Annual Bus/School Vehicle Inspection Forms

Bus/School Vehicle Inspections - Webpage containing links to annual inspection forms and other related information

Bus Sales Compliance Letters

Activity Bus Compliance Letter - A voluntary form used by school bus vendors advising schools an Acitivty Bus cannot legally be used to transport students from school to home and home to school

Multi Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) Complaince Letter - A voluntary form used by school bus vendors advising schools a MFSAB cannot legally be used to transport students from school to home and home to school

School Bus Verified Statement (PDF) A form to be used by school districts when purchasing a school bus. This verified statement form meets the requirements of KAR 91-38-4.

Driver Forms

Certification of Health for School Personnel (PDF) -- This form is to be completed by the applicant, or employee, and signed by a Licensed Physician stating that the individual has been tested for Tuberculoses pursuant to K.S.A. 72-6626 (prior law 72-5213). More information is available on the Bus Driver Information web page.

ELDT BTW Documentation Forms - Webpage containing links to BTW (Behind The Wheel) ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training) documentation forms and other ELDT information.

Physical Forms Webpage containing physical information and links to the physical forms

School Transportation Provider Disclosure (PDF) Kansas law, KAR 91-38-6, requires each prospective school transportation provider to sign a statement concerning their criminal and driving record histories. "School transportation provider" is defined as anyone who drives a school bus or activity bus to transport Kansas students. It also includes an individual hired primarily to provide transportation for Kansas students with a school passenger vehicle. A school district or school transportation contractor may use their own form for this legal requirement

Emergency School Bus Evacuation Forms

These forms may be used to document mandated emergency school bus evacuations drills. The drills shall be conducted at least once each semester. Include service door operation instructions with every drill.

Out of District Transportation Notification Form

Out of District School Transportation Notification (PDF) A voluntary form which may be used by school districts to meet the legal requirement of KSA 72-3124 as amended by HB 2567 effective July 1, 2023. Any district which enters another district to provide transportation for a nonresident student, is required by law to notify the district it is entering. This voluntary form is designed to meet this requirement.

Problems Viewing or Using  Fillable Fields
Windows and Mac users must have Acrobat or Reader installed and be viewing the PDF in Acrobat or Reader for the form to work. Many Mac users have the Preview Application as their default PDF viewer, and it does not support many interactive features.

1. Open the form.
2. Save/Download the Inspection form to your computer.
3. Locate the Save/Downloaded file on your computer and open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.
4. Fill out the form and save.

Physical Forms

Physical Forms - Webpage containing physical forms and other related physical information


Class Roster Form (PDF) -- A roster for certified INSTRUCTORS to utilize only when conducting AAA DIP or Medic First Aid Classes which need to be submitted to the School Bus Safety Unit

Safety Meeting Roster  (PDF) A sign-up sheet/roster schools to utilize to document the 10 mandated safety meetings per school year. The form can also can be used to document makeup meetings.

Sample Pre-Trip Inspection Forms

Pre-Trip Inspection Form - Excel forms which can be modified for school buses to meet individual school district policies and procedures.

Pre-Trip Inspection Form for School Passenger Vehicle - PDF form example which can be modified for school passenger vehicles to meet individual school district policies and procedures

Miscellaneous Forms 

Kansas Department of Revenue Application for Disabled Decal (which can be affixed to a school district license plate) (PDF) -- School Districts may apply for a disabled decal for a school district license plate provided the school vehicle is used to transport students who qualify for disabled parking under KSA 8-1,124. DO NOT send this form to the County Treasurer’s Office, they do not process these requests.  The Division of Vehicles is the only government agency that fulfills these applications. Fax Completed and Signed form to (844)803-2461.
For specific question contact:

Sarah A. Bayless
Titles and Registration/Vehicle Services
Phone: 785-296-2228

A school vehicle displaying a school district license plate with a disabled decal affixed shall only use handicapped parking when transporting a students who qualify for disabled parking under KSA 8-1,124.  A violation is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $300 (KSA 8-1,130a).

NOTE:  School Buses displaying a Handicapped ID Placard affixed to the bus shall only use handicapped parking when transporting a student(s) who qualifies for disabled parking under KSA 8-1,124.

Training Records & Pre-trip Forms (PDF) -- A collection of thirty-six training forms and pre-trip inspection forms which can be used/modified or altered to fit a school district or contractor's school.

Transportation Request & Bus Rider Contract (PDF) Sample form for basic transportation request information includes rider contract for parents and students to sign. Form should be revised to meet individual district policies and needs.


School Bus Safety Director
Keith Dreiling
785-296-6659 (fax)

School Bus Safety Public Service Administrator 
Dennis Tate

School Bus Training Coordinator 
Melissa Ostermeyer

Senior Administrative Assistant
Annette Blevins


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