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Welcome to the Assessments web page of the Kansas State Department of Education.  The purpose of this page is to provide assistance to the districts and schools with their participation in the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP).  This site contains documents and resources related to the state assessments in Kansas and should assist in the understanding of the program.  Updates are made as new information becomes available.  For further assistance please contact those individuals listed at the right.

Assessment Documents and Resources

2023-2024 Kansas Assessment Program OverviewQuick reference for all Kansas state assessment testing windows.
Acronyms and AbbreviationsA list of acronyms and accommodations associated with Kansas state assessments.
Assessment Resources and ContactsList of resources and contacts to support state assessment administration.
District and Building Test Coordinator ResponsibilitiesUpdated August 2023. Responsibilities for test coordinators in preparing for and administering state assessments.
Dynamic Learning Maps ResourcesResources and schedules for Dynamic Learning Maps assessment.
Dynamic Learning Maps: Special Circumstance CodesResource is available at

Assessment Literacy Tools

Tools to help determine appropriate uses of various types of assessments.

Tools and Accommodations

PNP Planning Tool for the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP)Individual student form to assist in identifying a student’s needed accessibility features for the KAP.
TTS Accommodations Available on KAP w/ FlowchartThis resource lists the TTS audio available on the KAP including descriptions. Includes a flowchart for determining student eligible for the TTS (nonvisual) for ELA passages.
Application TTS ChecklistComplete and submit to for any student that the district is requesting TTS for ELA passages. The checklist must be submitted by the end of day January 31.
Frequently Asked Questions for TTS NonvisualUpdated 5/25/2023. Answers to frequently asked questions about the TTS Nonvisual approval process.

Test Security and Ethics

These documents are recommended for use by District Coordinators when training Classroom/Test Proctors.
Appropriate Testing Practices Fact SheetThe Do's and Don'ts for state assessments
Test Security GuidelinesKansas plan for Test Security for state assessments.

ACT, WorkKeys and PreACT 8/9

Dates for 2024-2025 ACT, WorkKeys, and PreACTQuick reference for all ACT assessment testing windows.
Fact Sheet Benefits and ACT WorkKeys and NCRCFact Sheet showing the Benefits of the ACT WorkKeys
Kansas ACT WebpageInformation about the state paid ACT, WorkKeys and PreACT 8/9.

Contact Information



Julie Ewing

Juanita Anderson

Cary Rogers

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Accommodation Questions


Assessment Coordinator
Julie Ewing
(785) 296-2325


Beth Fultz
(785) 296-4639


Deputy Commissioner:
Division of Learning Services

Dr. Ben Proctor
(785) 296-2303

Career, Standards and Assessment

Beth Fultz
(785) 296-3142

Assistant Director: 
Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Natalie D. Clark
(785) 296-4351

Assistant Director: 
Curricular Standards

Dr. David Fernkopf
(785) 296-8447

Assistant Director: 

Julie Ewing
(785) 296-2325

Assistant Director: 
Kansas Volunteer Commission

Dr. Jessica Dorsey
(785) 296-3163

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