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2014 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

Keynote - The Year In Review: Top Special Education Decisions of 2013-2014 Jim Walsh (PDF)
A1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities: The Key Rules and Regulations Dave Hodgins (PDF)
A2 Bullying and Other Hot Button Issues Jim Gerl (PDF)
A3 Least Restrictive Environment: Placement, Service, and Curricular Issues Art Cernosia (PDF)
A4 Communicating Effectively with Parents Jim Walsh (PDF)
A5 Related Services: Their Scope and Relationship to Special Education Services under the IDEA Kathy Mehfoud (PDF)
B1 Special Education Evaluations: Legal Issues to Know and Understand Dave Hodgins (PDF)
B2 Strategies and Legal Issues with Implementing IEPs in Compliance with IDEA Jose Martin (PDF)
B3 Current Challenges in Special Education Dave Richards (PDF)
B4 Making the Transition: Bridging the Gap between Graduation and Adult Services Jeanne Kincaid (PDF)
C1 FAPE: How Do the Courts Define It? How Do School Districts Provide It? How Do Parents Know It When They See It? Chris Borreca (PDF)
C2 The Intersection of Student Health Plans and Modern Section 504 Requirements Jose Martin (PDF)
C3 Section 504: From Nondiscrimination to FAPE Dave Richards (PDF)
C4 Access to Information: New Barriers to Navigate Jeanne Kincaid (PDF)
Keynote - The Year in Review (Part 2) Julie Weatherly (PDF)
D1 Understanding and Differentiating between Bullying and Harassment Diana Browning Wright (PDF) D2 The Modern Meaning of Child Find under the IDEA Perry Zirkel (PDF)
D3 Restraint and Seclusion: Where Are We Now? Julie Weatherly (PDF)
E1 Interventions and Documentation for Bullying and Harassment Diana Browning Wright (PDF)
E2 Key Issues in Special Education Law: Present and Future Perry Zirkel (PDF)
E3 Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (Part 1) Thomas Mayes (PDF)
E3 (cont.) Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (Part 2) Thomas Mayes (PDF)

2013 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

1a-Keynote-Weatherly-What The Courts (And Agencies) Are Saying In 2013 (PDF)
1b-A4-Weatherly-Avoiding Special Education Litigation (PDF)
1c-C1-Weatherly-The Manifestation Determination And Medical/Mental Health Conditions (PDF)
2a-A1-Zirkel-Comprehensive Comparison Of The IDEA And Section 504/ADA (PDF)
2b-B1-Zirkel-ADHD Checklist For Identification Under The IDEA And Section 504/ADA (PDF)
2c-B1-Zirkel-Checklist for Identifying Students Eligible under the IDEA Classification of Emotional Disturbance (ED): An Update (PDF)
3a-A2-Richards-Educating Students With Disabilities In Nontraditional Settings: Charter Schools, Home Instruction, Cyber Schools & The Ged (PDF)
3b-C3-Richards-Section 504 Nondiscrimination Update: Extracurricular Athletics, Accelerated Classes & Disability Harassment (PDF)
4a-A3-Walsh-Student And Teacher Safety: Is The Law Helping Or Hurting? (PDF)
4b-B3-Walsh-How The Lawyers Took Over Special Education (PDF)
4c-D4-Walsh-General Education Teachers and Special Education (PDF)
4d-E4-Walsh-Making The Transition: Preparing For Life After Special Education (PDF)
5a-A5-Borreca-Non-Traditional Families – Who Are They and What Rights Do They Have Under the IDEA? (PDF)
6a-B2-Hodgins-Administrators and IEP Process (PDF)
6--Hodgins-Medical/Health Care Services under the IDEA: Legal Issues to Know and Understand (PDF)
7a-B4-Mehfoud-Determining The Lre Without Engaging In Predetermination Of Placement (PDF)
7b-C4-Mehfoud-Efficient And Legal IEP Meetings (PDF)
8a-B5-Knudtson-Safety Vs. Student: Know How To Respond To A Dangerous Student (PDF)
8b-C5-Knudtson-Is Bad Behavior A Disability? (PDF)
9a-Keynote-BrowningWright-Providing Social, Emotional and Behavioral Services on a Budget (PDF)
9b-D3-E3-BrowningWright-Effective Responses to Students who Threaten Harm to Others (PDF)
9c-D3-E3-BrowningWright-Eleven Questions to Guide Data Collection in a Threat Assessment Inquiry (PDF)
10a-D1-Cernosia-Rights and Responsibilities of Parents Under the IDEA (PDF)
10b-E1-Cernosia-Special Education Services Beyond the School Day (PDF)
11a-D2-Martin-Access to the General Curriculum (PDF)
11b-E2-Martin-Legal Aspects of RtI (PDF)
13a-E5-Mayes-Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (Parts 1 & 2) (PDF)

