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Staff Directory

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The table below can be sorted by first or last name by clicking on the bolded text.

Ali Cecchini Auditor I FA acecchini@ksde.org (785) 296-6289
Alicia Newland CNC CNW anewland@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Alysha Nichols Senior Admin. Asst. SETS anichols@ksde.org (785) 296-6066
Amanda Noll Financial Officer Kansas Volunteer Commission anoll@ksde.org (785) 368-6207
Amanda Petersen Director EC apetersen@ksde.org (785) 296-7929
Amanda Williams PSA - Pathways helpdesk, KCCMS CSAS awilliams@ksde.org (785) 296-4908
Amber Boyington TLC - Mathematics/ELL CSAS aboyington@ksde.org  
Amy Bybee TLC - Dyslexia CSAS abybee@ksde.org  
Amy Rzadczynski EPC SETS arzadczynski@ksde.org (785) 296-6035
Amy Walker TLC - HGSS CSAS awalker@ksde.org  
Andrew Higgins Enterprise Support Specialist IT ahiggins@ksde.org (785) 296-6766
Andy Ewing EPC CSAS aewing@ksde.org (785) 296-3860
Angela Dittmer CNC CNW adittmer@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Angela Rice PSE SETS arice@ksde.org (785) 296-1785
Angela Rosier Accountant IV FSO arosier@ksde.org (785) 296-0784
Angie Brungardt PSA SF abrungardt@ksde.org  
Angie Funk Assistant Director FSO afunk@ksde.org (785) 296-3264
Ann Yates Educator Evaluation and Special Projects Coordinator TL ayates@ksde.org (785) 296-5140
Ann Marie Bush Communications Spec. CRP abush@ksde.org (785) 296-7921
Anna Stallbaumer Admin. Spec. IT astallbaumer@ksde.org (785) 296-6829
Annette Blevins Sr. Admin. Asst., SBSU SF ablevins@ksde.org (785) 296-3551
Arleen Anderson, RD, LD CNC CNW aanderson@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Ashley Niedzwiecki Attorney SETS aniedzwiecki@ksde.org (785) 296-6518
Aubrey Keesee Accountant FSO akeesee@ksde.org (785) 296-3962
Barb Depew, RD, LD Registered Dietician CNW bdepew@ksde.org (785) 296-0062
Barbara A. Bahm Sr. Admin. Asst. CSAS bbahm@ksde.org (785) 291-3538
Barbara  Hughes Executive Secretary KSBE bhughes@ksde.org (785) 296-3203
Beccy Strohm Admin. Spec. EC bstrohm@ksde.org (785) 296-6602
Becky Warren PSE I - SkillsUSA State Director CSAS bwarren@ksde.org (620) 820-9367
Becky Windholz Auditor I FA bwindholz@ksde.org (785) 296-3466
Dr. Ben Proctor Deputy Commissioner DLS bproctor@ksde.org (785) 296-2303
Benjamin Wolf IT App. Dev. IT bwolf@ksde.org (785) 296-4958
Bert Moore Director SETS bmoore@ksde.org (785) 296-4949
Beth Fultz Director CSAS bfultz@ksde.org (785) 296-3142
Blanche Wulfekoetter TLC - HGSS CSAS bwulfekoetter@ksde.org  
Bob Mather App. Dev. II IT bmather@ksde.org (785) 296-2317
Brea Cudney-Christian EPC TL bcudneychristian@ksde.org (785) 296-6712
Brian Dempsey Assistant Director SETS bdempsey@ksde.org (785) 296-5522
Brian Hosey Enterprise Support Spec. IT bhosey@ksde.org (785) 296-3709
Cary Rogers EPC SETS crogers@ksde.org (785) 296-0916
Casey Barezinsky Sr. Admin. Asst. CSAS cbarezinsky@ksde.org (785) 296-2078
Casey Peine TLC CSAS cpeine@ksde.org  
