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Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) & Essential Elements

The DLM® project is guided by the core belief that all students should have access to challenging grade-level content. The new DLM Alternate Assessment System will let students with significant cognitive disabilities show what they know in ways that traditional multiple-choice tests cannot. The DLM system is designed to map a student’s learning throughout the year. The system will use items and tasks that are embedded in day-to-day instruction. In this way, testing happens as part of instruction, which both informs teaching and benefits students.


If a student qualifies for an alternate assessment they must take an alternate assessment in all content areas.

Essential Elements - Full Documents

Complete Essential Elements (external link)
Tested Essential Elements (external link)

Professional Development

Library of Beginning Level Books Easy-to-read book collection created to provide students with significant cognitive disabilities access to the Exemplar Text content listed in Appendix B of the Common Core State Standards at a complexity level that will help them develop reading skills.

DLM™ Professional Development (external link)

  • Virtual community of practice provides a place for teachers to access information and ask questions about the Dynamic Learning Maps and related professional development. Webinars will focus on specific topics important to the instruction of students that take an alternate assessment. For example how will students with limited or no hand movement complete the writing portion of the assessment?
  • Online Self-directed Learning Modules To help educators understand the Common Core State Standards and their application to students with significant cognitive disabilities, the Dynamic Learning Maps™ consortium has created and will continue to create self-directed learning modules. Each of the interactive modules is short (30-45 minutes on average) and focuses on a single topic.
  • Facilitated Modules for Groups. Facilitated training modules are videos with breaks built in to them. A facilitator could play the video and then stop it when directed in order to facilitate activities and discussion.

Special Education Assessment Listserv

The Special Education Assessment Listserv is used to send out information about standard, assessments, and professional development for students with disabilities.

This listserv has information about the general and the general assessment with and without accommodation for students with disabilities as well as information about the alternate assessment for students with disabilities.

To sign up, send this information:
Subject line: KAA Listserv
Body of message: Email address, First Name, Last Name, USD Number, USD Name, Work Phone Number
Send to this address: vhart@ksde.org

You should get a confirmation email within 10 days.

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