Kansas Bus Purchasing Program

The voluntary Kansas Bus Purchasing Program is designed to assist Kansas Unified School Districts and Interlocal Cooperative Agreements in purchasing a quality bus at a competitive price. On an annual basis the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) will issue an Invitation to Bid. Once the bids are received KDOT will forward them to the Kansas Department of Education for review and award recommendation. Once an award recommendation is received KDOT will award the contracts. Kansas Unified School Districts and Interlocal Cooperative Agreements will be able to electronically access and compare the contract pricing received from each vendor on available base bus specifications and their individualized bus configurations of choice.

Neither KDOT nor the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE) can guarantee that the buses actually supplied will meet the base bus specifications. Dealers, by bidding in the program, have agreed to meet all base bus specifications as stipulated in the Invitation for Bid, and as detailed in the bus procurement software program, so please be sure to review all bus specification details with each vendor prior to placing an order. When comparing prices between dealers, please be cognizant of options marked with notes and/or comments. If you have questions contact the vendor for clarification.

While the Kansas Bus Purchasing Program strives to provide for all bus configurations, no program of this size, scope, and complexity can cover every possible eventuality. Therefore, the program requires you to VALIDATE your bus design with your selected dealer(s) BEFORE you go to your Board of Education for purchasing authorization. It is easier to verify first rather than having to go back to the Board with “adjustments.” We cannot stress this validation step strongly enough!

Please also remember that in order to meet statutory competitive bid requirements for the purchase of a bus exceeding $20,000; you will need to compare prices based on your individual bus configuration from each vendor. If not awarding to the low bid meeting your specifications you will need to document the justification for awarding your order to other than the low bid. While this contract establishes contract pricing, low bid for each individual bus configuration is established through the comparison of prices received from all vendors.

The bid calls for completed bus prices to be Freight On Board (FOB) your school district delivery site. The school district should understand that additional charges may be incurred if the ordered bus is not accepted on the agreed-upon delivery date. Requesting a later delivery date may cause delays in delivery time. The bid calls for all buses to meet current National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures, all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS's), and all applicable State and Federal Laws.

The current Kansas Bus Purchasing Program contract will be open for use by Kansas Unified School Districts and Interlocal Cooperative Agreements starting November 1, 2022 through October 31, 2023.

NOTE: Base Bid Pricing is for evaluation purposes ONLY. Due to volatility in the world markets, manufactures are unable to maintain pricing for an extended amount of time. The Base Bid listed on this RFP is solely for evaluating purposes ONLY.

NOTE: End users MUST be aware the Base Bid used for this RFP was for Fair and Competitive Bidding purposes. Pricing at the time of Delivery MAY be higher due to changes in world markets. It is the responsibility of the purchase award Contractor to keep the ordering entity aware of any cost changes PRIOR to acceptance of delivery. Should pricing increase from the date of order to the date of delivery this award may be re-negotiated. If either party can not come to an agreement the award could be canceled with no penalty to either party. 

It is the BUYER'S responsibility to contact the vendor prior to purchasing any bus through this program.

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Building a Bus Step by Step Instructions
Cloning a Bus for Vendor Review

Stock Buses
Vendor Contact Information


Conventional Bus Specifications
Mini Bus - Type A and AII Bus Specifications
Mini Bus - 
Type A Ford Transit Bus
Mini Bus -  Type A Ram Low Floor
Front Engine Transit Specifications
Rear Engine Transit Specifications

Conventional Electric Bus Specifications
Transit Electric Bus Specifications
Mini Bus Electric Specifications

New & Used Bus Vendors

The following is a partial list of School Bus Vendors who service Kansas School Districts.

American Bus Sales
American Bus Sales

Blue Bird Bus
Kansas Truck Equipment Company, Inc.

Collins Bus
Masters Transportation

IC Bus
Midwest Transit Equipment, Inc.

National Bus Sales
National Bus Sales

Thomas Bus
Midwest Bus Sales, Inc.

TransNational Bus Sales
TransNational Bus Sales

School Vehicles

The Kansas Department of Administration Office of Facilities and Procurement Management bids school passenger vehicles and other items which Kansas School Districts can purchase. More information can be found on their website: http://www.da.ks.gov/purch/Contracts/

KDOT (Kansas Department of Transportation) has vehicle contract from which political subdivisions/school districts can purchase from. Use the above link and enter 5600 in the Contract Number field (nothing else) and hit search contracts. You will see all of the KDOT contracts. Contact Jay Cooper with Shawnee Mission Ford for information for more information and pricing on these KDOT contracts.

Jay Cooper, Government Fleet Sales

We realize 12 and 15 passenger rated vans may be listed on contracts, however these vans CANNOT be purchased for the purpose of student transportation per state and federal law.

If you are interested in a specific vehicle currently manufactured which is not listed on the contacts, the School Bus Safety Unit has a sample RFP (Request for Proposal) available. If you desire the RFP template contact the School Bus Safety Unit.

The Kansas State Department of Administration is responsible for bidding vehicles on state contract. For any questions or concerns regarding state vehicle contracts, please contact the contract administrator.

Selling Used Buses

The Kansas Department of Administration, Office of Facilities and Procurement Management currently has a procurement contract for Auctioneer Services with Purple Wave to provide on-line auction services.  School Districts are eligible to use this contract service to sell their used school buses.  For more information contact:

825 Levee DR
Manhattan, KS 66502-5012
Contact Person: Amy Moore
cell 913-558-0276

More Information:

Kansas Procurement Contract Detail Period of Contract: November 01, 2016 through October 31, 2021

Purple Wave Government Services

Additional Information

Per K.S.A. 72-6760, no expenditure involving an amount greater than $20,000 for construction, reconstruction or remodeling or for the purchase of materials, goods or wares shall be made by the board of education of any school district except upon sealed proposals, and to the lowest responsible bidder.

KSDE Finance Team Competitive Bidding Guidelines (PDF)

Kansas School Districts can use State of Kansas contracts for purchases as an alternative to going through the competitive bidding process.  All State procurement contracts can be viewed on-line at the Kansas Department of Administration, Office of Facilities and Procurement Management website.

*  a c d act spv

School Bus Safety Director
Keith Dreiling
785-296-6659 (fax)

School Bus Safety Public Service Administrator 
Dennis Tate

School Bus Training Coordinator 
Melissa Ostermeyer

Senior Administrative Assistant
Annette Blevins


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