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Civil Rights Data Collection - Kansas Support

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) gathers data on key education and civil rights issues in our nation's public schools, tracking performance toward the provision of equal educational opportunity. In the fall of 2014, the U.S. Department of Education will be including all schools and school districts in the nation in the CRDC.

While all data for the CRDC must be submitted by Kansas school districts directly to the U.S. Department of Education, the Kansas State Department of Education is committed to assisting schools and school districts in this process as much as is possible. This website will serve as a central point for information on the CRDC for Kansas educators. As information becomes available, it will be provided here, so come back often to check for updates.

KSDE Resources

KSDE is committed to assisting districts with the CRDC.  The OCR is redesigning the functionality of the web application so that states can submit data directly to the CRDC.  Districts will still have the responsibility for the data reported on the CRDC and can chose whether or not they would like to use the KSDE supplied data.  Watch for further details about this option to be sent via email communications. 

KSDE email support - crdcks@ksde.org  Only for questions specific to KSDE data pre-population.  All support questions related to functionality and access to the federal CRDC application will need to be sent to the appropriate federal contacts as noted below. 

This Excel document created by KSDE outlines the data elements required in the CRDC.  Using this document, Kansas school districts can determine what additional information will need to be collected in order to complete the CRDC in the fall. The Excel document can be easily sorted and filtered to identify which data elements that districts have previously reported to KSDE that can in turn be aggregated and used to pre-populate the CRDC by KSDE. 

(Note:  KSDE did not include any of the 13-14 optional data elements.)

Federal Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Resources

NEW as of 10/9/14

The CRDC Advance Website Team at CRDC@aemcorp.com is currently focused on responding to and assisting LEAs with verifying contact and school lists via the CRDC Advance Web Site through 10/14/14.   If your question is related to contact and school lists, you should expect a response promptly.  This ensures that all districts will receive communications regarding the upcoming collection. 


As of Wednesday, October 1, the team at CRDC@sanametrix.com has taken over as the Partner Support Center for the 2013-2014 Civil Rights Data Collection. All inquiries regarding the collection will be forwarded to the team at that email address.


The 2013-14 Civil Rights Data Collection will open in November.  The Partner Support team at CRDC@sanametrix.com will be available to address your concerns regarding the collection, collection tools, submission inquiries and specific school data inquiries.


Please review the CRDC RESOURCES website (https://crdc.grads360.org), as well.  There are over 45 documents with valuable information regarding the collection including form definitions, how and where to report students and forms and instructions for all types of reporting. 


Please send all future inquiries regarding the collection to the PSC team at CRDC@sanametrix.com.



The CRDC Advance Website Team



OCR CRDC web page - http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/data.html 

This website will give you background of the CRDC, links to the OMB approval of the data collection, specifications of tables and fields that are to be reported, a calendar of expected open and close dates, a Q&A document along with access to prior years collections.

OCR CRDC Resource Center - https://crdc.grads360.org/#program

This website is an additional tool where you can learn about and prepare for the CRDC.  There are many publications and tools for your reference.

OCR CRDC Advanced Website (AWS) - http://2013crdc.org 

This website is where districts will enter profile information prior to the actual data collection.  Information entered on this site includes items such as the contact person for each district for the CRDC reporting and what school buildings will be included in the reporting.  Assistance with the AWS can be obtained by sending an email to crdc@aemcorp.comOther support contact info will be published when the data collection opens in the fall of 2014.


2013-14 CRDC Calendar download files PDF

2013-14 and 2015-16 CRDC Questions & Answers download files MS WORD


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KSDE IT - CRDC Project Manager
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KSDE IT - Help Desk for CRDC

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