Dr. Randy Watson's PowerPoint Presentations

AESA Keynote - November 2018PPT133.82 MB
Alternative School Conference - February 2019PPT5.92 MB
Andover - August 2018PPT404.42 MB
Apollo Webinar Powerpoint - January 23, 2019PPT4.04 MB
ARC - November 2018PPT3.34 MB
ATE-K and KACTE Annual Conf. - April 2018PPT178.95 MB
Baker - September 2019PPT352.23 MB
Board of Regents - September 2019PPT3.47 MB
Bonner Springs BOE - September 2019PPT34.61 MB
Burlington - January 2018PPT360.97 MB
Changing School Environment - December 2020 PPT2.96 MB
Changing School Environment - September 2020PPT9.84 MB
Chapparal BOE - May 2019PPT54.66 MB
Cherryvale - August 2019PPT341.90 MB
Civil Rights Commission - May 2018PPT4.41 MB
Clearwater - August 2018PPT402.60 MB
Clerks Conference - February 2018PPT18.86 MB
Coffeyville - August 2018PPT25.39 MB
Colby - August 2020PPT31.56 MB
College Unit Head Meeting - March 2019PPT5.32 MB
Columbus - August 2018PPT11.71 MB
Commissioner's Advisory Council Fall Meetings - November 2019PPT53.98 MB
Communities in Schools Lawrence - July 2019PPT344.60 MB
Community Colleges - August 2021 PPT25.79 MB
Council of Superintendents - January 2020PPT1.87 MB
Council of Superintendents - November 2020 PPT3.02 MB
Council of Superintendents - November 2021PPT10.71 MB
Council of Superintendents - September 2021PPT4.92 MB
Counselors KSU - May 2018PPT383.59 MB
Curriculum Leaders - January 2020PPT7.08 MB
Curriculum Leaders - October 2021PPT18.96 MB
Derby - April 2018PPT52.22 MB
Dirty Dozen - February 2020PPT3.16 MB
Doniphan West and Riverside - January 2018PPT360.56 MB
ECET Andover - November 2018PPT4.44 MB
Ed Camps - Dodge City - October 2018PPT3.41 MB
Ed Camps Summer 2019PPT1.73 MB
EdCamps Liberal - April 2019PPT4.21 MB
Educators Rising MidAmerica Nazarene - December 2019PPT335.31 MB
Emporia Admin Council - February 2019PPT42.38 MB
Emporia Chamber of Commerce - August 2018PPT9.00 MB
ESSA Title I Conference - January 2019PPT133.44 MB
ESSDACK - August 2020PPT32.63 MB
ESSDACK Summer Workshop - May 2019PPT8.76 MB
ESU Preservie Teachers - September 2019PPT14.68 MB
FCCLA - April 2019PPT334.01 MB
FFA Manhattan - May 2018PPT332.60 MB
Fort Hays State Mental Health Conference - April 2018PPT137.73 MB
Fredonia - July 2018PPT404.27 MB
Fredonia - Sepember 2019PPT361.95 MB
Ft. Hays State Mental Health Conf. - 2018PPT137.73 MB
Ft. Scott - August 2020PPT3.84 MB
Ft. Scott - January 2019PPT362.90 MB
Future Teacher - St. Marys - June 2019PPT4.60 MB
Goodland - April 2019PPT334.27 MB
Governor's Education Council - February 2020PPT14.43 MB
Graduation Requirements Task Force - June 2021PPT3.69 MB
Greenbush Winter Conference - January 2019PPT54.74 MB
Haven - August 2018PPT373.49 MB
Higher Education Unit Heads - Feb. 2020PPT15.52 MB
Hoxie - September 2018PPT343.27 MB
Hutchinson - October 2018PPT360.72 MB
Impact Institute 2019PPT3.64 MB
Iola - August 2019PPT349.00 MB
Jeff West - August 2019PPT349.56 MB
Junction City - August 2018PPTUnknown
Junction City Lincoln Parent Night - November 2018PPT344.09 MB
K- State Teacher Vacancy & Supply - December 2019PPT32.43 MB
K- State Teachers - October 2019PPT6.32 MB
K-12 House Budget & House Ed - January 2019PPT7.05 MB
K-12 House Budget Commitee - February 2020PPT3.37 MB
K-12 House Budget Committee - March 2021PPT3.02 MB
KACE Washburn - July 2019PPT361.45 MB
KANAAE Back to School - 2020PPT8.28 MB
Kansans Can & Do Symposium - March 2020PPT14.08 MB
Kansans CAN Success Tour 2021 PPT103.48 MB
Kansans CAN Success Tour and Analysis - February 2022PPT9.14 MB
Kansans CAN Success Tour Data Discussion with SBOE - February 2022 PPT4.97 MB
Kansas CTE Conference - 2020PPT7.10 MB
KASB Advocacy - January 2018PPT3.06 MB
KASB Annual Conference - December 2019PPT7.21 MB