Catherine Chmidling, PhD Assistant Director - Educator Preparation AD cchmidling@ksde.org (785) 291-3573
Charlotte Zeller Project Manager/Data Compliance Officer IT czeller@ksde.org (785) 291-3312
Cheryl Austin Legal Assistant GC caustin@ksde.org (785) 296-3204
Cheryl Franklin Graphic Designer Spec. CRP cfranklin@ksde.org (785) 296-4909
Cheryl Johnson, MS, RD, LD Director CNW csjohnson@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Cherryl Delacruz TLC - Mathematics CSAS cdelacruz@ksde.org  
Chris Edwards Sys. Software Staff Consultant IT cedwards@ksde.org (785) 296-1222
Christa J. Chesmore EPC TL cchesmore@ksde.org (785) 296-1105
Christie Wyckoff PSA SF cwyckoff@ksde.org (785) 296-6321
Christine Armstrong Sys. Software Staff Consultant IT carmstrong@ksde.org (785) 296-5711
Christine Macy EPC SETS cmacy@ksde.org (785) 296-3287
Christopher Ortega Sr. Trainer IT cortega@ksde.org (785) 291-3512
Christy Weiler Coordinator SETS cweiler@ksde.org (785) 296-1712
Cindy Coleman PSA TL ccoleman@ksde.org (785) 296-4935
Connie Comstock Admin. Asst. - Licensure TL ccomstock@ksde.org (785) 296-2733
Dr. Craig Neuenswander Deputy Commissioner FAS cneuenswander@ksde.org (785) 296-3871
Dr. Crista Grimwood, Ed.D EPC - Dispute Resolution Coord. SETS cgrimwood@ksde.org (785) 296-7262
Dale Brungardt Director SF dbrungardt@ksde.org (785) 296-3872
Dale M. Dennis Special Assistant OC ddennis@ksde.org (785) 296-4923
Daniel Kalas App. Dev. IT dkalas@ksde.org (785) 296-7778
Dr. David Fernkopf Assistant Director, Curricular Standards, Virtual Schools CSAS dfernkopf@ksde.org (785) 296-8447
Dayna Kriley, MS, RD, LD CNC CNW dkriley@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Dean Zajic Assistant Director SETS dzajic@ksde.org (785) 296-2425
Denise Dallman Accountant III FSO ddallman@ksde.org (785) 296-5060
Denise Davis Requirements Analyst IT ddavis@ksde.org (785) 368-7192
Denise L. Kahler Director CRP dkahler@ksde.org (785) 296-4876
Dennis Tate School Bus Safety Assistant Specialist, SBSU SF dtate@ksde.org (785) 296-4545
Dessa Gifford CNC CNW drgifford@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Diana Floyd, RD, LD CNC CNW dfloyd@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Diane Dysart Program Consultant II CNW ddysart@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Dina Patel App. Dev. II IT dpatel@ksde.org (785) 296-6143
Donna Meader Ad. Spec. AD dmeader@ksde.org (785) 296-3379
Donna Reinert App. Dev. III IT dreinert@ksde.org (785) 296-1208
Doug Boline Assistant Director SETS dboline@ksde.org (785) 296-2600
Ed Kalas EPC - KESA TL ekalas@ksde.org (785) 296-2198
Elaine Rodriguez Admin. Spec. Kansas Volunteer Commission erodriguez@ksde.org (785) 368-7436
Emily Bonilla CNC CNW ebonilla@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Eric Dehner Tech. Support Consultant II IT edehner@ksde.org (785) 296-4961
Eryn Davis, RDN, LD Farm to Plate Coordinator CNW edavis@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Evelyn V. Alden PSA SETS ealden@ksde.org (785) 296-3868