2012 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

2011 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

1a-Melinda Jacobs-Year in Review (PDF)
1b-Melinda Jacobs-Service Animals in Schools (PDF)
2a-Jose Martin-Related Services Issues Under the IDEA-Key Doctrines and New Areas of Concern (PDF)
2b-Jose Martin-Modern Issues in Cases of Reimbursement for Unilateral Private Placements Under the IDEA (PDF)
3a-David Richards-IDEA FAQ:  Extracurricular & Nonacademic Activities (PDF)
3b-David Richards-Bullying & Harassment of Students with Disabilities:  Practical Guidance on Prevention & Response (PDF)
4-Paula Roalson-Student Restraint and Seclusion:  A Legal Update (PDF)
5a-Perry Zirkel-Section 504 Students Emerging Case Law Developments:  Double Trouble? (PDF)
5b-Perry Zirkel-Section 504/ADA and K-12 Students:  Supplemental Forms (PDF)
6a-Patrick Andriano-FERPA and Electronic Records:  Ten Difficult Issues to Consider (PDF)
6b-Patrick Andriano-FERPA Wired:  New Legal Issues Surrounding the Privacy or Electronic Student Records (PDF)
7-Thomas Shorter-Health and Medical Services for Children with Disabilities (PDF)
8a-David Hodgins-Special Education Discipline Under the Revised IDEA 2004 & 2006 Regulations (PDF)
8b-David Hodgins-The IDEA's Procedural Safeguards:  What Districts Need to Understand (PDF)
8c-David Hodgins-The IDEA's Procedural Safeguards:  What Districts Need to Understand (PDF)
9-Thomas Mayes-Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (PDF)
10-Christopher Borreca-Legal Issues in Transporting Students with Disabilities:  Case Law and Common Sense (PDF)
11a-Jim Walsh-Preventing the Predetermination Claim (PDF)
11b-Jim Walsh-Mastering the Critical Role of the LEA Rep (PDF)
11c-Jim Walsh-The District Representative at the IEP Team Meeting (PDF)
12a-Diana Wright-Pacing, Structuring and Transitioning for Students with Autism and Behavior Problems (PDF)
12b-Diana Wright-A Systematic Approach to Reducing Suspensions and ODR (PDF)
13a-Art Cernosia-Documentation...How Mush is Enough??? (PDF)
13b-Art Cernosia-Top Legal Issues in Providing Special Education (PDF)
14-Sharon Walsh-New Part C Regulations:  Policy Changes Needed for Statewide Implementation (PDF)
15a-Nancy Reder-Recommendations for Improved Coordination Between Title I and IDEA (PDF)
15b-Nancy Reder-Washington Updates (PDF)
16-Jan Tomsky-Manifest This!  A Guide to Manifestation Determinations (PDF)
17-Kelly Whiting-Building Professional Capacity Using Special Ed Connection© (PDF)

2010 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

2009 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

01a-The Year in Review:  Litigation to Learn From (2008-09)-Melinda Jacobs (PDF)
01b-Manifestation Determinations:  The Search for Meaning-Melinda Baird Jacobs (PDF)
02a-Understanding the Blurred Line Between "Specially Designed Instruction" & Regular Education Interventions-David M. Richards (PDF)
02b-IDEA FAQ:  1-1 Aides, Nurses & Parent-Contracted Service Providers at School-David M. Richards (PDF)
03a-Catching Up with FPCO:  The 2008 Amendments to FERPA-Christopher P. Borreca (PDF)
04a-Legal Requirements Critical to Compliance-Darcy L. Kriha (PDF)
04b-Bullying Outline (PDF)
05a-Child-Find in an RTI World-Jose L. Martin (PDF)
05b-Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act:  Confidentiality of Student Records-Jose L. Martin & David M. Richards (PDF)
06a1-Integrating Behavioral and Academic Supports (PDF)
06a2-Three Tiers of Evidence Based Intervention for Behavioral RTI:  Integrating Effective Instruction with Behavior Support (PDF)
06b1-Delivering Special Ed Services in the General Ed Environment:  Co-teaching and Other Practical Solutions to Compliance Barriers (PDF)
06b2-Middle/High School Blended Model of Pull-Out and Push-In Services-Diana Browning Wright (PDF)
07a-Restraints and Other Aversive Techniques:  Understanding the Legal Issues-Jim Walsh (PDF)
08a-What's Changed:  What you Need to Know About IDEA and Other New Laws and Regulations-Art Cernosia (PDF)
09a-FAPE for Students With Asperger Syndrome:  Essential Language, Behavior, and Social Strategies-Melisa Genaux (PDF)
10a1-504 Expansion-How Far Will it Go?  Title Page-Jeanne M. Kincaid (PDF)
10a2-504 Expansion-How Far Will it Go?-Jeanne M. Kincaid (PDF)
10a3-Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities FAQ (PDF)
10a4-Sample District 504 plan (PDF)
10a5-Official Version of ADA Amendments Acts of 2008 (PDF)
10b2a-IDEA & Transition-Preparing Students for Postsecondary Life (PDF)
10b2-IDEA & Transition-Preparing Students for Postsecondary Life (PDF)
10b3-OSERS Guidance on Secondary Transition (PDF)

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