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English Language Proficiency Assessment

An English Language Proficiency Assessment measures the proficiency of English Language Learners (ELLs) in four domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All ELLs, grades K-12, must be assessed annually regardless of whether a district receives any Title III or Kansas ESOL-Bilingual funds and regardless of whether or not the student receives specific ESOL services.

Supporting Documents and Links

KELPA P Assessment InstructionsInstructions on downloading KELPA-P Files and Burning to CD
KELPA P First GradeKELPA P Assessment Data for First Grade
KELPA P Fourth & Fifth GradeKELPA P Assessment Data for Fourth & Fifth Grade
KELPA P Grades 6 through 8KELPA P Assessment Data for Grades Six through Eight
KELPA P Grades 9 through 12KELPA P Assessment Data for Grades Nine through Twelve
KELPA P KindergartenKELPA P Assessment Data for Kindergarten
KELPA P Scoring GuidelinesGuidelines and Directions for the Scoring the KELPA-P
KELPA P Second GradeKELPA P Assessment Data for Second Grade
KELPA P Third GradeKELPA P Assessment Data for Third Grade
KELPA-P Administration InstructionsKELPA training videos to be used for administering the screener, KELPA-P.
KSDE-Approved English Language Proficiency ScreenersRevised 8/29/18. If use of languages other than English is indicated on the Home Language survey, then the student must be assessed for English proficiency using one of the four screeners approved by KSDE.
KELPA-P (Placement)Instructions for how to locate and use the short version of KELPA, which one of several approved screening tools to identify English Language Learners.
The Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) 

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