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Kansas INTEL Training Program

Intel® ELEMENTS Program provides Kansas teachers with learning opportunities to help them transition to digital learning!  These free research-proven, professional learning courses focus on enhancing instruction through the effective use of technology and student-centered approaches.  The program promotes 21st century teaching and learning skills and directly aligns and supports the Kansas 21st Century Learner profiles.  These opportunities align with Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core) and are intended to enhance instructional approaches, provide best practice strategies, tools, and resources to engage today's digital learner.

Intel® Elements courses are challenging, substantive, and have immediate practical impact on teachers' work.  Teachers leave these courses with new strategies, tools and resources that apply directly to their courses, content and students.

Intel Teach Elements

Intel® Teach provides a number of free teaching tools and resources to support classroom instruction.  The new Intel Elements Courses are a series of online, modular, professional development courses that can be self-paced or facilitated (like a book study) to provide a deeper exploration of 21st Century Learning concepts.  There are currently five online Elements courses available:

Project-Based Approaches
Using specific classroom scenarios, explore characteristics and benefits of Project-Based Learning (PBL).  See examples of projects, learn the steps to planning a project, understand how to asses projects, and develop critical skills for managing and implementing projects.

Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms
Take an in-depth look at assessment that meets the needs of 21st century learners.  See how assessment strategies can benefit your teaching practices and students' learning.  Learn how to plan, develop, and manage student-centered assessment.

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

See collaboration in action through classroom examples, use a Collaboration Framework for planning digital collaboration activities, explore many online collaborative tools, and understand how to support and manage ethical, safe, and legal online collaboration.

Thinking Critically with Data
Thinking Critically with Data is an interactive e-learning course that examines critical thinking with a focus on data analysis in our information-rich world.  In this course, teachers explore practical skills and strategies to draw on when teaching students to think critically about the information around them.  Teachers will understand how to design student projects and assessments that address critical thinking skills when collecting and analyzing data.  The course also offers practical tips for implementing projects that ask students to think critically with data.

Inquiry in the Science Classroom
Inquiry in the Science Classroom is an e-learning course for teachers of students in 3rd to 8th grades (ages 9 to 13) that will explain and demonstrate the inquiry process in depth with interactive activities and locally relevant classroom examples.  The course will build a foundation for inquiry and provide the rationale and research basis, common misconceptions, and specific strategies for inquiry as part of any science learning, regardless of the science discipline.  It will promote best practices for improving scientific inquiry and will help both the teacher with weak science inquiry background but it will also reinforce teachers more experienced with inquiry.

Designing Blended Learning
Designing Blended Learning is an e-learning course for teachers that explains and demonstrates blended learning with interactive activities and locally relevant classroom examples.  The course helps teachers transition to blended learning experiences and provides the background rationale, planning strategies, and suggested technology tools.  It offers suggestions for assessing student learning in a blended course and managing the day-to-day blended environment.

Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
Educational Leadership in the 21st Century provides an interactive e-learning experience to support exploration and discussion of school leadership in our students' technological 21st century world.  School leaders review best practices, examine leadership behaviors, and develop strategies to better support their teachers.  They follow two administrators who work together to better use technology to support teachers and improve student achievement.  Participants discuss ideas and strategies with other leaders in the course and apply them to their own practice.  Extension activities provide opportunities to explore more in depth topics of interest.

Want to Participate

There are several ways to participate.  Courses are offered/facilitated at the state level, are available to be offered/facilitated at the district level, or they may be taken as self-paced, online learning opportunities.  Facilitated courses (state and district provided) can incorporate 2 hours of graduate credit.

Registration for state level course offerings for Summer 2013 are now closed.  If you would like to be notified of future state level offerings, send an email to take@ksde.org.

Want to Facilitate these course locally

Elements courses are sound ways to provide 21st Century Learning opportunities to staff and the modules are easy to weave into professional learning opportunities at the district/school level.  Click here to find out more.

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