Kansas State Department of Education Data Sharing Requests 2016

Data Provided To Date Provided Description of Data
Sheri Tubach on behalf of Kansas Department of Health & Environment 12/23/2016 SY 2017 Kindergarten Enrollment Numbers by School
Feifei Sun, Individual 12/23/2016 SY 2015 & 2015 Foreign Language Enrollments
Lauren Loucks, Individual 12/14/2016 SY 2014 & 2015 FitnessGram Data
Chuck Knapp on behalf of JAG 12/5/2016 SY 2015 Free and Reduced Rate, Graduation Rate, Dropout Rate, Chronic Absenteeism by District/Building broken down into Subgroups
Lisa Hodges on behalf of St. Francis Community Services 12/2/2016 SY 2016 Percentage of Students by Primary Language by District
Heidi Zimmerman on behalf of Legislative Post Audit 11/16/2016 SY 2016 LPA Annual Request for Actual Expenditure and Revenue Data
Tim Tang on behalf of NEA 11/15/2016 NEA Data
Brad Miner on behalf of USD 247 11/7/2016 SY 2017 USD 247 Students attending other districts
Shelly Beech on behalf of USD 500 11/4/2016 SY 2015 & 2016 Certified Personnel by District broken down by gender and race/ethnicity
Teresa Houston on behalf of Envision 10/20/2016 SY 2015 & 2016 Count of visionally impaired and blind students, and visionally impaired w/ multiple disabilities
R. Clarke Fowler on behalf of Salem State University 9/26/2016 SY 2016 Educator License Data
Lee Stickle on behalf of TASN 9/8/2016 SY 2010 - 2015 Graduation Rate of Students with Autistic Designation
Sharon Wenger on behalf of Kansas Legislative Research 8/26/2016 SY 2013 Suppressed Post-Secondary Districts Combined to One Rate
Stacie Ogborn on behalf of Wichita State University 8/11/2016 SY 2015 & 2016 Principal's Building Report Data
National Center for Educational Statistics 8/4/2016 Active Private School Data
Data Sharing Agreement
Sarah Argodale on behalf of GreatSchools 8/3/2016 SY 2014 & 2015 Statewide, District and Subgroup Data
Cheng-Chung Huang on behalf of Kansas Health Institute 8/3/2016 SY 2016 Enrollment and Organizational Data
Johanna Epperson on behalf of MDR 7/18/2016 SY 2015 Number of Graduates broken down by college intent by District
Mariela Mannion on behalf of Brown University 7/7/2016 SY 2016 Educator Performance Categories
Rebekah Gaston on behalf of Kansas Appleseed 7/5/2016 SY 2015 & 2016 At-Risk Afterschool Meal Data
Eva Chen on behalf of Westat 6/14/2016 All years of BMI Data available
Debra Kamps on behalf of University of Kansas 6/14/2016 SY 2013 - 2015 Autism Statistics
Jonathan Flaucher on behalf of Recruiting Station Kansas City 6/8/2016 SY 2016 Junior Enrollment Numbers for each Gender by Building
Sam Krumholz 5/5/2016 SY 2003-16 Assessment Test Dates
Kerry Shuckman on behalf of Fort Hays State University 4/20/2016 SY 2011 - 2015 Fort Hays Graduate Employment Data
Eva Chen on behalf of Westat 4/20/2016 All Years of BMI Data Available
Aimee Hubbard on behalf of Kansas State University 4/20/2016 SY 2015 Dropout Rates for Grades 7-12
Barbara LaClair on behalf of Douglas County Food Policy Council 4/5/2016 SY 2015 Meals Served for 3 Districts
G.A. Buie on behalf of United School Administrators of Kansas 4/5/2016 FTE Numbers of CTE Teachers in School Districts
Connor Warner on behalf of University of Missouri - Kansas City 4/5/2016 All Available KPTP Data
Holly Francis on behalf of Augusta Schools 4/5/2016 Count of Students Living in District Attending Virtual Schools
Kylie Stewart on behalf of Greenbush 3/31/2016 SY 2015 - 2016 Licensed Personnel Report Data
Susan Harvey on behalf of University of Kansas 3/10/2016
SY 2015 Fitnessgram Data
Data Sharing Agreement
Susan Wagner on behalf of TAESE 3/7/2016 SY 2015 Special Education Data
Data Sharing Agreement
Renata Uzzell on behalf of Council of the Great City Schools 3/7/2016 USD 500 Performance Level Asssessment Results
Brian Kobashigawa on behalf of Schoolie Company 3/3/2016 SY 2014 - 2015 Aggregate Course Enrollment
Remmert Dekker on behalf of RTI 3/1/2016 Data for the US News Best High School Rankings
Christy Schreck on behalf of Emporia State University 2/25/2016 SY 2015 Number of High School Graduates
Heidi Zimmerman on behalf of Legislative Post Audit 2/23/2016 Start and Dismissal Time and Lunch Minutes for Public Schools
Deb Bugner 2/12/2016 SY 2016 KNEA Listing
Charles (Chip) Cohlmia on behalf of KDHE 2/12/2016 SY 2016 Kindergarten Enrollment Numbers
Kristin Gantz on behalf of Tonganoxie Elementary School 2/10/2016 SY 2016 Number of Certified Art Educators
Ressa Friggeri on behalf of SEK Education Service Center 2/8/2016 SY 2010 - 2014 Graduates by Post-Graduate Plans
Celia Llopis-Jepsen on behalf of the Topeka Capitol Journal 2/8/2016 Listing of all Home Schools and Addresses
Heidi Zimmerman on behalf of Legislative Post Audit 2/8/2016 SY 2015 Number of Students Receiving ELL Services by District
Brad Miner on behalf of USD 247 2/8/2016 Students of USD 247 Attending Other Districts
Ashlie Hein on behalf of Capella University 2/3/2016 SY 2011 - 2016 School Information on Schools Who Successfully Increased Number of Proficiency Ratings
Kerry Shuckman on behalf of Fort Hays State University 1/28/2016 SY 2010 - 2014 Educators with Secondary License through Testing
Johnna Epperson on behalf of MDR, A Dun & Bradstreet Company 1/19/2016 SY 2016 New Building Sites
Earl Legleiter on behalf of Legleiter Science Consulting 1/13/2016 SY 2016 Email Addresses for all Chemistry Teachers in Public and Private Schools
Ressa Friggeri on behalf of SEK Education Service Center 1/13/2016 SY 2015 Assessment Results by Level
Steven Case, PhD on behalf of Kansas University 1/13/2016 SY 2013 - 2015 Secondary STEM Teacher Information
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