Please read the requirements before accessing the application. Link to the application system is located under Ready To Apply.   

Form 2 Initial Out-of-State • Regulations provide a number of licensing options to guarantee access to start teaching to all applicants who hold a valid full or standard out-of-state license or certificate issued after the successful completion of a state approved preparation program. • It is critical to provide all requested documentation. If additional documentation is required, you will be notified in writing. • Information for future renewing or upgrading of the Kansas license will be printed on the license and included on information sheets provided with the license.
Requirements for a Kansas License Applicants From Non-Kansas Institutions:

CLICK HERE for Requirements Information/Documents Required to Complete Application:

1. Official college/university transcripts. All electronic transcripts uploaded must be official transcripts sent directly to you from the college/university.

2. Copies of licenses. You will provide a copy of your  out of state license/certificate and any license/certificate valid during your experience(s).

3. Contact information for your educator preparation program. You will need the name, phone number, position, and email address of the individual who is the Dean of College of Education, Program Director, or Licensure Officer at the college, university, or program where you completed your teacher preparation program.

4. Contact information for your experience. You will need the name, phone number, position, and email address of a Human Resources Director or other School Administrator for every district where you have experience.

5. Testing. You will need to upload copies of any testing taken for your out of state license/certificates.

Ready to Apply

Before you can fill-out and submit any online application, you must register a user name and password to be used for this application process.  Remember this user name and password if you want to pay electronically when it is time to pay!

Steps for completing an online application: 

  1. Access the *Kansas Licensure Application System website.

  2. Click on the register button to display the KSDE User Registration Form.

  3. Follow the steps to complete the registration process. *Do not log-in with the username and password you may use to access KEEP or other KSDE authenticated applications.

  4. Log in with the username and password you created to see the KSDE Web Applications link.

  5. Click on  "KLAS” menu option to access the application form you need.

  6. Fill in the form and submit.

  7. You can monitor the progress of your application using the Educator License Lookup.

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