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2017-18 USD Budget Spreadsheet Downloading Instructions

  • Macintosh Versions:  The Macintosh version of the budget is saved as a zip file.  To download the budget, click on the Macintosh version.  If you are using Safari or Firefox as your browser, the bdgt2018 folder will appear in your downloads folder.  Drag it out of the downloads folder to your desktop or other location that you want to save the files.  This folder will contain 7 files.  (Another file may also be downloaded.  It is called "bdgt2018MAC.zip" and can be thrown away.)
  • Windows Version:  This version of the budget is a zip file.  KSDE recommends using Internet Explorer.  (CHROME USERS:  The downloaded folder does not have a zipper on it and looks unzipped but it isn't.  You must extract the files from the folder or you will have #REF in links.)   To download the budget using IE, first click on the Windows version.  Your browser program will ask if you want to open, save, or save as the file on your computer.  After you click on 'Save As', a dialog box should appear.  In the 'Save In' box, choose desktop.  Click Save.  After file has been saved, close browser.  On your desktop you should see a file called "bdgt2018PC.zip".  Right-click on the zip folder and select Extract All.  Browse to a location where you want the bdgt2018 folder to save.  Click Extract.  After locating your budget folder where you unzipped it, you should delete the bdgt2018PC.zip file to aviod overwriting your budget files with blank ones in case you unzip it again.  HINT:  An alternate way to unzip would be to double-click on the bdgt2018PC.zip file and then DRAG the bdgt2018 folder out to the location you want to save it.  Failure to take the bdgt2018 folder out of the Zip file will result in corrupted links!
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Craig Neuenswander

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