Freddy Richter QA Technician IT frichter@ksde.org (785) 296-8438
Gabrielle Hull PSE FAS ghull@ksde.org (785) 296-7840
Gail Tripp Sr. Admin. Asst. SETS gtripp@ksde.org (785) 296-2267
Greg Hiszczynskyj Database Admin. IT ghiszczynskyj@ksde.org (785) 296-4928
Guy Shoulders EPC  - Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources CC, FFA State Advisor CSAS gshoulders@ksde.org (785) 296-3956
Hailey Hawkinson TLC - Early Literacy/Dyslexia CSAS hhawkinson@ksde.org  
Haley Matherly Volunteer Engagement Coordinator Kansas Volunteer Commission hmatherly@ksde.org (785) 296-5712
Hannah Tillery CNC CNW htillery@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Hayley Steinlage Sr. Ed. Research Analyst CSAS hasteinlage@ksde.org (785) 296-6177
Heather Gould EPC SETS hgould@ksde.org (785) 296-8965
Helen Swanson EPC - FACS CSAS hswanson@ksde.org (785) 296-4912
Hilary Hanvey CNC CNW hhanvey@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Holly Steinlage, MPH, RD, LD CNC CNW hsteinlage@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Ian Preston Sr, Admin. Asst. IT ipreston@ksde.org (785) 296-0574
Jamie Merklein Accountant III FSO jmerklein@ksde.org (785) 296-3674
Jamie Ribordy Auditor III FA jribordy@ksde.org (785) 296-6310
Jan Williams PSA FSO jwilliams@ksde.org (785) 296-3263
Janis Olds EPC SETS jolds@ksde.org (785) 296-4906
Janis Taylor Auditor IV FA jtaylor@ksde.org (785) 296-6221
Jason Howe Webmaster IT jhowe@ksde.org (785) 296-3544
Jay Scott Director AD jscott@ksde.org (785) 296-6818
Jean Rush Coordinator SETS jrush@ksde.org (785) 296-7884
Jeanie Galemore Sr. CNC CNW jgalemore@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Jenna Haag Auditor I FA jpetesch@ksde.org (785) 296-6364
Jennifer E. Cook-Miller Project Manager IT jecook@ksde.org (785) 296-7943
Jennifer Hayes Requirements Analyst IT jhayes@ksde.org (785) 296-6331
Jennifer L. Barger PSA II SF jbarger@ksde.org (785) 296-4965
Jennifer Marlatt Admin. Spec. IT jmarlatt@ksde.org (785) 296-7931
Jennifer S. Shaffer Info. Sys. Manager IT jshaffer@ksde.org (785) 296-5240
Jeri Powers TLC CSAS jpowers@ksde.org  
Jerry Wilson Auditor III FA jwilson@ksde.org (785) 296-6274
Jessica Apodaca PSA TL japodaca@ksde.org (785) 296-0952
Dr. Jessica Dorsey Assistant Director/Exec. Director CSAS/Kansas Volunteer Commission jnoble@ksde.org (785) 296-3163
Jessica Hess Sr. Education Research Analyst CSAS jahess@ksde.org (785) 296-3259
Jessica Reece, RD, LD CNC CNW jreece@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Jim Green School Safety Specialist, SSSU SF jgreen@ksde.org (785) 296-4946
Joann McRell Progam Manager - Humanities CSAS jmcrell@ksde.org (785) 296-2144
Joe Haverkamp Auditor I FA jhaverkamp@ksde.org (785) 296-6206
Joe Midgley Licensure Operations Coordiator TL jmidgley@ksde.org (785) 291-3371
Joel Gillaspie, PhD Coordinator TL jgillaspie@ksde.org (785) 296-1862
John Calvert Head School Safety Specialist, SSSU SF jcalvert@ksde.org (785) 296-7056
John Girodat Project Manager IT jgirodat@ksde.org (785) 296-8676
John Hess Director FSO jhess@ksde.org (785) 296-4962
