Professional Standards Board

The Professional Standards Board was created by statute K.S.A. 72-2309. It consists of 21 members who are appointed to a three-year term of office by the State Board of Education. The Standards Board is composed of 7 public school classroom teachers, 1 chief public school administrator, 3 building level public school administrators, 1 area vocational school teacher, 1 public school special education administrator, 1 accredited non-public school teacher, 1 accredited non-public school administrator, 1 Board of Regents university dean of the school of education, 1 faculty or administrative representative from a private teacher education institution, 1 member of a parent-teacher association, 1 member of a local board of education.
The Standards Board is responsible for developing and recommending for adoption rules and regulations for professional standards governing teaching and school administrator preparation and admission to and continuance in the profession of teaching and school administration, including the requirements for continuing education for teachers and school administrators.

Professional Standards Board Subcommittes

In addition to its own Executive Committee, the Standards Board governs and appoints members to three subcommittees. These subcommittees are the Regulations Committee, the Evaluation Review Committee, and the Policies and Procedures Committee.
Regulations Committee
The  Regulations Committee is composed of ten members appointed by the Standards Board. The Committee receives input from the field, and presents recommendations on  teacher education and licensure regulations to the State Board of Education.

Evaluation Review Committee
The Evaluation Review Committee (ERC) is composed of 13 members, four each representing higher education, school administrators, and teachers and one at-large member. The ERC reviews and evaluates on-sites and program reviews  to determine accreditation status of the Kansas teacher education institutions and the teacher education programs which they offer. The committee conducts hearings upon the request of a teacher education institution to appeal the ERC's recommendation regarding the unit or program accreditation status. The ERC submits its final recommendations regarding accreditation and program approval status to the Kansas State Board of Education.

Policies and Procedures Committee
The Policies and Procedures Committee is composed of seven members appointed by the Standards Board: two each representing higher education, school administrators and teachers, and one member at-large. The Policies and Procedures Committee has the responsibility to develop all policies and procedures which relate to the evaluation of teacher education units and the teacher education programs which they offer.



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