
  • Approve contracts and curriculum for special education 72-967
  • Approve $20,000 in bonds without an election 72-6761
  • Attorney 72-7512
  • Bilingual programs, approval 72-1101
  • Board member defined 72-7502
  • Board member districts 72-7502
  • Board member position defined 72-7502
  • Boundaries, school districts, certification of 72-7109
  • Candidates for 25-1903
  • Commissioner of education 72-7601 et seq.
  • Composition 72-7503
  • Consolidation agreements, approval of 72-8703
  • Order establishing district 72-8705
  • Defined 72-7502
  • Disorganization of school districts 72-7301 et seq.
  • Election of 72-7503
  • Vacancies 72-7503, 72-7504
  • Election of officers 72-7508
  • Federal fund applications 72-6203
  • Filling vacancies 25-3903, 72-7504
  • Hearing officers 72-7519, 72-7520
  • Kansas state school for the deaf (See Kansas state school for the deaf)
  • Kansas state school for the Blind (See Kansas state school for the Blind)
  • Meetings 72-7506, 72-7507
  • Member districts 72-7503
  • Member position 72-7503
  • Members, defined 72-7502
  • Minutes of meetings 72-7508
  • Officers, election 72-7508
  • Official actions, record vote 72-7509
  • Official certifications 72-7510
  • Official school district boundaries, certification of 72-7109
  • Old board abolished, continuity of contracts 72-124a
  • Position numbers 72-7503
  • Powers and duties 72-7503, 72-7513
  • Residence qualifications 72-7503
  • Retirement system See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.
  • State department of education 72-7701 et seq.
  • Suspension of teaching certificates 72-1383, 72-5412
  • Transfer of territory 72-7108
  • Vacancies 25-3903
    • Filled by appointment, when 72-7504
  • Vocational education, powers and duties 72-4408 et seq.

State board of regents Degree conferring institutions 72-3249 et seq.

State board of tax appeals (See also No-fund warrants)

State department of education 72-7601 et seq.
State fire marshal

  • Closing or repair of buildings 31-144

State flag 73-701, 73-702
State high school activities association, Kansas 72-130 to 72-134
State librarian 75-2535
State reimbursement, exceptional children 72-978
State driver safety fund 8-267, 8-272
State scholarship fund (See Scholarships)
State tax levies for buildings 76-6b02
State treasurer Custodian of federal funds 72-6203

State universities and colleges, admission to 72-116
Statements of substantial interests 75-4302
Strikes, unauthorized, professional negotiation act 72-5423
Student achievement, annual report on 72-8231
Student attendance, compulsory 72-977, 72-1111, 72-1113
Student fees 72-5389, 72-5390

Student health assessments 72-5214
Student loans, higher education student loan guarantee act, generally 72-7401 to 72-7405
Student, out-of-district and out-of-state (USDs) 72-6757
Student publications 72-1504 et seq.
Student records, transfer of 72-5386
Student suspension or expulsion for

Student teaching certificates 72-1392
Student transportation, fees for 72-1046a
Students’ dual enrollment in high school and college 72-11a01 et seq.
Students , incarcerated (jailed) not allowed to attend school 72-53,109
Students, transportation and mileage 72-8304
Subjects to be taught in all accredited schools 72-1101 to 72-1103
Substantial interests, statements of 75-4302
Suits against public officers, indemnity or defense 75-6101 et seq.
Summer schools; authority to establish, operate and maintain 72-8237
Summer school programs 72-8237
Superintendent, appointment and duties 72-8202b
Superintendent, authorized to contract for up to $10,000 72-8201
Superintendent, county, abolishment of office 72-7801,72-7802
Supplemental contracts 72-5412a
Surety bonds

  • School officials' premiums paid by district 78-111
  • Treasurer 72-8202d

Surplus bond proceeds, authorized use 72-7062
Surplus federal property, distribution to schools 27-311, 27-313, 27-314
Surrender of bonds 10-427
Survey and inventory of school facilities 72-127 to 72-129
Suspension and expulsion 72-6114 et seq.