Jolene Goodheart-Peterson TLC - Mathematics CSAS jgoodheart-peterson@ksde.org  
Josh Bailey Database Admin. IT jbailey@ksde.org (785) 296-0758
Josh Fairman Auditor II FA jfairman@ksde.org (785) 296-6254
Josie McClendon Sr. Admin. Asst. SETS jmcclendon@ksde.org (785) 296-5608
Joyce Broils Sr. Admin. Asst. CSAS jbroils@ksde.org (785) 296-6770
Joyce Huser EPC - Fine Arts CSAS jhuser@ksde.org (785) 296-4932
Juanita Anderson Sr. Admin. Asst. CSAS janderson@ksde.org (785) 296-1978
Julie Ewing Asst. Director CSAS jewing@ksde.org (785) 296-2325
Julie Rand EPC EC jrand@ksde.org (785) 296-1944
Julie Ewing Assessment Coordinator CSAS jewing@ksde.org (785) 296-4349
Julie V. Cook IT Sys. Manager IT jvcook@ksde.org (785) 296-3300
Karen Campbell Asst. Director CNW kcampbell@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Karen McClintock Tech. Supp. Tech. II IT kmcclintock@ksde.org (785) 291-0599
Karen Seymour, RD, LD CNC CNW kseymour@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Kathi Grossenbacher Director IT kgrossenbacher@ksde.org (785) 296-3399
Kathleen T. Mercer Coordinator - IPS CSAS ktmercer@ksde.org (785) 296-2307
Katie Albright Admin. Spec. SF kalbright@ksde.org (785) 296-3872
Katy Hatch Admin. Spec. CNW khatch@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Kay Emerson AmeriCorps Director Kansas Volunteer Commission kemerson@ksde.org (785) 368-6232
Kayla Love Sr. Admin. Asst. SETS klove@ksde.org (785) 291-3097
Keith Dreiling Head School Bus Safety Specialist, SBSU SF kdreiling@ksde.org (785) 296-4567
Kelli Byrne Grant Fiscal Officer CSAS kbyrne@ksde.org (785) 296-3637
Kelly Chanay, M.Ed, RDN, LD Assistant Director    CNW  kchanay@ksde.org  (785) 296-2276
Kelly Spurgeon, PhD Sr. Research Analyst CSAS kspurgeon@ksde.org (785) 296-4924
Kelly Steele Asst. Director SETS ksteele@ksde.org (785) 296-2050
Kent Reed EPC -  Counseling, SECD, Academic/Behavioral and Technical Integration, Juvenile Justice (SB 367) CSAS kreed@ksde.org (785) 296-8109
Kerry Haag Assistant Director  SETS khaag@ksde.org (785) 296-4952
Kevin Fross Enterprise Architect IT kfross@ksde.org (785) 291-3622
Kim Burd Audit Manager FA kburd@ksde.org (785) 296-6058
Kyle Lord Assistant Director IT klord@ksde.org (785) 296-6155
Lara Staker TLC CSAS    
Laura Hodgson CNC CNW lhodgson@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Laurel S. Murdie Director FA lmurdie@ksde.org (785) 296-4976
Dr. Laurie J.  Curtis Early Literacy/Dyslexia Program Manager CSAS lcurtis@ksde.org (785) 296-2749
Lee Jones Public Service Executive I, ACT CSAS ljones@ksde.org (785) 296-7922
Leslie Bruton Coordinator TL lbruton@ksde.org (785) 296-8011
Lindy Fike Program Consultant - Body Venture CNW lfike@ksde.org (785) 296-4966
Lisa Karney EPC SETS lkarney@ksde.org (785) 296-6765
Lisa Wicoff TLC - STEM CSAS lwicoff@ksde.org  
Lisa Williams Kansas Parents as Teachers Consultant EC lwilliams@ksde.org (785) 296-4964
Lori Creason PSE SETS lcreason@ksde.org (785) 296-6886
LuAnn Fox TLC - ELA CSAS lfox@ksde.org  
