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World Languages -- Standards

Vision Statement:

Studying another language and culture provides powerful keys for successful communication: "knowing how, when, and why, to say what to whom" (National Standards, 1996). The organizing principle for language study is communication, which highlights the social, linguistic, and cultural aspects of language. The approach to second language instruction endorsed here is designed to facilitate meaningful interaction with others, whether they are on another continent, across town, within the neighborhood, or in the classroom.

World Languages Standards Presentations

World Languages Standards Documents

The following documents represent the Kansas Model Curricular Standards for World Languages which were adopted by the State Board of Education in July 2008.
Kansas Model Curricular Standards for World Languages - K-12 
IntroductionPages 2-8
Scope & SequencePages 10-27
Novice LowPages 28-36
Novice MidPages 37-45
Novice HighPages 46-54
Intermediate LowPages 55-63
Intermediate MidPages 64-72
Intermediate HighPages 73-80
Advanced LowPages 81-88
Extended BenchmarksPages 89-91
Appendix AGlossary, Pages 92-94
Appendix BAssessments, Pages 95-98
Appendix CProficiency Levels, Page 99
Appendix D Unit Planning Framework, Pages 100-101
Appendix EBibliography, Page 102

Curriculum Guides Per Level and Language

These curriculum guides created by Kansas teachers transfer standards and indicators for language and culture instruction to specific languages. Novice Low guides are intended for Level 1; Novice Mid guides for Level 2; Novice High guides for Level 3. Drafts of additional guides not yet completed may be requested from pfarrar@ksde.org.

World Languages
Program Consultant

Phyllis Farrar
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Deputy Commissioner
Division of Learning Services
Brad Neuenswander
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Career, Standards and Assessment

Scott Smith
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Assistant Director
Career and Technical Education
Jay Scott
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Assistant Director
Academic Standards
Jeannette Nobo
(785) 296-2078

Assistant Director
Beth Fultz
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