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June 18, 2018703278.94 KBRequest State Aid for July and Bond & Interest; June Payment Dates; Retain final state aid printouts for auditor; School Safety and Security Grant application closing 6/22; Add or remove members on KSDE listservs
June 11, 2018PDF259.84 KBJune payment dates; Final legal max letters available by June 15; recently asked questions; County Treasurer forms (Form 110, Form 138, Attachment 1) available
June 4, 2018PDF259.27 KBKSDE report deadlines; Local Effort report open June 4-8; Professional Development claim open June 4-8; Pre-Final Legal Max posted June 4;
May 29, 2018PDF283.37 KBPayment dates; Spec Ed and pre-final legal max; KSDE Report deadlines; Local Effort open June 4-8; Kansas Parent Ed Program final expenses open May 25 to June 8
May 21, 2018PDF333.88 KBKSDE Reports; Kansas Parent Education Program claim opens Friday
May 14, 2018PDF237.65 KBState aid deposits May 15 for National Board Certified Teachers
May 7, 2018PDF223.31 KBForm 308 Sped Transportation due May 10; Due Dates; Request federal funds to be spent in FY2018 by May 21
April 30, 2018PDF224.54 KBRemaining FY2018 payment dates; Submit May 1 Cash Balance report; Due Dates; Teacher Continuing Contract Law
April 23, 2018PDF1.02 MBRequest Federal Funds, Upcoming Due Dates, Special Education, Mentor Stipend
April 16, 2018PDF228.72 KBDeposit Special Education in General fund and transfer; Deposit KPERS (4th quarter) in Code 51; National Stop Arm Violation Count; April reminders; National Board Certified Teachers Incentive Program
April 9, 2018PDF202.97 KBNational Board Certified Teachers Incentive Bonus - apply for payment by 4/27; April reminders
April 2, 2018PDF414.02 KBApril Payment Dates; ESSA School Expenditures; April is Month of the Military Child
March 26, 2018PDF265.99 KBOut-of-District School Attendance and Transportation form available for 2018-19; Updating SAM records
March 19, 2018PDF230.32 KBReview bond and interest state aid payments
March 12, 2018PDF225.27 KBSpecial Education payment; Payments, reports and meetings
March 5, 2018PDF287.54 KBReminders; File CPA report/Single Audit A-133 electronically; Rule 10 Coaches FLSA exemption; FY18 bond fund cap increases
February 26, 2018PDF943.78 KBReminders on payments, reports, and meetings. Reporting deadlines Meetings Other TANF
Feb. 19, 2018PDF212.96 KBAutomated1,116 hour building log calculator; KIDS MILT collection open Feb 20 - March 9
Feb. 12, 2018PDF229.07 KBDeposit Capital Outlay in Code 16; meeting dates for State Board and COS; Submit Medicaid Claims by April 15; Grant Opportunities: Early Learning (PAT, 4 yr At Risk, KPP), LiNk (Literacy), Clean Diesel Program, 21st CCLC
Feb. 5, 2018PDF194.55 KBProcurement Contract List; February reports
Jan. 29, 2018PDF254.80 KBFebruary Payment Dates; State Aid Printout - General, LOB, Capital Improvement; Meeting Dates; KSDE Report reminders; KDHE grant opportunity to replace school buses
Jan. 22, 2018PDF195.82 KBClarifying county tax distributions - January 20
Jan. 16, 2018PDF223.33 KBKPERS payment Jan. 16; Legislative Bill Tracker; Statutes on school board elections
Jan. 8, 2018PDF296.44 KBJanuary reminders; 2017 Chapter 72 statutes renumbered; Steps to follow the Legislative session online; New USD funding reports available on Data Central; QZAB tax credit bonds eliminated; State Use Catalog
Dec. 26, 2017PDF961.70 KBInterest Rates
