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Information offered on beginning-of-year data entry for early childhood students

Information offered on beginning-of-year data entry for early childhood students

The 2022-2023 Events Calendar for Early Childhood Programs is now posted to the KSDE Early Childhood webpage.  

This resource helps early childhood program staff members know when events and deadlines are coming due. It includes items related to state-funded early childhood programs, including Early Childhood Special Education, Kansas Parents as Teachers, Preschool-Aged At-Risk and the Kansas Preschool Pilot.  

Dates are subject to change. We hope that this will be a helpful resource for you as you plan for the coming year, and we appreciate your feedback. The KSDE School Finance team also provides useful calendars on the Online Budget Packet webpage.  

Indicator 12: Transition from C to B: Data Collection Window is open from Aug. 25 to Sept. 26, 2022, within the KSDE Authenticated Web Application Kansas Integrated Accountability System (KIAS). Data is uploaded and entered by district staff members. Contact Amy Rzadcyznski (arzadczynski@ksde.org) and Natalie McClane (nmcclane@ksde.org) with questions.

Note: As of 2 p.m. Aug. 25, there has been a delay in prepopulating this data into the KIAS application. We anticipate that this data will be available for review soon.  

Accurate data entry into the KIDS Collection System is essential to ensuring districts receive associated school finance formula funding for preschool students and comply with KSDE early childhood grant requirements. Four resources can support early childhood program administrators as you collaborate with district staff members responsible for data entry:  

  • The KSDE Fiscal Auditing webpage includes the calendar of events for 11 in-person Counting Kids workshops that will occur Aug. 29- Sept. 14 (they also can be found on the KSDEweekly Events Calendar). Counting Kids workshops are presented by KSDE Fiscal Auditing to discuss counting students on count day and the information to enter in KIDS (Kansas Individual Data on Students) for funding purposes. KIDS training staff members will also present and be available for questions.  

  • The KSDE Training Portal provides “Early Childhood and KIDS System” process modules. Please note that the modules do not utilize the 2022-2023 specifications, though processes are unchanged.  

  • ENRL Reminder! Be sure to enter all preschool students into your ENRL report. Pay special attention to field D10 (Grade level) and D57 (participation in the Kansas Preschool Pilot grant). Note that 3-year-old preschool-aged, at-risk students should be reported in KIDS as grade level 33, not grade level 04.   

  • If marking students as enrolled in both preschool and Kansas Parents as Teachers (KPAT) creates an error, then please check the settings for Directory Updates. The KPAT building must be marked as serving KPAT grade levels. The Directory Updates administrator (e.g., data clerk, superintendent, administrative assistant, etc.) must update the Directory to include “daycare,” “Pre-School Aged Without IEP” and “Pre-School Aged With IEP.” If these are unmarked in the Directory, then the KIDS Collection System will reject KPAT students. Students enrolled in both preschool and Kansas Parents as Teachers (KPAT) should be submitted as a single record.   

All Kansas elementary schools are required to partner with families of incoming kindergarten students to complete the Kansas Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot (the ASQ-3 and the ASQ:SE-2) by Sept. 20, 2022. All data (including pending Family Access screenings) must be submitted in ASQ Online by Oct. 10, 2022.  

Contact Amanda Petersen (apetersen@ksde.org) with questions for the KSDE Early Childhood team. 


Posted: Aug 24, 2022,
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