Luke McClurg PSA TL lmcclurg@ksde.org (785) 296-5138
Lynette Osner, RD, LD CNC CNW losner@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Makayla Auldridge Admin. Officer OC mauldridge@ksde.org (785) 296-3202
Mallory Jacobs TLC - Counseling CSAS mjacobs@ksde.org  
Mandi Gilchrist Auditor FA mgilchrist@ksde.org (785) 296-6381
Marissa Seele Admin. Spec. HR cbrown@ksde.org (785) 296-7795
Mark Stephenson Coordinator - NAEP CSAS mstephenson@ksde.org (785) 296-7933
Mark Ward, JD Attorney SETS mward@ksde.org (785) 296-0920
Mary Lonker TLC - ELA CSAS mlonker@ksde.org  
Mary T.  Williams TLC CSAS mwilliams@ksde.org  
Mason Vosburgh SPED Data Manager SETS mvosburgh@ksde.org (785) 296-4945
Matt Preston App. Dev. II IT mpreston@ksde.org (785) 291-3679
Maureen Tabasko EPC SETS mruhlman@ksde.org (785) 296-1101
Meg Richard STEM Program Manager CSAS mrichard@ksde.org (785) 296-8108
Melanie Scott Trainer IT mscott@ksde.org (785) 291-3514
Melissa Brunner TLC - Early Literacy/Dyslexia CSAS mbrunner@ksde.org  
Melissa Ostermeyer School Bus Training Coordinator, SBSU SF mostermeyer@ksde.org (785) 296-5659
Michael Flenthrope TLC CSAS mflenthrope@ksde.org  
Michael Reb App. Dev. Supervisor IT mreb@ksde.org (785) 296-5125
Mike Jordan Project Manager IT mjordan@ksde.org (785) 296-1970
Myra K. Stithem PSA TL mstithem@ksde.org (785) 296-3835
Myron Melton Assistant Director AD mmelton@ksde.org (785) 296-8110
Nancy Allen Auditor III FA nallen@ksde.org (785) 296-6230
Natalie McClane EPC EC nmcclane@ksde.org (785) 296-5081
Natalie D. Clark Assistant Director CSAS ndclark@ksde.org (785) 296-4351
Nathan McAlister Humanities Program Manager CSAS nmcalister@ksde.org (785) 296-3892
Nathan Morrissey PSA SETS nmorrissey@ksde.org (785) 291-3098
Nathan Weedin IT Security Analyst IT nweedin@ksde.org (785) 296-5084
Neil Lundgren TLC - Science CSAS nlundgren@ksde.org  
Nicole Clark Program Consultant II SETS nclark@ksde.org (785) 296-4925
Nikkolas Nelson EPC TL nnelson@ksde.org (785) 296-7285
Noalee McDonald-Augustine TLC CSAS nmcdonald-augustine@ksde.org  
Pam Lamb State FCCLA Advisor CSAS plamb@ksde.org (785) 296-2164
Pam Rosebaugh PSA CNW prosebaugh@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Pat Bone Sr. Admin. Spec. DLC pbone@ksde.org (785) 296-2303
Pat Hill EPC SETS phill@ksde.org (785) 296-3137
Patricia Henson Accountant FSO phenson@ksde.org (785) 296-8933
Peggy Hill Admin. Spec. FA plhill@ksde.org (785) 296-4976
Philip Watkins Tech.Supp.Tech. II IT pwatkins@ksde.org (785) 296-5229
Phillip Salyer System Software Staff Consultant IT psalyer@ksde.org (785) 368-8040
R. Scott Gordon General Counsel GC sgordon@ksde.org (785) 296-3204
Rachel Schiferl, RD, LD CNC CNW rschiferl@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Dr. Randy Watson Kansas Commissioner of Education OC rwatson@ksde.org (785) 296-3202
Raymond L. Zwiener Info. Sys. Manager IT rzwiener@ksde.org (785) 296-2226
Regina L. Peszat, PhD EPC - World Languages CSAS rpeszat@ksde.org (785) 296-1891
Renee Brant Admin. Spec. SETS rbrant@ksde.org (785) 296-7077
