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Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot Tool

To advance kindergarten readiness, all Kansas elementary schools are required to partner with families to better understand incoming kindergarten students’ development. The Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ-3) and Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ:SE-2) provide a snapshot of children’s developmental milestones. As caregivers know their children best, they complete both questionnaires.

All children are ready to enter kindergarten when they meet the age requirement of five years old on or before August 31 of their kindergarten year. The snapshot data helps teachers ensure their kindergarten classrooms are ready to support the social, emotional, and academic success of each student. Visit https://agesandstages.com/ks/ for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), guides and “how-to” videos on how to implement ASQ.

Since districts first implemented the Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot statewide in Fall 2018, KSDE has gathered feedback on how to best use this tool to improve kindergarten readiness. Last year KSDE received positive feedback around offering the flexibility to begin partnering with families of incoming kindergarten students to complete the Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot (ASQ) in the springtime prior to children entering kindergarten.

For the 2022-23 school year, districts/private school sytems may submit this short survey to administer the ASQ to incoming kindergarteners (for the purposes of the Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot) beginning April 1, 2022. Please contact Amy Rzadczynski, arzadczynski@ksde.org, if you would like to begin prior to April 1. For districts that do not submit the short survey linked above, the Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot window will open July 1. All schools must administer the ASQ to incoming kindergarten students by Sept. 20 and all data (including pending Family Access screenings) must be entered into ASQ Online by Oct. 10, 2022.

Districts/private school systems must agree to the following in order to begin administering the ASQ to incoming kindergarteners (for the purposes of the Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot) beginning April 1st:

  • The district will not use ASQ or other data as a gatekeeper/method to prevent 5-year-old children from entering kindergarten. Per Kansas law, the only requirement for entry into kindergarten is that a child be 5 years old on or before Aug. 31 of the current school year (unless a child has previously attended kindergarten in another state).
  • The district will encourage all age-eligible students to enroll in kindergarten.
  • The district will accept the screening results in ASQ Online and follow up with the family within two weeks of completing the ASQ to provide results and learning activities.
  • The district will attempt to contact and gain consent to transfer ASQ results from families who complete the ASQ during the springtime but who do not enroll/attend the district at the start of the school year.
  • The district will share ASQ data with the children's kindergarten teacher prior to the first day of school.

If your district agrees to comply with these criteria to begin administering the 2022 Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot in the springtime, click here to submit the short survey. Contact Amy Rzadczynski, (arzadczynski@ksde.org) with any questions.

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Key Contact Information

Tech Support for ASQ Online: 1-866-404-9853 and at: https://www.asqonline.com/support
PreK-12 school staff with questions for KSDE can email Amy Rzadczynski:arzadczynski@ksde.org
Early childhood care and education providers with questions about statewide expansion can email Erica Figueroa: erica.l.figueroa34@ku.edu

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