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Update: 9/12/23


Emails went out last week to the districts/systems whose PD Plans KSDE is currently reviewing. The document below lists the available windows of time for each district/system. So when setting your time for the review, please find your district/system and only select times during your assigned review window period. If you have already set a time not within that window, please cancel it and reschedule. Thank you. 

 PD Plan Review Window Times 091223.pdf

This document is permanently stored in the list of documents here and will be updated as needed. 

Update: Week of 9/4/23

Link to set up PD Plan Reviews sent directly to districts/systems. 

Update: 8/23/23 (Revised 8/28/23)


Schedule Your PD Plan Review Session

KSDE will be sending out a link to a Calendly Calendar by 9/1/23 for those in the 2022 and 2023 Cohorts to schedule in-person PD Plan review meetings.

If you have already reviewed your plan with Ed Kalas in person, he will work with you to finish the current process. For those systems that have not done an in-person review, KSDE is adjusting the process because of the excessive time needed for the current one and to have PDC members involved.  Each system in a cohort will be given a group assignment and weeks for which it can provide its availability. Each group will receive a separate email with those dates and more instructions. 

These in-person meeting may be on Zoom or in-person depending on when they are scheduled. The goal is to connect this meeting to a PDC meeting or a PDC work session, if possible, and will be scheduled for 2 hours. The presence of at least the PDC Chair is required. Ed's availability is clear on the calendar and, in general, is from 6 am to 8 pm Monday through Thursday. Choose the 2-hour slot that works for you. Once you do, that slot is removed from the options so that all that is left on the calendar are available slots. 

Please contact Ed Kalas at ekalas@ksde.org with any questions. 


Update: 8/9/23


If KSDE is reviewing you PD Plan, you can go here to view its status. 



Update: 7/18/23


Starting the week of July 26, 2023, KSDE will post a weekly PD Plan Status report for the current reviews for the 2022-2027 cycle and the new reviews for the 2023-2027 cycle. Links to the location of these reports will be available starting next week.

Visit the following new pages on our PD website:


Update: 6/13/23

Professional Development Councils may now accept work from Idaho State University’s (ISU) Albion Center if the activity meets the definition of “in-service education” below. For PD points, the work must fall under content area endorsement or professional education standards.

Based on the work Teacher Licensure Director has done with the ISU Registrar’s office in settling this issue of how Albion Center credits relate to semester hours, the Registrar has provided documentation that allows KSDE to accept (.5) semester hours of college credit for every one hour of graduate, non-degree, professional development credit issued through the Albion Center.






Update: 6/6/23

In addition to the districts/systems that were part of the pdf from the 5/24/23 update, the following pdf contains all the districts/systems PD Plan renewal dates and current plan provider listings as of 6/5/23.

District_System PD Plan Renewal Dates and Current Plan Provider Listing 060523.pdf

Districts/Systems who have plans that expire on 7/31/23 (See below) must email a copy of or access to their revised plan on or before 8/1/23 to Ed Kalas, Education Program Consultant, at ekalas@ksde.org. Starting with this year’s review cycle, the PDC Chair of each district/system must be part of the KSDE review process. 

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Update: 5/24/23


The pdf below contains the most current information about due dates for currently approved, self-created district/system PD plans. It does not include information about PD Plans under current KSDE review or about districts/systems that use currently approved PD plans from educational service centers or other approved third-party providers. 


To help distribute the plan reviews more evenly, KSDE reviewed the plan due dates in January 2023. We compared the due dates of the 5-year cycle of the last plan to the date that the State Board approved the new plan. If there was more than a 6-month gap for approval, we added a year to the due date. The table reflects that change. 


Revised due dates for currently-approved, self-created district/system PD plans.pdf



For questions about professional development, contact:

Ed Kalas
Education Program Consultant






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