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Kansas Preschool Program

2014-15 is the 9th year of the Kansas Preschool Program (KPP). Using data gathered from the first seven years of the Pre-K Pilot and the work of the KPP Practitioner Group, the Kansas Preschool Model is a data-based, research-informed model, focused on implementing curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices that are supported by evidence and, when implemented with fidelity, prevent later academic and behavioral challenges in elementary and secondary education years.

Beginning in the 2013-14 year, the overarching focus of the KPP is to use research-based and intentional practices to improve the quality of the early learning experiences provided to children participating in the Kansas Preschool Program, resulting in increased readiness for success as they enter kindergarten and the elementary school years. The Model has four components, each of which is based upon research and evidence and has been shown to support quality in early learning and promote later success in school.

  1. Community Collaboration
  2. Family Engagement
  3. High Quality Early Learning Experiences
  4. Successful children

These model components meet the requirements put forth by the Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund, (the KPP funders), and, together, provide an innovative and research-based way of systematically providing high quality early learning preschool experiences. The model also includes a comprehensive assessment system that allows a clear and focused examination of the overall impact of the Kansas Preschool Program model on the readiness of participating children to be successful as they enter kindergarten.

Intentional and Research-informed Practices & Implementation ➤ Improved Quality ➤ Acquisition of Critical Skills Necessary for Later School Success = Successful Children


Kansas School Readiness Framework (PDF)
Kansas Preschool Program (KPP) Standards (PDF)
Kansas Preschool Program Email of 3/31/14 (PDF)
Kansas Preschool Program Action Plan (PDF)
Kansas Preschool Program: Assistant Teacher Review (Word)
Kansas Preschool Program: Assistant Teacher Review Results (Word)
Kansas Preschool Program: Expenditure Form (Excel)
Kansas Preschool Program: Collaboration Scale (PDF)

Kansas Preschool Program Grant sample (PDF)
Kansas Preschool Program Assurances/Budget Pages (Word)

Early Childhood, Special Education, Title Programs Team Director:
Colleen Riley

Early Childhood Coordinator
Gayle M. Stuber

Early Childhood Special Education Consultant
Barbara A. Dayal

Parents as Teachers Consultant
Janet Newton, MS

Senior Administrative Assistant
Beccy Strohm

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