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K-Para Application

Properly trained paraprofessionals can play important roles in Title I schools where they can magnify and reinforce a teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom.

Districts may enter paraprofessional data in the K-Para web application and print paraprofessional certificates. All paraprofessional data will need to be submitted online.

The person(s) responsible for entering or authorizing Paraprofessional data at each district must register for access to the K-Para application (Paraprofessionals System application) via KSDE’s common user authentication at https://online.ksde.org/authentication/login.aspx. Once the superintendent has approved the request, access to the Paraprofessionals System will be granted.

Paraprofessional Application User Guide (PDF)

Assistance in registering or managing the KSDE authenticated applications account:
KSDE Help Desk: 785-296-7935.

Questions regarding the data to be entered in this application:
Nikkolas J. Nelson, Licensure Consultant (785) 291-3371 nnelson@ksde.org

Title I Paraprofessional Requirements

Paraprofessionals providing instructional support in programs supported with Title I, Part A funds must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a high school diploma or a GED and
    • Complete 48 hours at an institution of higher education OR
    • Obtain an associate’s (or higher) degree OR
    • Pass a State approved assessment that assesses the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics (or reading, writing, mathematics readiness).

There are two types of Title I schools. The type of Title I school determines which paraprofessionals have to meet the requirements.

  • In a Targeted Assistance School, only paraprofessionals paid with Title I Part A funds who provide instructional support must meet the requirements.
  • In a schoolwide, all paraprofessionals providing instructional support must meet the requirements. In schoolwides all teachers and paraprofessionals are considered Title I teachers and paraprofessionals. In schoolwides it does not matter who hires the paraprofessional (i.e. district or coop) or from which fund he or she is paid (i.e. general, special education, Title I, ESL, at risk). If the paraprofessional provides instructional support in a schoolwide, he or she must meet the requirements.

Individuals who work in food services, cafeteria or playground supervision, personal care services, non-instructional computer assistance, and similar positions are not considered paraprofessionals under Title I.

Any paraprofessional hired after January 8, 2002 must meet the qualifications upon hiring.

Approved Assessments for Title I Paraprofessionals

The Kansas State Board of Education approved the following assessments and established passing scores for each:
  • ParaPro Assessment by Educational Testing Services (ETS).
    • One assessment includes reading, writing and mathematics. The passing score is 455 points.
  • ParaEducator PD Now! (formerly ParaEducator Learning Network) by Master Teacher, Inc. There are two assessments; both must be passed to meet the requirements:
    • Assessment 1 Reading, Writing and Math: Instructional Support (65% to pass) and
    • Assessment 2 Reading, Writing and Math: Knowledge and Application (70% to pass).
  • WorkKeys by ACT, Inc. There are three assessments and an observation survey that must be taken and passed:
    • Reading for Information (Level 4 score to pass)
    • Applied Mathematics (Level 4 score to pass)
    • Writing (either writing assessment is acceptable; Level 3 to pass); and
    • Instructional Support Inventory (ISI) (150 points to pass).

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