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Kansas State Department of Education Data Sharing Requests 2017

Data Provided To Date Provided Description of Data
Beata Shuster on behalf of MIT Department of Economics 7/12/2017 SY 2017 List of High Schools that offer AP Microeconomics
Ron Sarnacki on behalf of Cowley County Special Services Cooperative 7/11/2017 SY 2017 SPED Student Count by Exceptionality
David Long on behalf of Tuscany Strategy Consulting 6/29/2017 SY 2017 Count of SPED Students by Least Restrictive Environment & Classification
Jennifer Arnott on behalf of Perkins School for the Blind 6/19/2017 SY 2016 State Count of Educators with Visually Impaired Endorsement, Full & Part Time
Daniel Simon on behalf of Indiana University 5/12/2017 All Years Counts of Students with Autism/Hearing & Vision Impaired/SPED by Grade or Age, by District
Kylie Greenbush on behalf of Greenbush 4/27/2017 SY 2016 LPR Personnel Data
Susan Wagner on behalf of Data Driven Enterprises 4/24/2017 SY 2017 TASES Student Data Sharing Agreement and Data Request
Ted Carter on behalf of Kansas Association of School Boards 4/19/2017 SY 1999 - 2016 District Expenditure Data
Julie Ehler on behalf of Keystone 4/3/2017 FFY 2015 Keystone APR Indicator Data Sharing Agreement
Lawrence Panas on behalf of Kansas Health Institute 3/30/2017 SY 2001 - 2016 Population, Attendance, Graduation, Dropuot and Suspension Rates
Cathi Lindsay on behalf of KNEA Southeast 3/30/2017 Certified Personnel FTE for SY 2017 for each interlocal/service center
Deborah Howser on behalf of USD 383 Manhattan-Ogden 3/29/2017 SY 2017 Percent of Students Statewide identified in each of the 13 disability categories
Nathan Snyder on behalf of Kansas Board of Regents 3/28/2017 Numerator and Denominator used to generate 4-year cohort
Martha Gabehart on behalf of Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns / Governor's Office 3/28/2017 SY 2016 Career Tech Ed Counts
Martha Gabehart on behalf of Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns / Governor's Office 3/24/2017 SY 2015 Career Tech Ed Counts
Taylor Koriakin on behalf of the University of Conneticut 2/8/2017 SY 2012, 2013 & 2016 SPED Data
Celia Llopis-Jensen on behalf of the Topeka Capital Journal 2/2/2017 SY 2014 Chronic Absenteeism Data
Glenda Fuchs on behalf of MCH Data 2/2/2017 SY 2017 Educator Data
Ressa Friggeri on behalf of SEK Education Service Center 1/23/2017 SY 2017 Enrollment by Grade for Building and County
Julie Miller on behalf of Gatti Evaluation, Inc. 1/19/2017 SY 2014 - 2016 Mobility Data
Jim Kenyon, Individual 1/11/2017 List of all high schools that have closed over the past 60 years


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