Richard Matteson Project Manager IT rmatteson@ksde.org (785) 291-3534
Robert Dillman, MS, RD, LD CNC CNW rdillman@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Robert Hamilton TLC - Science CSAS rhamilton@ksde.org  
Ron Gish Special Investigator GC rgish@ksde.org (785) 296-3204
Dr. Robyn Kelso EPC - Graduation/DGSR CSAS rkelso@ksde.org (785) 296-3444
Rose Ireland PSA II SF rireland@ksde.org (785) 296-4973
Rose Olmstead TLC CSAS rolmstead@ksde.org  
Roxanne Zillinger EPC SETS rzillinger@ksde.org (785) 296-7260
S. Craig Neuenswander Deputy Commissioner FAS cneuenswander@ksde.org (785) 296-3871
Sami Reed Admin. Spec. SETS snreed@ksde.org (785) 296-2134
Sara McCullah Assistant Director SF sbarnes@ksde.org (785) 296-4972
Sarah Evans TLC - STEM CSAS sevans@ksde.org  
Sarah Palubinski School and Community
Partnership Coordinator
Kansas Volunteer Commission spalubinski@ksde.org (785) 296-7801
Sarah D. Perryman Coordinator AD sperryman@ksde.org (785) 296-1074
Sarah Reed Admin. Spec. SETS sreed@ksde.org (785) 296-4602
Shane Carter Director TL scarter@ksde.org (785) 296-2289
Sharon Bloom Information Systems Manager IT sbloom@ksde.org (785) 296-3915
Sherry Root Sr. Admin. Spec. FAS sroot@ksde.org (785) 296-3871
Shuming Li App. Dev. II IT sli@ksde.org (785) 296-7976
Sierra Stanley Accountant FSO sstanley@ksde.org (785) 296-0976
Sindhuja Mishra PSE SETS smishra@ksde.org (785) 296-8362
Stacey Noll Data Coordinator SETS sfarrar@ksde.org (785) 296-3129
Stacie Martin EPC SETS smartin@ksde.org (785) 296-6855
Stacy Clarke EPC - SICC Coordinator EC sclarke@ksde.org (785) 296-3953
Stacy L. Smith PSE CSAS slsmith@ksde.org  
Dr. Stephen King EPC CSAS sking@ksde.org (785) 296-1893
Stephanie Alderman-Oler TLC - Science CSAS salderman-oler@ksde.org  
Stuart Lillie Sys. Software Staff Consultant IT slillie@ksde.org (785) 368-7127
Tamla Miller PSA CRP tmiller@ksde.org (785) 296-4950
Tammy Blaess App. Dev. II IT tblaess@ksde.org   (785) 296-2316
Tanae Olson Admin. Spec. TL tolson@ksde.org (785) 296-5114
Tate Toedman Assistant Director SETS ttoedman@ksde.org (785) 296-6714
Tierney Kirtdoll Mentor Kansas Coordinator Kansas Volunteer Commission tkirtdoll@ksde.org (785) 368-6211
Timothy Enneking Enterprise Security Spec. IT tenneking@ksde.org (785) 296-0950
Dr. Tina Ellsworth TLC - HGSS CSAS tellsworth@ksde.org (785) 368-6211
Tiffany Littler Communications Spec. CRP tlittler@ksde.org (785) 296-2551
Todd Flory TLC - STEM CSAS tflory@ksde.org  
Todd Lowe Assistant Director IT tlowe@ksde.org (785) 296-7115
Tom Tosh Data Coordinator IT ttosh@ksde.org (785) 296-5039
Trey Austin App. Dev. IT taustin@ksde.org (785) 296-1203
Trish Backman Coordinator SETS tbackman@ksde.org (785) 296-6937
Tristen Cook Tech. Support Consultant IT tcook@ksde.org (785) 296-8392
Valerie Donelan, MS, RDN, LD CNC CNW vdonelan@ksde.org (785) 296-2276
Wendy M. Fritz Director HR wfritz@ksde.org (785) 296-5363
Xuewen Sheng, PhD Sr. Ed. Research Analyst RE xsheng@ksde.org (785) 368-7435



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