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Individuals sharing their skills and knowledge through actions intended to improve communities, states, nations, the world, and themselves.

KSDE Civic Engagement Conference

KSDE Civic Engagement Conference Registration: KSDE is sponsoring the first annual Civic Engagement Conference which will focus on providing educators and students grades 6 through 12 with resources, ideas, and experiences that will improve the civic engagement culture of their schools. Presenters from across the state and region will present sessions on a variety of programs and practices. Online registration Deadline is February 14, 2018. There will be no walk-up registration.

Call for Presentations for the KSDE Civic Engagement Conference: We are soliciting presentations from schools, voluntary associations, community groups, non-partisan civic organizations, and vendors. Presentations will be 50 minutes long and organized around the "Six Proven Practices of Effective Civic Learning (http://www.civicmissionofschools.org/educators/six-proven-practices). Successful presentation proposals will include one or more of the "Six Proven Practices'" and/or practical ways to improve the civic engagement culture of schools. Preference will be given to presentations that include adult and student presenters or video of students involved in the program being promoted.

Student Poster Presentation Proposal KSDE Civic Engagement Conference: A Student Poster Presentation will take place at the KSDE Civic Engagement Conference on February 19th at the Ramada Downtown in Topeka, KS. Students (grades 6 through 12) will be invited to create a poster presentation on a tri-fold presentation board not to exceed 48 inches in height and 48 inches in width. The selected poster project will present student identified problems in their schools, communities, nation, or the world, and propose solutions to those problems. The format should describe the PROBLEM, the POWER, the PLAN, and the PEOPLE. Deadline for submissions is Tuesday January 16, 2018 and must be accompanied by an adult registration to the conference.

Civic Advocacy Network

Civic Advocacy Network Award One PagerRevised 08/28/17
Civic Advocacy Network Information GuideRevised 08/28/17

Educator Resources for Civic Engagement

10 Mostly Instructional Practices To Improve Civic Engagement in Any ClassroomThis document provides a list practices that can be used in any classroom regardless of grade or discipline that will improve the civic engagement of their students. Each practice has links to associated articles or resources about the practice.
Civic Engagement General ResourcesUpdated 11/27/2017. This is a list of some of the many resources available to help supplement the civic engagement work you are already doing in your buildings and districts.
Civic Engagement PresentationThis presentation is about the need for improving civic engagement in our students and the Civic Advocacy Network Award program, and outlines the Civic Advocacy Network program and the Six Proven Practice for Civic Learning.
Civil Discourse in the ClassroomThis resource is helpful in providing explicit instruction on how to teach students to participate in successful civil discourse in the classroom and life. Lessons are not subject specific but focus on the manner in which we talk about critical issues.
Facilitating Civil Discourse in the ClassroomThis document provides some suggestions about how best to facilitate civil discourse in your classroom.
Fostering Civil DiscourseThis resources gives teachers suggestions about how they might make their classrooms a safe and productive place to have critical conversations about today's issues.
Generation CitizenGeneration Citizen provides an excellent framework for student participation in civic engagement in the community.
Kansans Can Civic Engagement Fact SheetA fact sheet describing the Kansas State Department of Education's initiative around civic engagement. It includes a definition of civic engagement and a description of what good civic engagement education would include.
Kansans Can Civic Engagement Scaffold VisualThis PDF is intended to assist districts in beginning to build an integrated curriculum around civic engagement in their schools. The layers overlap, but this visual attempts to put first things first for civic education and engagement.
NCSS Position Paper: Revitalizing Civic Learning in Our SchoolsThis is the National Council for the Social Studies' (NCSS) position paper on improving civic learning in schools.
Participatory Budgeting in Schools GuideThis PDF lays out a plan for implementing participatory budgeting in your school. Please feel free to amend the timeline and the dollar amounts. This is a great way to improve the civic engagement of your students.
Six Proven Practices for Effective Civic LearningThe purpose of this guidebook is to serve as a resource—a what’s next?—for teachers, administrators, policymakers, and other education leaders who want to put these practices in place but are not sure how to begin.


Civic Engagement Quick Links:
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