Kansas State Department of Education
Annual Federal and State Aid Funding Report - SFY 2009


Fund Account Account/Program Name Document Doc Date Warrant # Acct Code Payment Amt. Refund Amt.

Federal Aid

3531-3510 3510 9921 Meal Costs CFDA 10.558

V0901739 10/07/2008 022230578 703 5060 P 95.29 V0902432 11/12/2008 022258706 703 5060 P 97.78 V0902860 12/02/2008 022269539 703 5060 P 83.16 V0903370 01/06/2009 022291994 703 5060 P 81.15 V0903946 02/10/2009 022318462 703 5060 P 99.44 V0904598 03/16/2009 022362467 703 5060 P 137.79 V0905576 05/06/2009 022419906 703 5060 P 178.96 Total Account 773.57 0.00 Total Federal Aid 773.57 0.00 Total Aid 773.57 0.00 Notes to the Annual State Funding Report: 1. All payments received with an 'Acct Code' in the 5000s or 7000s (i.e. 5110 or 7310) are pass-through payments and received by the entity as a subrecipient. All other payments are for services performed by the entity. 2. All documents with a prefix of 'F' and 'J' are internal adjusting entries to correct errors and omissions. 'V' documents are voucher payments and 'S' documents are receipt vouchers. 3. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance CFDA number should be provided on all payments from federal sources 4. This report provides accounting activity only from the Kansas State Department of Education and no other state or federal agency. For example, it does not include School-To-Work grants issued by the Department of Commerce and Housing or postsecondary aid payments distributed by the Kansas Board of Regents. 5. As a result of the state's financial condition, a portion of the general state aid and supplemental general state aid payments due to local school districts in June 2009 were delayed until July 1, 2009. Even though school districts did not receive these payments until July, according to K.S.A. 72-6417, they are to be recorded and accounted for by school districts in June. 6. Payments shown under Fund 7393-7000 are for general state aid.

Last Updated 08/21/2009
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