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Agendas, Meeting Dates & Minutes

State Board of Education meeting agendas cover a wide range of educational issues related to the State Board's duties as outlined by the State Constitution, state statutes, and federal law.  These issues are of interest to educators, state and local policymakers, parents and guardians, students, and community members.  Meeting materials pertinent to each month's agenda are available for viewing at this location as well as upcoming Meeting Dates.  The Board conducts its regular meeting beginning at 10 a.m. on the second Tuesday and 9 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month.  Exceptions are noted in red and underlined. All meetings will be held in the first floor Board Room (Suite 102) of the Landon State Office Building, 900 SW Jackson Street, Topeka, unless otherwise noted.  The Landon Building is located just east of the State Capitol.  The meeting minutes of the State Board of Education are posted on the Web site after the Board has approved them at the following month's meeting.

  • The public is invited to speak at the Citizens' Open Forum which generally takes place at 10:30 a.m. on the Tuesday of Board meetings.
  • Legislative Conference Calls occur at 4 p.m. the last Friday of the month during the session and originate in the office of Dale Dennis, Landon State Office Building.  They are open to the public. 
2014 Meeting Dates
 Agenda Meeting Materials
Approved Minutes
January 14-15
January Agenda January Materials January Minutes
February 11-12
February Agenda  February Materials February Minutes 
March 11-12
March Agenda March Materials  March Minutes 
April 8-9
April Agenda April Materials  April Minutes 
May 13-14
 May Agenda  May Materials  May Minutes
June 3  June 3 Agenda June 3 Materials   June 3 Minutes
June 10-11
 June Agenda June Materials June Minutes 
June 25  June 25 Agenda June 25 Materials   June 25 Minutes
July 8-9
July Agenda July Materials   July Minutes
August 12-13
August Agenda August Materials  August Minutes
September 16-17
September Agenda  September Materials September Minutes 
October 14 (one day)
October Agenda October Materials   October Minutes
October 29 (9:30-noon) Oct. 29 Agenda   No Materials  Oct. 29 Minutes 
November 5, 6, 7  Nov. 5-7 Agendas No Materials Nov 5, 6, 7 Minutes 
November 12-13
November Agenda  November Materials  November Minutes
December 9 (one day)
December Agenda  December Materials  


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Board Secretary
Peggy Hill

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