Jan. 2, 2018PDF218.77 KBReport Jan 1 cash balances by Jan 12; January payment dates; Federal POV mileage rate increases; Student count date 9/20; Legislative session opens next Monday; CTE "Pathways" app submission; Upcoming due dates
Dec. 18, 2017PDF207.09 KBDeposit ELK-TANF funds in Code 11
December 11, 2017PDF1.04 MBSubmit request for January General State Aid, Mill Rate Form Special Education Payment, Request ELK-TANF
December 4, 2017PDF215.32 KBReport December Unencumbered Cash, 2017-18 Remaining Bond Authority, Upcoming Due Dates
November 27, 2017PDF934.28 KBDecember Payments, Upcoming Due Dates, IDEA Maintenance of Effort and Excess Cost report
Nov. 20, 2017PDF220.54 KBMill Rate data due Dec. 15; CTE Pathways CPPSA report open
Nov. 13, 2017PDF 208.37 KBPreliminary legal max letters; Fiscal Auditing Personnel Activity Report (Special Ed staff log)
Nov. 6, 2017PDF331.46 KBList of required trainings (staff and students); Early Retirement survey due; Mark your calendar; 2017-18 budgets available on Data Central
Oct. 30, 2017PDF278.47 KBReport Nov 1 Cash Balances by Nov 13; November reports and payment reminders; USD Early Retirement Survey due Nov 10
Oct. 23, 2017PDF1.13 MBMark your calendar, Transportation-related statutes, Budget Advice and Statute Compliance, Review Dropout Graduation Report
Oct. 16, 2017PDF233.18 KBKPERS payment Oct. 16; Special Education deposits Oct. 16; Important dates; DGSR closes Oct 31; 2017-18 Kansas Educational Directory available
Oct. 9, 2017PDF377.32 KBSubmit SO66 and PBR Reports; Review Nov GSA amount by 10/13; Important Dates; How to file CPA audit reports/Single Audits (A-133) electronically; New location for CPA Reports (Annual Federal and State Aid Funding Report)
Oct. 2, 2017PDF1.47 MBOctober 1 Cash balance, Payments, S066 & PBR reports
Sept 25, 2017PDF238.94 KBCheck progress of Principal's Building Reports; Due dates; Nominate teachers for Kansas Horizon Award by Oct 11
Sept 18, 2017PDF222.99 KBUpload ENRL data on Sept 20; 9/20 county tax distribution; due dates; At-Risk Pupil Guidelines for FY18 and FY19 online
September 11, 2017PDF1.15 MBRequest October General State Aid, S066 & PBR, Due dates and Reminders
September 5, 2017PDF983.35 KBDue Dates and reminders, Payment Dates for State & Federal Aid, Title I Maintenance of Effort
August 28, 2017PDF965.85 KBSeptember Payment Dates, Due Dates and Reminders, Budget Documents
August 21, 2017PDF296.16 KBSubmit USD budget by Aug 25; Submit Interlocal budget by Aug 25; Due dates & reminders; Post district's ESI policy on each school's website; 2nd Publication Notice reminder
August 14, 2017PDF217.76 KBBudget wrap up FAQs; Due dates and reminders
August 7, 2017PDF245.05 KB18E Annual Statistical Report open; Report Aug 1 cash balances; Q&A on 10-day Rule (USD Budget); Verify Directory Updates submitted; ELK awards; Mentoring stipends; Fall Vacancy Report; Fire/Tornado drill info
July 31, 2017PDF261.71 KBAugust payments; Report Aug 1 cash balances; FY2018 Allocations for Title Programs; 2017-18 USD Budget program available; Out-of-District Transportation app; Submit Directory Updates by Aug 15; Counting Kids workshops; Senate/House Education Summaries
July 24, 2017PDF418.78 KBUSD Projected Payment Dates; Indirect cost rates form due 7/31; Scheduling KSDE budget reviews - directions to KSDE
School Finance Team Director
Craig Neuenswander

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