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KEEP Software Technical Information

On this page:

  • Self-training resources
  • Getting teacher access to KEEP
  • Assigning evaluation roles in EDCS
  • Enhancements for 2014-2015
  • Uploading Artifacts
  • Approved browsers

New KEEP Software for 2015-2016

The KSDE Educator Evaluation staff is very pleased to announce that an all-new KEEP software application will be released for use in 2015-2016 and beyond!

Just a few of the benefits of the new software:

  • Ability for districts to use their own instructional practices rubrics - districts can use their own rubrics for all educators or just for a specific educator type (such as counselors).
  • Modern, streamlined, intuitive interface - easy to see how to save and submit each piece of information
  • Work on any step at any time - all pages are open at all times
  • Formal and informal observations can take place within the system
  • Evaluations are an ongoing process - the software allows annual self-assessments and goals even if you're not in a formal evaluation year, as well as adding artifacts at any time during a 3-year evaluation cycle
  • Email notification when a part of the evaluation process has been completed - lets you know to login and work on the next step
  • Flexibility - provide feedback and participate in a discussion focused on teacher growth at any point and as many times as you'd like rather than requiring exactly three and only three "conferences" to be summarized
  • State Reporting - provide the data needed by KSDE from within the KEEP system - no need to enter information in online forms for submissions
  • Building and district summary data - get summaries of evaluation data to use for professional development and goals decision making

Stay tuned for more information throughout the spring of 2014!

Access KEEP Web Application

Log into KEEP through Authenticated Web Applications: https://online.ksde.org/authentication/login.aspx

KEEP Teacher Registration Process

Registration problems or questions:
helpdesk@ksde.org or 785-291-0599

Ask for Karen at the HelpDesk.

Do I register as a new user or use an existing username and just request access to KEEP?

    • To request access to KEEP (either during a first-time registration or while updating an existing account to include KEEP access), teachers will need to know their educator ID number.  If they do not know it, use lookup at https://online.ksde.org/TLL/SearchLicense.aspx (enter last name and social security number to search).
    • If a teacher has used the online web app to check on their licensure/renewal process, they will need to create a NEW registration with a DIFFERENT username than they used to access licensure look-up.  They cannot use the same account or username for the KEEP system.
    • If a teacher has access to other web apps (to run reports, etc.) they do not need to register again.  To gain access to KEEP they will log in at the Authenticated Apps Portal and click “Manage My Account” on the left hand side.  They will select the checkbox next KEEP in the list and submit to request access at the bottom of the page.
    • If a teacher has participated in the online KEEP web app in a previous year they do not need to register or request access to KEEP for this year – it will carry over.  If you cannot remember your username from using KEEP during a previous year, call the IT helpdesk at 785-291-0599.

Where do I register or log-in?


How do I register?

    • If you need to register, there is a “Register” button mid-way down on the log in page.
    • Enter the information requested on the page.  Be careful with the username and password as they are both case sensitive.  After you fill out the first page and select KEEP as the app you need access to, the next page will request your social security number and educator ID in order to match your new account with your data in the KSDE databases.
    • After the second registration page you will be sent back to the original log in page.  It won’t give you a message that you were successful – you’ll just see the original log in/register.  Sometimes this page has red horizontal bars at the top letting people know that one app or another is down for maintenance – these red bars appearing are not an error message to your log in process.
    • You cannot log in at this point.  If you attempt to log in you’ll get a “your account is locked” message.  That means that the KSDE IT staff has not approved your access yet.  It does not mean you’ve done anything wrong – simply that the IT staff hasn’t approved it yet.
    • For any issues with the registration process, call the IT helpdesk at 785-291-0599


“I tried to log in but it says my password is wrong.  I even tried changing my password but I still get the same “password is incorrect” message when trying to log in.”

    • This is most likely due to an error in typing the username.  The username is case-sensitive and if you have different capitalization when trying to log in than when you created your username it will say your password is incorrect even if you have typed in the password correctly.  It WILL still let you change your password even if you didn’t type your username with the correct capitalization – so you will have actually changed your password but you still won’t be able to log in.
    • If you have questions about the correct capitalization within your username, call the IT helpdesk at 785-291-0599.


