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Outside Visitation Team (OVT) and Chairs

Note: The OVT Workbook and training materials are currently under review and revision for the 2018-2019 school year.  The materials here were used for the 2017-2018 school year and are subject to change as we prepare for 2108-2019.

OVT Workbook (pdf)
To view double-page spreads using Adobe Reader, click on "View" menu, choose "Page Display" then "Two-page view" and "Show cover in two-page view."

OVT Workbook - fill-in form (pdf)

Outside Visitation Team

Training is required of all OVT members, including those who wish to serve as a Chair. To be a Chair, you must first attend OVT Member training and then attend OVT Chair training (See the "OVT Chair" section below.).

OVT Team Member Interest Survey 

OVT Member Training Schedule. (coming soon)

Trained OVT Members  Those who have completed training will show on this list. Systems will use the list to select and contact members for their OVTs. You can also contact systems you are interested in serving.

OVT Chairs

OVT Chair Training Schedule - Coming Soon

2017 OVT Chair Training Session Slides (pdf)

Trained OVT Chair Candidates

Instructions for OVT Chairs to Access KESA Application

If, in your current position, you are not associated with a system/district, you will be required to complete the KSDE Security Training prior to approval as a user for the KESA Application. The link to the security training is: https://learning.ksde.org/login/index.php. New users will need to create an account.

OVT Annual Summary Drafts (2018-2019)

Note: The OVT Annual Summary portion of the Authenticated Application is being updated for 2018-2019 with some minor changes in the questions for each year and some reshuffling of the order of those questions.  The files posted here are DRAFTS of the new OVT Summaries.  It is anticipated that there will not be significant changes between these and the final questions in the KESA Applications, but some minor changes may occur.

Survey Results


2017-2018 Member Training Survey

2017-2018 Chair Training Survey

K-12 Accreditation Contacts

Director of Teacher Licensure & Accreditation
Mischel Miller

Jeannette Nobo,
Assistant Director

Bill Bagshaw,
KESA Coordinator

David Barnes,
KESA Program Consultant

Accreditation Email


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