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Discipline Data Collection (formerly collected in the KAN-DIS application).

During the 2017-18 year, KSDE is transitioning from the KAN-DIS application to the Kansas Integrated Accountability System (KIAS) for the Discipline Data Collection.

The KAN-DIS application will be retired on December 29, 2017. Users will not be able to access the KAN-DIS application after that time. The data formerly collected in the KAN-DIS application will be collected in the Discipline Data Collection in the KIAS application after an update period. Further notification about collecting discipline data within the KIAS application will be sent when the Discipline Data Collection is accessible. During the transition from KAN-DIS to KIAS, there will be a delay between the use of the KAN-DIS application and the Discipline Data Collection being available in the KIAS application. Between now and December 29 we encourage you to log in to the KAN-DIS application and download any historical data you may need over the next few months. The historical data currently located in the KAN-DIS application is being moved to the KIAS application, but may not be available for several months.

No data elements will be added to what was previously collected in the KAN-DIS application. To prepare for the opening of the Discipline Data Collection, please ensure you have registered for access to the KIAS application. Please use the following guide for assistance, http://www.ksde.org/Portals/0/ECSETS/KIAS/Auth_App_Regist_Acct_KIAS-Discipline_Data_Collection.pdf.

This is the second year of the Emergency Safety Intervention (ESI) Data Collection being housed in the KIAS application so there will not be changes or interruptions of the ESI Data Collection. Reporting Period 1 includes any ESI incident that occurred on or between June 1, 2017 through November 30, 2017. The submission window for Reporting Period 1 opens Friday, December 1 and closes Friday, December 15, 2017.

If you have further questions on the Discipline Data Collection, please contact Rachel Beech at rbeech@ksde.org or (785) 296-8965. If you have questions on the Emergency Safety Intervention Data Collection please contact Diana Stanfill at dstanfill@ksde.org or (785) 296-7262 or Laura Jurgensen at ljurgensen@ksde.org or (785) 296-5522.

Click here to access KIAS and KAN-DIS (through December 29) through KSDE Web Applications
Registering for KIAS (PDF)

Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI)

Beginning with the 2016-17 school year all emergency safety intervention data is reported in the Kansas Integrated Accountability System (KIAS) application. Please see the Emergency Safety Intervention page for information on this topic.

Discipline Data Collection
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