Suspension of driving license or privileges 72-6135, 72-6136
Suspension of teaching certificate, contract breach 72-5412


Tax, distribution dates 12-1678a
Tax exempt bonds 79-1407
Tax exempt property 79-201, 79-210
Tax exemptions, authority to grant 79-251
Tax levies 79-2005b

Tax protests 79-2005
Tax rates, limits suspended 79-5040
Tax sheltered annuities 72-8603
Taxation (See also Tax levies, Assessments)

Taxation, change in boundary 72-7103, 79-1807

Taxing bodies, budgets of 79-2925 et seq.
Teacher aides 72-1106
Teacher, defined, continuing contract law 72-5410
Teacher training, colleges accredited for 72-1371, 72-1372, 72-1374
Teacherages, Unified school districts 72-8211

Teachers' certificates 72-1381 to 72-1396

Teacher exchange program 72-53,103
Teacherages 72-8211
Teachers' professional practices act 72-8501 et seq.
Teachers' retirement See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S
Teaching declared profession (Teachers' professional practices act) 72-8501
Teaching, student 72-1392
Technical colleges 72-4468 et seq.
Technical college faculty members transferred from USD; protection of salary and benefits 72-4478
Technical college governing body; powers and duties; plans to replace existing governing board 72-4470a
Television (See Public television commission) 75-4901 et seq.
Temporary licenses, driving 8-239
Temporary notes 72-6761

Tenure of teachers, due process, generally 72-5436 to 72-5445

Termination of contract, written notice (continuing contract law) 72-5411

Termination of employment, KPERS’ rights See pamphlet issued by K.P.E.R.S.
Terms and denominations, bonds 10-103
Terms of office, board member (unified school district) 72-7901

Testing of hearing 72-1204 to 72-1207
Textbooks, generally 72-4107 et seq.

  • Free 72-4107a
  • No-fund warrants to purchase 72-4142
  • Nonpublic schools 72-4159, 72-4160
  • Purchase, exception to cash-basis law 10-1113
  • Purchase, no-fund warrants 72-4142
  • Rental plan 72-4141
  • Rentals not subject to sales tax 79-3606
  • Revolving fund 72-4107
  • Selection by local board 72-8205c
  • Student materials revolving fund; uses of money 72-8250
  • Title in board, property 72-4146
  • Withholding student's records for failure to pay for or return of school property 72-5386

Thirty units of instruction required 72-8212
Time deposits, open accounts 9-701, 12-1675, 12-1676
Title to property, board of education 72-8212
Tornado drill 31-133
Tort claims act 75-6101 et seq.
Traffic and parking on school grounds 72-9101 et seq.
Transfer of territory 72-7101 to 72-7108

Transfer student, return of school property, records withheld, when 72-5386
Transportation (See also Motor vehicles and School buses) 72-8301 et seq.

Truancy 72-1111, 72-1113

  • Designate certified employee to report 72-1113
  • Special education 72-977
  • SRS agreements with county or district attorney; reporting 72-1113

Tuberculin tests required 72-5209

  • Adult education 72-4517 et seq.
  • Attendance out-of-district or out-of- state (USDs) 72-6757
  • Contracts for, within or without state (USDs) 72-6757
  • Vocational education 72-4417 et seq.
  • Waived for prisoner of war dependents 72-1216, 72-1217
  • Waiver for public safety officer dependents 75-4364

Tuition and fees, vocational education 72-4417 et seq.


Unemployment compensation 44-701 et seq.
Unexpended money to general fund 79-2958
Unification (See Consolidation, Disorganization of school districts and Transfer of territory)
Unified district

Unified school districts (See also Board of education and Schools)

Uniform facsimile of signatures 75-4001
Uniform procedure for payment of claims 12-105a, 12-105b
Universities, admission to 72-116, 76-717
Urban redevelopment 12-1770 et seq.



Vehicle, defined (See also Motor vehicles, School buses, and Transportation) 8-1461
Vehicles, equipment 8-1729 et seq.
Vice-president of board, unified school district 72-8202a
Vision testing and safety 72-5204 to 72-5207
Visually handicapped, Kansas State School for 76-1101 seq.
Vocational education 72-4408 et seq.

Vote, employee leave to 25-418
Vote, registration to 25-2301 et seq.
Voter qualifications 25-409, 25-410
Voters, registration 25-2301 et seq.

Voting in former precinct of residence 25-3701 to 25-3706
Voting hours 25-106
Voting machines (See also Elections)

Voting, minimum age 25-2306, 25-2508
Voting places, requirements 25-2701 to 25-2703
Voting plans, school district 72-8003


Wages and salaries, when payable 74-4940
Warrants and checks; signatures on 10-803
Washburn University

White cane law 39-1101 to 39-1106
Withholding federal tax from earnings of state and municipal employees 75-3038
Withholding student's records, when authorized 72-5386
Withholding tax 79-3296
Workmen's compensation 44-501

Written notices to negotiate, professional negotiation act 72-5423
Written notice to terminate contract required 72-5411, 72-3637

Write-in candidates, school elections 25-2021


Youth centers, special education 72-962, 72-970

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The Kansas State Department of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. (more information...)

To accommodate people with disabilities, on request, auxiliary aides and services will be provided and reasonable modifications to policies and programs will be made. To request accommodations regarding accessibility please contact the Office of General Counsel by email or at 785-296-3204.