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KEEP Overview

New KEEP Software for 2015-2016

The KSDE Educator Evaluation staff is very pleased to announce that an all-new KEEP software application will be released for use in 2015-2016 and beyond!

Just a few of the benefits of the new software:

  • Ability for districts to use their own instructional practices rubrics - districts can use their own rubrics for all educators or just for a specific educator type (such as counselors).
  • Modern, streamlined, intuitive interface - easy to see how to save and submit each piece of information
  • Work on any step at any time - all pages are open at all times
  • Formal and informal observations can take place within the system
  • Evaluations are an ongoing process - the software allows annual self-assessments and goals even if you're not in a formal evaluation year, as well as adding artifacts at any time during a 3-year evaluation cycle
  • Email notification when a part of the evaluation process has been completed - lets you know to login and work on the next step
  • Flexibility - provide feedback and participate in a discussion focused on teacher growth at any point and as many times as you'd like rather than requiring exactly three and only three "conferences" to be summarized
  • State Reporting - provide the data needed by KSDE from within the KEEP system - no need to enter information in online forms for submissions
  • Building and district summary data - get summaries of evaluation data to use for professional development and goals decision making

Stay tuned for more information throughout the spring of 2014!

Access KEEP Web Application

Log into KEEP through Authenticated Web Applications: https://online.ksde.org/authentication/login.aspx

2014-2015 KEEP Information

Information on How to Use the EDCS and KEEP Web Applications

For information on all technical aspects of using EDCS or KEEP including:
    • 2014-2015 Enhancements
    • Using EDCS to prepopulate KEEP
    • Registering teachers to use KEEP
    • Working your way through KEEP screens/tabs
    • Uploading Artifacts
    • Self-Training Resources
    • KEEP Application User Guide
    • And more...

please see the KEEP Web Application Page

KEEP Training Information

KEEP Guided Practice Portal

    • The KSDE KEEP Guided Practice is a step-by-step trainee-paced practice.  The "Demonstration" view in the portal is a hands-off "watch it happen" version.
    • The training portal is http://training.ksde.org/vimago/keep/trainingportal/web/index.htm
    • Both Guided Practice and Demonstration mode works on both Mac and Windows.
    • While both modes work on iPads, you may find the Guided Practice frustrating as you cannot use the native pinch zoom and when the keyboard comes up to enter text it covers the area of the screen instructing you what text to enter.  You may find the Demonstration mode more beneficial on iPads

To schedule a training, please see the KEEP Training Dates Page. Look at all of the open dates and information required. Then send an email requesting a date and including all of the necessary information to schedule your training. Please include the name of the trainer that you will be scheduling. Send your email to kdempewolf@ksde.org

For training materials for previously trainings, please see the Trainings/Meetings Archive tab. 

The KEEP Construct and Component Graphic(PDF) shows the rubric constructs and components for teachers, building leaders, and district leaders.

2014-2015 KEEP Handbook (PDF)

Browsers and KEEP

As of 4/4/2014, KSDE applications support the following browsers: for Microsoft Windows - Internet Explorer (IE) 8, IE 9, and IE 10 when run in compatibility mode; for Macintosh - Firefox up to v26.0.

You may lose information or not be able to save if you use other browsers while in KEEP on either operating system. Using multiple tabs or having multiple tabs open while using KEEP can cause errors in KEEP.
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