Blue Ribbon Task Force on Bullying

On March 12, 2019 Dr. Randy Watson, Kansas Education Commissioner, announced his intention to form a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Bullying.  Citing data that 28% of students in grades six through twelve experience bullying, Commissioner Watson stated, “Everywhere I go, parents want to discuss this issue.  There are no easy answers.”  While anti-bullying measures have been in place for many years, efforts to eradicate bullying in schools have not fully succeeded.  This task force will research and identify current bullying trends, data, and prevention measures occurring across the state in an effort to better understand how to combat this problem.

The Blue Ribbon Task Force on Bullying is co-chaired by Dr. Rick Ginsberg, Dean of the University of Kansas School of Education, and Mr. James Regier, Superintendent of Whitewater-Remington USD 206.  The task force will consist of 30 – 40 members representing a variety of stakeholder groups including, but not limited to; parents, State Board of Education, Kansas Legislators, educators, school mental health specialists, and a variety of experts from groups that are disproportionately impacted by bullying.       

The task force will hear testimony from stakeholder groups as they convene meetings across the State of Kansas.  Information from these meetings will be used to develop recommendations that will be presented to the State Board of Education in December of 2019.

Meeting Dates

May 28th, Orion Service Center,  Clearwater

June 18th, Horace Good Middle School, Garden City

August 5, Smokey Hill Service Center, Salina

September 25th, Greenbush Service Center, Girard

October 30th, Joyce Focht Instructional Support Center, Wichita (not a public meeting/Workgroups work day 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM)

November 6th, Greenbush Service Center, Lawrence

December 2nd, Kansas Health Institute, Topeka

The Taskforce will meet from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm unless noted above

Zoom will be offered at every meeting by using the following link



Meeting Agendas & Minutes

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
04/25/2019 AgendaAmy Martin 4/26/201928.44 KBDownload
04/25/2019 MinutesAmy Martin 4/29/201944.95 KBDownload
05/28/2019 AgendaAmy Martin 7/22/201928.44 KBDownload
05/28/2019 MinutesAmy Martin 9/13/201954.28 KBDownload
06/18/2019 AgendaPat Bone 6/13/201924.92 KBDownload
06/18/2019 MinutesAmy Martin 9/13/2019112.52 KBDownload
08/05/2019 AgendaAmy Martin 8/2/201925.61 KBDownload
08/05/2019 MinutesAmy Martin 10/2/201943.40 KBDownload
09/25/2019 AgendaAmy Martin 9/13/201924.41 KBDownload
09/25/2019 MinutesAmy Martin 1/23/202077.81 KBDownload
10/30/2019 AgendaAmy Martin 10/30/201935.09 KBDownload
10/30/2019 MinutesAmy Martin 1/23/202042.98 KBDownload
11/06/2019 AgendaAmy Martin 10/30/201936.37 KBDownload
11/06/2019 MInutesAmy Martin 1/23/202073.79 KBDownload
12/02/2019 AgendaAmy Martin 1/6/202035.75 KBDownload
Meeting Dates and ObjectivesAmy Martin 5/7/201914.78 KBDownload


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
05/28/2019 CTC PresentationAmy Martin 6/5/20192.50 MBDownload
05/28/2019 KIPCORE Presentation Amy Martin 6/5/2019859.49 KBDownload
06/18/2019 Early Childhood & Bullying PresentationAmy Martin 6/13/201957.30 KBDownload
06/18/2019 Early Childhood & Bullying Presentation HandoutAmy Martin 6/13/2019207.26 KBDownload
08/05/2019 Dr. Paula Fite PresentationAmy Martin 7/24/20191.69 MBDownload
10/30/2019 Kent Reed PresentationAmy Martin 10/30/20194.65 MBDownload
11/06/2019 Beloit Junior Senior High PresentationAmy Martin 1/6/20201,005.13 KBDownload
Kansas Communites That Cares Bullying at a Glance HandoutAmy Martin 10/2/201928.44 KBDownload
Kansas Communties That Care Survey Presentation Amy Martin 10/2/2019867.43 KBDownload
Kathy Mosher Presentation Amy Martin 9/13/201976.31 KBDownload
Pattie Noonan HandoutAmy Martin 10/2/201928.44 KBDownload
Pattie Noonan Presentation Amy Martin 10/2/20193.70 MBDownload
School Safety Presentation Amy Martin 10/2/2019634.18 KBDownload

Public Comment

 TitleModified DateCreated Date
Written Comment 15/24/20195/24/2019
Written Comment 25/31/20195/31/2019
Written Comment 36/5/20196/5/2019
Written Comment 46/10/20196/10/2019
Written Comment 58/2/20198/2/2019
Written Comment 69/24/20199/24/2019
Written Comment 79/24/20199/24/2019
Written Comment 89/24/20199/24/2019


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Associations Between Anti-bullying Policies and Bullying in 25 StatesAmy Martin 6/10/2019231.59 KBDownload
State Board Position Statement on Bullying Amy Martin 6/5/2019402.64 KBDownload
Rethinking School-Based Bullying Prevention Through the Lens of Social and Emotional Learning: a Bioecological PerspectiveAmy Martin 6/5/2019502.65 KBDownload
Restorative Practices in SchoolsAmy Martin 6/5/2019410.70 KBDownload
National Survey on LBGTQ Youth Mental Health 2019Amy Martin 7/1/2019847.96 KBDownload
Measuring Bullying Victimization, Perpetration, and Bystander Experiences: A Compendium of Assessment ToolsAmy Martin 6/5/20196.41 MBDownload
Key Components in State Anti-Bullying LawsAmy Martin 6/5/201942.99 KBDownload
KASB Staff Bullying PolicyAmy Martin 6/5/20199.50 KBDownload
KASB Model Plan Amy Martin 6/5/201929.15 KBDownload
KASB District Bullying PolicyAmy Martin 6/5/201911.35 KBDownload
Kansans Can Competency FrameworkAmy Martin 7/24/20191.27 MBDownload
Inside Instagram's War on BullyingAmy Martin 7/24/2019142.03 KBDownload
Cyberbullying on the rise articleAmy Martin 7/17/201969.70 KBDownload
Current Kansas Bullying StatueAmy Martin 6/5/201940.94 KBDownload
Communities That Care Bullying DataAmy Martin 6/5/2019537.60 KBDownload
Bullying Prevention Parent Engagement Amy Martin 6/10/2019129.70 KBDownload
Bullying Prevention Fact SheetAmy Martin 6/5/201939.74 KBDownload
Bullying Policies Across the States Amy Martin 6/5/2019196.54 KBDownload
Bullying Intervention in Adolescence: The Intersection of Legislation, Policies, and Behavioral ChangeAmy Martin 6/10/2019390.86 KBDownload
Associations Between Anti-bullying Policies and Bullying in 25 StatesAmy Martin 6/10/2019235.54 KBDownload
Task Force ObjectivesAmy Martin 6/5/201913.69 KBDownload
The Effectiveness of Policy Interventions for School Bullying: A Systematic ReviewAmy Martin 6/10/2019566.12 KBDownload

Cultural Awarness Workgroup Documents

KSDE Task Force Contacts

Myron Melton 

Email : 

Phone: (785)296-4941

Kent Reed


Phone: (785)296-8109

Amy Martin


Phone: (785)296-5608

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