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The Teacher Licensure and Accreditation (TLA) team is responsible for issuing educator licenses, overseeing Kansas K12 accreditation, facilitating the review of educator training programs at all Kansas institutions of higher education and coordinating a process for those institutions that leads to accreditation by the Kansas State Board of Education, and coordinating and supporting professional learning. TLA also houses the Kansas Volunteer Commission, which directs effective national service programs, leads disability inclusion initiatives, and volunteer management training.

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Please review the policies KSDE staff are adhering to regarding licensure application and processing affected by COVID-19 closures - Wednesday, June 3, 2020

 Click Here for Guidance on Specific Licensure Issues


A limited number of KSDE staff are still processing applications on a daily basis. However, while the KSDE office building is closed, our lack of mail service will delay some processing. Please continue to mail in your applications or submit them electronically .   As long as we have your date-stamped materials prior to your license expiration date, your license will not be considered expired.


Things to remember during this time:


  • It is okay to submit applications without the required fingerprint card until law enforcement centers resume fingerprint services.  Applications which require a background check will not be processed until those background checks are completed.


  • Staff continues to process online applications daily. 


  • Districts can still process the district portion of online application.


  • New teachers, school specialists or school leadership candidates (program completers) should contact their universities with questions related to programs, degrees, candidate work samples, student teaching or other field experiences. 


  • If you have further questions, please call 785-296-2288

Form 3a – Renewal of a five year Professional License is now an online application process - Wednesday, April 17, 2019


If you have started a paper application renewal process, you may continue through that process.  You do not have to start over with an online application



  1. If new to online application submissions review the General Instructions for Online Application Forms.
  2. On the License Applications webpage scroll down to see the numerically ordered list of application forms and find Form 3a. 
  3. Click on the link to the right “Review Requirements and Access Form” to get started on the process.  


Already familiar with the online application process?  Go directly to the login site.  https://appspublic.ksde.org/AuthenticationPublic/login.aspx       



  • The process for completing district verifications for applicants is the same as you have been following for other online forms over the last few years.  Review General Instructions for Districts if needed. 
  • Form 3a district verification will be verification of experience or uploading of transcripts – PDC transcripts (and university transcripts if applicable.)
  • Signatures on PDC transcripts will no longer be required

Pilot Programs for Elementary Education & High Incidence Special Education - Friday, April 13, 2018

In the spring of 2018, the State Board of Education approved a two-year statewide pilot of alternative pathways for elementary education and high incidence special education, to begin summer of 2018. The pilots were based on recommendations from the Teacher Vacancy and Supply Committee (TVSC).  The pilots were designed to accept candidates over two years. Spring semester of 2020 was the final semester for candidates to enter the original pilot programs.


A formal evaluation process of the pilots is occurring now.  Findings will be provided to the TVSC and the Professional Standards Board and based on the findings, recommendations will be forwarded to the State Board of Education. 


Continue to monitor this webpage for updated information as soon as it is known.



Routes to the Classroom Chart - Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The two documents linked below provide a summary of routes to the classroom for individuals.

  Routes to the Classroom                    Routes to the Classroom Chart               2014 Regulation Changes

Routes to the Classroom Graph        Routes to the Classroom Chart         Kansas Teacher Licensure Regulation Changes



Office/Building Hours
M-F 8am - 5pm

Licensure Operator 

Director of Teacher Licensure & Accreditation
Mischel Miller

Assistant Director Teacher Licensure
Susan Helbert

Assistant Director Accreditation, Educator Evaluation, and Professional Development
Jeannette Nobo

Kansas Volunteer Commission,
Assistant Director
Jessica Noble


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