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Announcement February 2015

Title I Schoolwide

The purpose of a schoolwide model is to allow a school to undergo a comprehensive reform of the entire educational program in the school to assist all children, particularly the lowest achieving children, to meet the high state academic achievement standards. Many Kansas schools have combined the MTSS framework and the schoolwide model to focus on the redesign of instructional delivery for all students in a Title I school.

Becoming a Schoolwide Program:
To become a schoolwide program, schools must go through a year of planning. The process of becoming a schoolwide begins when the building principal submits an "Intent to Become a Schoolwide” form to KSDE. This form is mailed out in the LCP packet each year and can be found on this page.

Intent to Become Schoolwide 2014-2015 (Word)
Integrated Improvement Plan 2014-2015 (Word)
Integrated Improvement Plan Scoring Checklist 2014-2015 (Word)
Continuing Schoolwide Program 2014-2015 (PDF)
Schools Operating as Title I Schoolwide 2012-2013 (PDF)
Ed-Flex Guidance and Application Packet (Word)
Title I Schoolwide - The Basics (PDF)

Current Intents on File:
Intents on File as of 12-4-12 (PDF)

Fact Sheets:
Title I Schoolwide Programs Fact Sheet (PDF)

Handbooks and Guides:
Designing Schoolwide Programs Handbook (PDF)
Overview -- Schoolwide Programs (PDF)
Schoolwide Timelines (PDF)

Assessment of School Progress Toward Schoolwide Improvement (PDF)
Bernhardt's Continuous Improvement Planning (PDF)
Building Needs Assessment (Academic) (PDF)
Comprehensive High Quality Professional Development (PDF)
Data Collection Matrix (PDF)
Data Interpretation (PDF)
Data Types - Examples (PDF)
Improvement Process Blueprint (PDF)
Indicators for the School Profile (PDF)
Research Based Strategies Action Steps (PDF)
Results Based Staff Development Resource (PDF)
School Needs Assessment (PDF)
Schoolwide Plan - Before and After (PDF)
Schoolwide Plan - Creating the School Profile (PDF)
Schoolwide Plan - Guiding Questions (PDF)
Schoolwide Planning Team Members-Roles (PDF)
Schoolwide vs Targeted Assisted (PDF)
Steps to Becoming a Schoolwide Program (PDF)

An Idea Book on Planning (October 1998)
CSRQ Center Report on Middle and High School Comprehensive School Reform Models (PDF)
Profiles of Successful Schoolwide Programs (December 1998)
Schoolwide Program Guidance

Webinar Recordings:

Schoolwide Training 1-27-2015

Schoolwide Training #3 3-11-2014
Schoolwide Training #1 12-4-2014
PowerPoint for Training #1

Schoolwide Program Application Training 10-3-2013
Schoolwide Program Application Training 2-21-13
Schoolwide Programs Application Reviewers Training 4-4-13
Schoolwide Training #3 3-11-2014
Schoolwide Training 4-2-2014

Education Program Consultant
Teresa White
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