Kansas Safe and Secure Schools



Kansas Anti-Bullying, Cyberbullying and Character Development Legislation (HB 2758)

Kansas Revised Statutes State of Kansas Legislature website
Chapter 21. Crimes and Punishments
Article 54. Crimes Against Persons
21-5418. Hazing


Chapter 72. Schools
Article 31. School Attendance
72-3121. Same; noncompliance; duties of boards of education, secretary for children and families, county and district attorneys; agreements between secretary and county or district attorneys, duties; notification of absence to parents
72-3131. School attendance review board; members, meetings; rules and regulations
72-3133. Inventory of community services; recommendations for further services
72-3135. Referral of students; notice; resolving the problem


Article 61. Student Safety and Discipline
72-6114. Grounds for suspension or expulsion; who may suspend or expel
72-6115. Duration of suspension or expulsion; notice; hearings, opportunity afforded, waiver, time, who may conduct
72-6116. Procedural due process requirements; record of appeal, costs; report of findings and result of hearing; information regarding behavior improvement programs
72-6117. Notice of hearing results; appeal to board of education; hearing officers; procedure
72-6119. Powers and duties of persons conducting hearings
72-6120. Refusal to admit suspended or expelled pupil authorized
72-6131. Definitions
72-6132. Policies requiring expulsion of pupils for possession of weapons, adoption, filing; hearings; modification of requirement authorized; referral procedure; annual report; circumstances when policy not applicable
72-6133. Duties of state board of education; failure of boards to adopt and file policies, penalties
72-6134. Use of air guns; certain policies prohibited
72-6135. Definitions
72-6136. Suspension or revocation of driver's license or privilege upon certain school safety
72-6143. violations; procedure Information regarding identity of specified pupils, disclosure requirements; criminal acts, reports to law enforcement agencies and state board of education; school safety and security policies, memorandum of understanding, availability; civil liability, immunity
72-6144. Penalties for failure to make reports, preventing or interfering with reports; sanctions for making reports prohibited; immunity from liability
72-6146. School security officers and campus police officers
72-6147. Bullying, school district policies
72-6151. Freedom from unsafe restraint and seclusion act; citation
72-6152. Definitions
72-6153. Use of emergency safety interventions; seclusion room requirements; school district policies; dispute resolution procedures
72-6154. Parental notification; documentation of an incident; annual report
72-6155. Parent’s right to request meeting; required meetings
72-6156. Rules and regulations
72-6157. Emergency safety intervention task force; membership; organization; duties


Article 62. Student Health
72-6271. Drug abuse, referral of pupils for assistance; immunity from civil liability
72-6272. Alcohol and drug abuse programs; provision authorized
72-6285. Tobacco products, use in school buildings prohibited; school building defined


Article 99. Miscellaneous Provisions
72-9943. Implementation of mental health intervention team pilot program for fiscal year ending June 30, 2019


Chapter 75. State Departments; Public Officers and Employees
Article 7. Attorney General
75-763. Rules and regulations for skill development training for school misconduct





For more information, contact:

John Calvert
Head School Safety Specialist
Safe and Secure Schools Unit
(785) 296-7056

John Calvert and Jim Green

The Kansas State Department of Education's Safe and Secure Schools Unit, John Calvert (left) and Jim Green, retired (right).

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