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Please read the requirements before accessing the application. Link to the application is located at the bottom of the page.


Form 2 Initial Out-of-State

• Regulations provide a number of licensing options to guarantee access to start teaching to all applicants who hold a valid full or standard out-of-state license or certificate issued after the successful completion of a state approved preparation program.
• It is critical to provide all requested documentation. If additional documentation is required, you will be notified in writing.
• Information for future renewing or upgrading of the Kansas license will be printed on the license and included on information sheets provided with the license.

Requirements for a Kansas Teaching License:
1. Bachelors degree - awarded by a regionally accredited institution
2. Teacher preparation program successfully completed
3. Valid out-of-state teaching license
4. Fingerprint - background clearance
5. “Recency” - one year of teaching experience or eight semester credit hours completed within the last six years
6. Content and Pedagogy testing requirements OR exempted by accepting out-of-state tests or experience

Secondary Licensed Teachers with an Offer for Hire by a Kansas District
If you hold a currently valid secondary teaching license in another state AND you have an
employment offer by a Kansas district to teach in grades 8-12:

• You must meet all requirements indicated above in the "Requirements for a Kansas Teaching License"
• However, you will NOT be required to provide verification of a teacher preparation program - listed above step 2 on the "Requirements for a Kansas Teaching License"
• You will need verification of employment by the Kansas district – see step 8 of application
• Your Kansas license will be issued for grades 8-12

If you want to seek a Kansas license for grades 6-12 (allowing you to also teach middle level in the subject area) follow all the steps indicated in the "Requirements for a Kansas Teaching License"
Not applicable to early childhood, elementary education, middle level, all level or special education subject endorsements.

School Leadership and School Specialist License:
1. Graduate degree and 3.25 graduate GPA
2. Completion of the appropriate, approved program
3. Valid out-of-state school specialist or school leadership license
4. Accredited experience and/or teaching license
5. “Recency”— one year of teaching experience or eight semester credit hours completed within the last six years
6. Content test

Level of license issued is determined by the length of experience in leadership or specialist positions.

Select the link below to generate a fillable PDF Form 2 Initial Out-of-State application.
Complete form prior to printing and mailing to KSDE.

Form_2 Initial Out-of-State Application

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