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Dr. Randy Watson's PowerPoint Presentations

ACT Conference - April 2015PPT19.42 MB
Advisory Councils 2017PPT11.55 MB
Advisory Councils Spring 2017 - no video 11.40 MB
Annual Conference 2016PPT12.65 MB
Baker - January 2015PPT11.69 MB
Basehor - Linwood 2017PPT4.97 MB
Beloit - August 2015PPT25.21 MB
Blue Valley May 2017PPT162.35 MB
Circle - Towanda April 2017PPT11.78 MB
Council of Superintendent April 2017PPT10.87 MB
Council of Superintendents - October 2015PPT9.53 MB
Council of Superintendents - October 2016PPT2.09 MB
Council of Superintendents - September 2015PPT9.57 MB
Curriculum Leaders - 2016PPT3.34 MB
Curriculum Leaders - April 2017 - no videoPPT10.87 MB
Curriculum Leaders - October 2015PPT9.53 MB
Dodge City Community College - April 2017PPT10.58 MB
Ellinwood Presentation - October 2015PPT24.28 MB
Ft. Leavenworth Convocation - August 2016PPT18.87 MB
Garden City BOE - 2016PPT2.59 MB
Greenbush Leadership 2017PPT3.87 MB
Greenbush South Winter Conference - January 2015PPT11.69 MB
Hays - April 2017 - no videoPPT13.08 MB
Hays Wild West - August 2015PPT26.73 MB
Holton - April 2017PPT11.78 MB
Inman Inservice - November 2015PPT2.83 MB
K-ACTE Conference - August 2016PPT17.94 MB
KAESP-KASSP Summer Conference - June 2015PPT20.38 MB
Kansas Associations - KNEA - August 2015PPT12.74 MB
Kansas Children...Kansas' Future Reunion Tour Presentation - September 2015PPT10.14 MB
Kansas Learning First Alliance - August 2015PPT13.22 MB
Kansas PTA Conference - April 2015PPT20.39 MB
Kansas School Redesign Concepts 2017PPT3.15 MB
KASB Board of Directors - June 2015PPT14.81 MB
KASB Tour - 2016PPT4.32 MB
KCEdu March 2017PPT1.33 MB
KEEN Conference Friday PPTPPT350.71 MB
KEEN Conference Keynote PPTPPT40.48 MB
KEEN Leadership Conf.PPT156.32 MB
KEEN Leadership Conf. -Thursday PPTPPT28.98 MB
KESA Quarter Four TrainingPPT92.91 MB
KS CAN Commissioner's Advisory Councils - 2016PPT4.77 MB
KS Press Association - April 2017PPT3.45 MB
KSBE - April 2017 PPT8.74 MB
KSDE Annual Conference - October 2015PPT2.75 MB
KSDE-TASN Summer Leadership Conference - July 2015PPT13.90 MB
KU Summer Conference - 2016PPTUnknown
KU Summer Conference - June 2015 4.31 MB
Learning First Kansas 2017PPT3.87 MB
Legislative Leadership 2017PPT11.70 MB
Manhattan- Kansans CAN and DO - April 2017 - nov videoPPT3.51 MB
Manhattan Service Centers - 2016PPT4.36 MB
NCKTC Beloit - July 2015PPT14.86 MB
New Superintendent Workshop - 2016PPTUnknown
Senate Committee May 2017PPT2.87 MB
Smoky Hill Panel - 2016PPT3.47 MB
Smoky Valley Panel - 2016PPT3.28 MB
Social Studies Conf. - April 2017 - no videoPPT11.79 MB
SW Plains Principals - 2016PPT3.47 MB
SW Plains Superintendent Council - August 2015PPT3.17 MB
TASN Summer Conference - 2016PPT7.89 MB
Technical Education Authority 2017PPT3.19 MB
USA Conference 2017PPT3.91 MB
USA Presentation - 2016PPT14.48 MB
Wichita Legislative Forum - November 2015PPT1.06 MB
WSU Ted Talk - October 2015PPT1.42 MB

Randy Watson

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