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KBESS (Kansas Bus Emergency Support System)

The Kansas Department of Education and the School Bus Safety Unit have been producing the Kansas Bus Emergency Support System (KBESS) book for over 25 years.  This book is a state wide emergency directory for school transportation providers who need support when the school vehicle they are operating becomes disabled away from their "bus barn".

2017-2018 KBESS Book  (PDF) Updated 1-25-2018

KBESS Update Form  used to update school contact information for the 2017-2018 KBESS Book.

KBESS Update Form Directions

We are now accepting KBESS (Kansas School Bus Emergency Support System) updates for next school year. Please complete the KBESS update form no later than July 31, 2017.
Every school district is required to complete a KBESS update form.


Do not call or email your KBESS update.  The update form is a computer application and the application populates the data for us. If you do not fill out the form the application will show the school district did not respond to this request.

We require accurate contact information for at least 3 individuals for each district.  The information you submit is used to update other data sources at KSDE. This is an extremely important publication and your cooperation regarding the accuracy of your information is critical.
The update form has been revised. There are 8 mandatory fields which need to be completed for this process. To update your information please follow these steps. This information must be submitted online. Paper forms, phone calls, emails, faxes, etc. will not be accepted.
Check your current KBESS information for accuracy at the following link:




We need current and accurate information for 3 school contacts in addition to your bus route contractor if you have one.


Instructions for completing the online KBESS Update Form:


  1. The individual (school District employee) completing the form enters their name, email and USD number.
  2. Does the district contract for route bus services? If yes, please complete the contractor information fields at the bottom of the form.
  3. Does the district contract for your special needs transportation? If yes, please enter the name for the special needs contractor only in the provided field underneath the question field.
  4. Please complete the bus route contractor verification field by clicking yes or N/A.
  5. Please complete the KBESS Information verification field and indicate if all of your district’s information is current and correct, yes or no. If no, complete the appropriate fields on the lower portion of the form.
    Note: If you have an automated phone system which requires an extension number for any of your contacts, please include it with the phone number.
  6. If some of your information is correct and some is not, you will need to complete the top portion of the form and add the new information in the appropriate spaces.
  7. Enter your contacts in the order they should be contacted in the event an emergency arises.  Your contacts may include the transportation director/supervisor, bus mechanic, superintendent, board clerk, principal, etc.
  8. Please use the additional information field to clarify any and all changes and eliminate the need for us to contact you with questions.


Thank you for your assistance and if you have any questions please contact Melissa, Keith or Dennis.

School Bus Safety Director
Keith Dreiling
785-296-6659 (fax)

School Bus Safety Assistant Director
Dennis Tate

School Bus Training Coordinator 
Melissa Ostermeyer

Senior Administrative Assistant
Annette Blevins

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