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The Teacher Licensure and Accreditation (TLA) team is responsible for issuing educator licenses, overseeing Kansas K12 accreditation, facilitating the review of educator training programs at all Kansas institutions of higher education and coordinating a process for those institutions that leads to accreditation by the Kansas State Board of Education, and coordinating and supporting professional learning. TLA also houses the Kansas Volunteer Commission, which directs effective national service programs, leads disability inclusion initiatives, and volunteer management training.


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Limited Apprentice License Program for High Incidence Special Education Relaunches - Wednesday, May 5, 2021

After a brief hiatus to accommodate adjustments based on the original Pilot evaluation process, universities are again accepting qualified candidates into the Limited Apprentice License (LAL) program for High Incidence Special Education. A Limited Apprentice License/Program for Elementary Eduation will no longer be available.

Issuance of the LAL license remains contingent upon completing the 1st semester requirements of the program.  Candidates accepted into a LAL High Incidence program this spring should be able to complete 1st semester requirements by the end of the summer semester, thus qualifying them to apply for the LAL license and placement in a teaching assignment for next school year. 

To review a summary of the program and requirements, go here: Limited Apprentice License Summary

The application process will be a joint application with required sections for the applicant, the university and the employing LEA to complete.  The application process will be a one-time submission – the two step application with the Progress Report has been eliminated.  The application is submitted when the application becomes eligible for the license – AFTER completion of the 1st semester requirements.  

Form 24 Application for Kansas Limited Apprentice License


Application Platform Migration - Thursday, April 29, 2021

Teacher Licensure and Accreditation continues to migrate applications to the new application platform KLAS. Once logged into to the Kansas Licensure Application System educators will have two menu options:

  1. License Applications – Use for all other license applications
  2. KLAS-Use only for Forms 2, 3a, or 8

Select the "KLAS – Use only for Form 2, 3a, or 8" to submit one of the following applications:

  1. Form 3a Renewal of a Professional License
  2. Form 2 Initial Out of State Application For a Kansas License
  3. Form 8 Emergency Substitute Application

All other applications will be accessed selecting the "License Applications - Use for all other license applications" menu option.

To view licensing requirements and to access the Kansas License Application System, visit the License Application page by clicking here: License Applications


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