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Hello, All:

The Mentoring program will use these webpages as its main source of information and updates. By close of business each Monday there will be a new update and/or announcement, even if that is to let you know there is no update. Announcements that deal with permanent issues will eventually be added to the appropriate, permanent spot. I may also put something in the KSDE Weekly newsletter if I think it is of interest to a larger audience.

I had mentioned I would be adding a form here to allow folks to join a listserv I was working on to augment the curriculum leaders listserv. In the interest of consolidating information sources, I have opted not to do that. Other than for updates, district/system information and questions will go directly to those facilities and if there is urgent information to go out, I will use the appropriate listserves. Feel free to contact me also.

Ed Kalas, Education Program Consultant


September 19, 2022: None 
September 19, 2022: None 
September 12, 2022: None 
September 6, 2022: None 
August 29, 2022: None 
August 22, 2022: None 



Two rounds of mentoring plan reviews - Monday, August 15, 2022

The first round will be those in the announcement right below this one. The second round will be later than those. I will change the district status for the second round reviews in the Status of KESA DIstrict/System Teacher/Specialist Mentoring Plan/s pdf. to reflect the plans I have received for the second round.  

When will KSDE review my teacher/specialist plan? - Monday, August 8, 2022

The following districts/systems have a teacher/specialist mentoring plan in for review, which KSDE will start after it finishes reviewing already-submitted PD Plans. That should be some time in November 2022 with a goal of having them approved by the end of Febraury 2023. 


District # District Name
D0111 Doniphan West
D0113 Prairie Hills
D0202 Turner
D0259 Wichita
D0313 Buhler
D0339 Jefferson County North
D0345 Seaman
D0372 Silver Lake
D0373 Newton
D0379 Clay County
D0383 Manhattan-Ogden
D0405 Lyons
D0437 Auburn-Washburn
D0439 Sedgwick
D0440 Halstead
D0450 Shawnee Heights
D0457 Garden City
D0474 Haviland
D0501 Topeka
Z0067 Wellington Christian Academy  




What's the status of my teacher/specialist mentoring plan? - Monday, August 8, 2022

The pdf below contains the most current informaton about the status of teacher/specialist plans for KESA districts and systems. KSDE is in the process of assessing the status of Leadership mentoring programs and non-KESA systems. 


If "Self" or the name of an educational service center provider is listed under the "Teacher/Specialist Mentoring Provider" column, there is nothing that a district/system needs to do. Otherwise, KSDE is currently reviewing a plan or the district/system is revising its process. "Revising its process" could include needing some KSDE technical assitance, KSDE verifying documentation in its records, or some other activity. 


All Teacher/Specialist Mentoring Plans are currently in KESA Compliance in either a "fully" or "working on complinace" status. 


Status of KESA District/System Teacher/Specialist Mentoring Plan/s





Mentoring for Teachers, Specialists and Leaders

Teacher/School Specialist Mentor Plans Checklist and Plan Review Process

Please use this checklist to ensure that your Teacher/School Specialist plans have the minimum components required based on the criteria established by the Kansas State Department of Education

Teacher_Specialist Mentoring Plans Checklist and Review Final.pdf

Professional Education Standards.pdf

KSDE will use this checklist to ensure a consistent, thorough and timely review of Teacher/School Specialist mentoring plans. (Posted 12/8/21)


Mentoring Guidelines For Leaders

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Archived Mentor and Induction GuidanceEd Kalas 7/28/2022770.39 KBDownload
July 2022 Mentor and Induction Guidance for Leadership Ed Kalas 7/21/2022223.04 KBDownload

Stipends for Teacher Mentors




To apply for this stipend, districts must enter mentors for classroom teachers into the Mentor Programs application - a KSDE Authenticated Application.

(Request access to Mentor Programs using the Manage My Account function for KSDE Authenticated Applications if you do not already have access.)

Deadline is September 26, 2022

For mentors to meet the statutory requirements for the stipend, they must:    

  1. hold a professional or accomplished level teaching license;
  2. hold an assignment as a classroom teacher reported as educator type 1-5 in the Licensed Personnel Report (LPR)  (1. Elementary, 2. Middle School, 3. Secondary, 4. SPED/ESOL, 5. CTE);
  3. have three consecutive school years of employment in the school district where they mentor;
  4. mentor no more than two new-to-the-profession teachers (classroom teachers in their 1st through 3rd years of teaching);
  5. complete a mentor training program (based on the Teacher/School Specialist Mentoring Plan guidelines)

For more detailed information, see Stipends for Mentors of Classroom Teachers.  

Districts will log back into the Mentor Programs application when it opens from April 1-May 1, 2023 to validate their mentors, add mentees, assign mentors to mentees, and submit.   

Questions on mentor stipends contact

Leslie Bruton at lbruton@ksde.org


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