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Fiscal Auditing

Fiscal Auditing provides auditing services for the Kansas State Board of Education, as authorized by K.S.A. 72-6468, as well as providing technical assistance and guidance concerning audit issues confronting the recipients of monies from the Kansas Department of Education.


***NEW*** The archived video of the Counting KIDS Webinar, held on September 8, 2016, is available for viewing. Click here to view the archived webinar:

Counting KIDS 2016 - Webinar (Archived)

Below is a list of topics covered during the webinar and the minute marker at which they are discussed:

Time Topic Time Topic
0:01:30 Attendance Rules 0:28:02 Homebound
0:02:59 Attendance Documentation 0:30:07 KAMS
0:08:13 Virtual Attendance 0:31:14 JDC/PRTF
0:09:50 Virtual 19 and Over 0:32:09 4 Year Old At Risk
0:10:55 Minutes Enrolled - Rules 0:34:02 Other Things
0:13:50 Week of Count Day 0:34:52 No Weightings/Sample Docs
0:15:12 Minutes Enrolled 0:47:14 New Facilities
0:17:00 Special Ed and Virtual 0:51:41 Virtual School Funding
0:22:35 Mr. Dennis: Comments 0:52:52 eAudit Initiative
0:25:40 Concurrently Enrolled 1:10:21 Conclusion
0:27:17 Age Requirements 1:12:32 Thank you/Laurel Murdie


If you would like to review only the PowerPoint slides (no audio), those can be found here: 

Counting KIDS 2016 PowerPoint (Only)

Fiscal Auditing Director
Laurel Murdie
785-296-0232 (fax)

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Kevin Mercer

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