KASB Annual Conference - December 2020PPT7.83 MB
KASB Annual Conference - November 2021 PPT21.28 MB
KASB Conference - December 2018PPT5.13 MB
KASB June 2021 PPT17.81 MB
KCK Board Meeting - January 2018PPT3.49 MB
KCK BOE - January 2019PPT3.49 MB
KCK BOE - January 2019PPT2.12 MB
KEEN Conference - February 2020PPT550.56 MB
KLFA - August 2020PPT12.17 MB
KS Bankers Association - July 2018PPT468.59 MB
KS Bankers Association - July 2021PPT8.87 MB
KS CTE ConferencePPT7.10 MB
KS House Education, House K-12 Budget, Senate Education - January 2018PPT4.37 MB
KSDE Annual Conference - November 2021 PPT9.06 MB
KSDE Annual Conference - October 2019PPT82.09 MB
KSDE Annual Conference - October 2022 PPT26.99 MB
KSDE Leadership Retreat - August 2018PPT622.60 MB
K-State KNEA - May 2018PPT118.31 MB
K-State Leadership Seminar - April 2019PPT5.91 MB
K-State Rural Conference - March 2021 PPT6.86 MB
K-State Rural Education Conference - June 2019PPT1.65 MB
K-State Teacher Vacancy & Supply - December 2019PPT32.43 MB
KSU Retention Summit - November 2018PPT4.79 MB
KTOY - January 2020PPT490.90 MB
KTOY - January 2022 PPT9.29 MB
KU Doctorate Class - March 2018PPT103.41 MB
KU Summer Conference 2019PPT2.61 MB
Lawrence School Board - April 2018PPT137.19 MB
Leadership Briefing - January 2019PPT54.20 MB
Leadership Meeting - July 2019PPT18.13 MB
Learning Forward - February 2020PPT11.28 MB
LFKS - January 2019PPT54.21 MB
Liberal #1 - January 2019PPT30.22 MB
Liberal #2 - January 2019PPT38.77 MB
Little RIver - October 2018PPT361.51 MB
Lyons Parent Night - March 2019PPT42.38 MB
MACE - March 2019PPT26.89 MB
Maize Foundation Breakfast - March 2019PPT333.42 MB
Manhattan Leadership Class - February 2018PPT163.42 MB
Marmaton Valley - January 2018PPT360.97 MB
Math & Science Institute - June 2018PPT1.41 MB
Middle School-High School Reopening Plan PPT2.96 MB
Newton - April 2018PPT1.84 MB
Oakley Teachers - August 2019PPT349.29 MB
Olathe Westview Elem. - November 2018PPT335.68 MB
Osage City - February 2018PPT323.35 MB
Parent Group - Jane Groff - May 2019PPT344.59 MB
Parents As Teachers - September 2019PPT2.08 MB
Pratt Skyline - August 2020PPT31.41 MB
Principals Advisory Council - October 2018PPT6.99 MB
PTA - April 2019PPT345.24 MB
Redesign Announcement - August 2017PPT37.80 MB
Renwick Andale - August 2019PPT341.61 MB
Rose Hill - August 2020PPT31.78 MB
Safe & Secure Schools Conference - September 2018PPT4.17 MB
Safe & Secure Schools Conference - January 2020 PPT9.36 MB
Santa Fe Trail - June 2018PPT351.14 MB
SBOE June 2020PPT12.05 MB
Shawnee Mission KSU Class - November 2019PPT353.95 MB
Smoky Valley - February 2018PPT323.36 MB
Special Committee on KEMA - August 2020PPT7.15 MB
SPED Conference - July 2021 PPT10.92 MB
SPED Summer Leadership Conference - July 2020PPT32.75 MB
SPED Summer Leadership Conference - July 2022PPT61.60 MB
Sublette League Presentation - October2018PPT437.16 MB
Superintendents Advisory Council - March 2019PPT57.23 MB
SW Plains - July 2018PPT91.84 MB
SW Plains Principals - November 2019PPT7.36 MB
Teacher Advisory Council - March 2019PPT57.23 MB
Topeka KSU Class - January 2020PPT353.15 MB
USA Conference - August 2020 PPT63.18 MB
USA Conference - June 2020PPT63.18 MB
USA Conference - June 2021PPT17.87 MB
USA New Supts - June 2018PPT348.66 MB
USAKansas Conference - June 2022 PPT16.61 MB
Valley Center - August 2019PPT348.99 MB
Vision for Kansas - State OutcomesPPT42.84 KB
Western Kansas Superintendents - August 2021PPT10.02 MB
Western Kansas Tour - October 2019PPT14.72 MB
Whitewater -Remington - August 2018PPT105.54 MB
WSU - April 2018PPT2.69 MB
Zoom - Superintendents - August 2020PPT4.13 MB
Zoom - Supts - Changing School Environment - September 24, 2020PPT9.84 MB
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