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KEEP Overview

New KEEP Software for 2015-2016

We’ve scheduled our first online/webinar training session.  The session will also be recorded and posted on our website for future reference or for those that cannot attend.

  • Meeting Name:  KEEP2 Training
  • Invited By: TEAL Meeting Host (tealmtghost@ksde.org)
  • When:  05/06/2015 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • To join the meeting:  http://ksde.adobeconnect.com/keep2/
  • You may use the audio on your computer or you may use the conference call-in information below.
    • Conference Number(s):  1-866-620-7326
    • Participant Code: 785-296-4073

Request training for the KEEP2 Web Application here!


The KSDE Educator Evaluation staff is very pleased to announce that an all-new KEEP web application will be released for use in 2015-2016 and beyond!

Just a few of the benefits of the new software:

  • Ability for districts to use their own instructional practices rubrics - districts can use their own rubrics for all educators or just for a specific educator type (such as counselors) or for non-licensed personnel (School Psychs, Speech Paths, Nurses, etc.).
  • Modern, streamlined, intuitive interface - easy to see how to save and submit each piece of information
  • Work on any step at any time - all pages are open at all times
  • Formal and informal observations can take place within the system
  • Evaluations are an ongoing process - the software allows annual self-assessments and goals even if you're not in a formal evaluation year, as well as adding artifacts at any time during a 3-year evaluation cycle
  • Email notification when a part of the evaluation process has been completed - lets you know to login and work on the next step
  • Flexibility - provide feedback and participate in a discussion focused on teacher growth at any point and as many times as you'd like rather than requiring exactly three and only three "conferences" to be summarized
  • State Reporting - provide the data needed by KSDE from within the KEEP system - no need to enter information in online forms for submissions
  • Building and district summary data - get summaries of evaluation data to use for professional development and goals decision making

Stay tuned for more information throughout the spring of 2014!

Access KEEP Web Application

Log into KEEP through Authenticated Web Applications: https://online.ksde.org/authentication/login.aspx
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