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April 28, 2014

For Immediate Release


KSDE Addresses School Finance Reports


TOPEKA – The Kansas State Department of Education has been made aware of some confusion concerning the computer printouts that were prepared to reflect the Kansas Legislature’s estimates on school finance.


On April 6, a computer printout (SF14-145) was made available to reflect the latest school finance proposal.  Within this printout, state totals reflected the exclusion of virtual weighting from the calculation of the local option budget, as well as the exclusion of non-proficient at-risk weighting and reduced at-risk weighting for part-time students and students over 19 years of age (except students with IEPs).


At the time of legislative adjournment, the calculations took into account these exclusions on a state total basis only and were not reflected in the individual school district estimates.  The timing of the late changes to Senate Substitute for House Bill 2506 did not allow enough time to re-compute individual school district estimates excluding these weightings.


Following legislative adjournment, the provisions of the SSHB 2506 were recomputed to reflect the exclusion of virtual weighting, non-proficient at-risk and part-time at-risk students from the calculation of the local option budget by school district.


KSDE regrets any reporting confusion this may have created.