KSDE User Login Online Tutorials

Chapter Title Running Time Link
1 Register for new user name 3:28 Play Chapter
2 Forgot your password 1:34 Play Chapter
3 Manage your account 2:34 Play Chapter
4 Logging into the menu page 2:15 Play Chapter
Complete The Complete Series 10:00 Play Complete Series

KEEP Self-Training Tools

KEEP Guided Practice Portal
    • The KSDE KEEP Guided Practice is a step-by-step trainee-paced practice.  The "Demonstration" view in the portal is a hands-off "watch it happen" version.
    • The training portal is http://training.ksde.org/vimago/keep/trainingportal/web/index.htm
    • Both Guided Practice and Demonstration mode works on both Mac and Windows.
    • While both modes work on iPads, you may find the Guided Practice frustrating as you cannot use the native pinch zoom and when the keyboard comes up to enter text it covers the area of the screen instructing you what text to enter.  You may find the Demonstration mode more beneficial on iPads.

EDCS Information for Setting Evaluator and Observer Roles

Evaluators must be assigned to evaluatees in the EDCS web application before anyone can acces evaluations in KEEP.

List of people in each district that have access to EDCS:  EDCS District Contacts(XLSX)

User guide for assigning evaluator roles in EDCS (PDF)

KEEP Repository Enhancements for 2014 and 2015

Browsers and KEEP

As of 4/4/2014, KSDE applications support the following browsers: for Microsoft Windows - Internet Explorer (IE) 8, IE 9, and IE 10 when run in compatibility mode; for Macintosh - Firefox up to v26.0.

You may lose information or not be able to save if you use other browsers while in KEEP on either operating system. Using multiple tabs or having multiple tabs open while using KEEP can cause errors in KEEP.

Uploading Artifacts FAQ

1. What are the restrictions on file type and size for artifacts being uploaded in KEEP?

The artifact upload tool in the KEEP Repository system allows for .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .flv, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .wmv, 3gp, .asf, .swf, .jpg, .ppt, .pps, or .rm electronic file types to be uploaded. LEAs should consider the programs that are installed on the machines in their schools to provide guidance to users about uploading evidence. Although the KEEP will allow the upload of the above file types that file can only be launched/viewed if the necessary application is installed on the device/computer being used. For example, a PDF file stored within EPSS can only be viewed by a user if the user’s machine has a PDF reader application (e.g., Adobe Acrobat) installed. Additionally, an artifact will not upload if the title of the artifact contains any characters other than letters, numbers, or spaces.

2. How many artifacts are needed for each KEEP Goal? Is there a required number?

This is a local decision. The evaluation model does not dictate a set number of artifacts required per KEEP Goal. KSDE is recommending quality over quantity and only 3 artifacts per Goal.

3. Is there a limit on digital file size to upload for Artifacts in the KEEP Repository?

File size should be under 4 MB or a link to a larger file should be uploaded rather than the actual large file. Please use the following links for getting video file size below 4 MBs.



4. How long are artifacts retained in the system?

The artifacts will be saved with the record as long as the user is active in the State of Kansas Public Education system (or until they are deleted by the user).

5. Where can I find step-by-step instructions for uploading artifacts?

There is an overview of how to upload artifacts in the KEEP Repository Users Guide under the heading Adding Artifacts in the KEEP Repository. The KEEP Repository Users Guide can be found on the KEEP webpages on the KSDE website.

6. Can artifacts be uploaded and modified at a later date?

The artifact upload tool has the ability to edit information about the artifact, such as the name of the artifact, the description and the categories it is aligned to. If the actual file needs to be changed, it will need to be removed and replaced with a new file.

7. What role does the LEA play in helping teachers upload artifacts?

Teachers using KEEP to upload artifacts will need to work with their LEAs to determine what resources are available to create electronic files to upload.

8. What if there is limited technology at my school to upload artifacts electronically?

Educators should work with their LEA IT to determine what resources are available to create electronic files that will upload.

9. If an artifact is uploaded into the system using a program that I don’t have installed on my computer, does that system provide a way for me to open or view that artifact anyway?

No, however, the KEEP Repository is a web-based tool that can be accessed from any machine with internet connectivity, a user who can’t open a file on one machine (because it doesn’t have the correct program) can easily log in from a machine that does have that program installed and open the document from there.

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