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Hello, All:

The Professional Learning program will use these webpages as its main source of information and updates. By close of business each Tuesday there will be a new update and/or announcement, even if that is to let you know there is no update. Announcements that deal with permanent issues will eventually be added to the appropriate, permanent spot. I may also put something in the KSDE Weekly newsletter if I think it is of interest to a larger audience. 
I had mentioned I would be adding a form here to allow folks to join a listserv I was working on to augment the curriculum leaders listserv. In the interest of consolidating information sources, I have opted not to do that. Other than for updates, district/system information and questions will go directly to those facilities and if there is urgent information to go out, I will use the appropriate listserves. Feel free to contact me also. 


Ed Kalas, Education Program Consultant




Archived PD Weekly Updates through February 7, 2023
Update: March 15 2023




District/System # Date Time
USD 358 3/20/23 1:30
USD 309 3/21/23 8:30
USD 241 3/21/23 1:30
USD 316 3/22/23 1:30
USD 211 3/23/23 1:30
USD 205 3/28/23 8:30
Z0031 3/29/23 10:00
USD 394 3/29/23 1:30
USD 259 3/30/23 8:30
USD 350 4/5/23 8:30
USD 361 4/11/23 8:30
USD 391 4/12/23 1:30
USD 431 4/20/23 8:30
USD 204 4/21/23 1:30



Update: March 8, 2023

This email went out to several districts/systems yesterday and today that are in current plan review. If I am reviewing your plan and you did not receive something yet, don't worry you will get your turn. 

"The process of reviewing plans in writing, sending them out for revision and getting them back again, sometimes more than once, is much slower than I expected.

For my final reviews of PD plans, I am scheduling in-person/Zoom calls. So whether you’ve received a few reviews or not been reviewed yet, please fill out the following survey for times you are available to meet with me to work through your PD Plan.

Link went here

Please send me your options by _________.

Here is the process:

  • You will send me the above survey with your available times/dates.
  • I will schedule the Zoom call and send the information to you. Or we may do it in-person if that is possible.
  • We will meet. I have scheduled one hour, but I am open for two if you want and can continue the discussion. I also have only sent this survey to only you in your district/system so feel free to invite anyone else who will have something to contribute to the meeting.
  • You will do the following within the 20 working days our meeting:
    • Make the changes we discussed at our meeting.
    • If you would like me to accept those changes before you go to the PDC for approval of the plan, we can arrange to do that.
    • If you are comfortable that everything you need to change will work, you can take the plan to the PDC for its approval. When there is a motion to approve, you may ask that the motion include the minor changes that may come up with KSDE’s final viewing of the plan.
    • Once the PDC approves the plan, you will send it to me.  
  • I will put the plan on the State Board of Educations meeting agenda for the following month.
  • I will inform you when the approval vote is scheduled. The approval on these plans is usually part of the consent agenda. However, since it has been a few years since the Board has seen any, they may pull them for discussion.
  • Finally, I will let you know when you plan is approved or of any other action the Board requests that we take."

With this process we should be able to have our meeting in __________, finalize the plan in ________, and get Board approval in __________.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you. Ed

Ed Kalas

Education Program Consultant
Professional Development and Mentoring

Work Hours 7-6 Monday thru Thursday


Update: February 28, 2023
We have added a new page for Micro-credentials for those interested in them as an option to earn PD points. 
This week KSDE will email information to districts that have PD Plans currently under KSDE review about a new process for getting approval from the State Board of Education for those plans by the end of June 2023.
Update: February 21, 2023

This week KSDE will email information to districts that have PD Plans currently under KSDE review about a new process for getting approval from the State Board of Education for those plans by the end of June 2023.

Also, KSDE is creating a Moodle course that PDC's can use to meet their annual PDC member training requirement. It will be available on or after April 1, 2023.

Update: February 14, 2023


Only licensed teachers selected by licensed teachers and licensed leaders selected by licensed leaders may be members of a PDC

The PDC is an autonomous advisory group for the district/system governing body for professional development

PDC members choose their own officers

Teacher members must outnumber leader members

PDC Member Selection

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