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2013 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

1a-Keynote-Weatherly-What The Courts (And Agencies) Are Saying In 2013 (PDF)
1b-A4-Weatherly-Avoiding Special Education Litigation (PDF)
1c-C1-Weatherly-The Manifestation Determination And Medical/Mental Health Conditions (PDF)
2a-A1-Zirkel-Comprehensive Comparison Of The IDEA And Section 504/ADA (PDF)
2b-B1-Zirkel-ADHD Checklist For Identification Under The IDEA And Section 504/ADA (PDF)
2c-B1-Zirkel-Checklist for Identifying Students Eligible under the IDEA Classification of Emotional Disturbance (ED): An Update (PDF)
3a-A2-Richards-Educating Students With Disabilities In Nontraditional Settings: Charter Schools, Home Instruction, Cyber Schools & The Ged (PDF)
3b-C3-Richards-Section 504 Nondiscrimination Update: Extracurricular Athletics, Accelerated Classes & Disability Harassment (PDF)
4a-A3-Walsh-Student And Teacher Safety: Is The Law Helping Or Hurting? (PDF)
4b-B3-Walsh-How The Lawyers Took Over Special Education (PDF)
4c-D4-Walsh-General Education Teachers and Special Education (PDF)
4d-E4-Walsh-Making The Transition: Preparing For Life After Special Education (PDF)
5a-A5-Borreca-Non-Traditional Families – Who Are They and What Rights Do They Have Under the IDEA? (PDF)
6a-B2-Hodgins-Administrators and IEP Process (PDF)
6--Hodgins-Medical/Health Care Services under the IDEA: Legal Issues to Know and Understand (PDF)
7a-B4-Mehfoud-Determining The Lre Without Engaging In Predetermination Of Placement (PDF)
7b-C4-Mehfoud-Efficient And Legal IEP Meetings (PDF)
8a-B5-Knudtson-Safety Vs. Student: Know How To Respond To A Dangerous Student (PDF)
8b-C5-Knudtson-Is Bad Behavior A Disability? (PDF)
9a-Keynote-BrowningWright-Providing Social, Emotional and Behavioral Services on a Budget (PDF)
9b-D3-E3-BrowningWright-Effective Responses to Students who Threaten Harm to Others (PDF)
9c-D3-E3-BrowningWright-Eleven Questions to Guide Data Collection in a Threat Assessment Inquiry (PDF)
10a-D1-Cernosia-Rights and Responsibilities of Parents Under the IDEA (PDF)
10b-E1-Cernosia-Special Education Services Beyond the School Day (PDF)
11a-D2-Martin-Access to the General Curriculum (PDF)
11b-E2-Martin-Legal Aspects of RtI (PDF)
13a-E5-Mayes-Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (Parts 1 & 2) (PDF)

2012 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

2011 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

1a-Melinda Jacobs-Year in Review (PDF)
1b-Melinda Jacobs-Service Animals in Schools (PDF)
2a-Jose Martin-Related Services Issues Under the IDEA-Key Doctrines and New Areas of Concern (PDF)
2b-Jose Martin-Modern Issues in Cases of Reimbursement for Unilateral Private Placements Under the IDEA (PDF)
3a-David Richards-IDEA FAQ:  Extracurricular & Nonacademic Activities (PDF)
3b-David Richards-Bullying & Harassment of Students with Disabilities:  Practical Guidance on Prevention & Response (PDF)
4-Paula Roalson-Student Restraint and Seclusion:  A Legal Update (PDF)
5a-Perry Zirkel-Section 504 Students Emerging Case Law Developments:  Double Trouble? (PDF)
5b-Perry Zirkel-Section 504/ADA and K-12 Students:  Supplemental Forms (PDF)
6a-Patrick Andriano-FERPA and Electronic Records:  Ten Difficult Issues to Consider (PDF)
6b-Patrick Andriano-FERPA Wired:  New Legal Issues Surrounding the Privacy or Electronic Student Records (PDF)
7-Thomas Shorter-Health and Medical Services for Children with Disabilities (PDF)
8a-David Hodgins-Special Education Discipline Under the Revised IDEA 2004 & 2006 Regulations (PDF)
8b-David Hodgins-The IDEA's Procedural Safeguards:  What Districts Need to Understand (PDF)
8c-David Hodgins-The IDEA's Procedural Safeguards:  What Districts Need to Understand (PDF)
9-Thomas Mayes-Legal Ethics and Special Education Disputes (PDF)
10-Christopher Borreca-Legal Issues in Transporting Students with Disabilities:  Case Law and Common Sense (PDF)
11a-Jim Walsh-Preventing the Predetermination Claim (PDF)
11b-Jim Walsh-Mastering the Critical Role of the LEA Rep (PDF)
11c-Jim Walsh-The District Representative at the IEP Team Meeting (PDF)
12a-Diana Wright-Pacing, Structuring and Transitioning for Students with Autism and Behavior Problems (PDF)
12b-Diana Wright-A Systematic Approach to Reducing Suspensions and ODR (PDF)
13a-Art Cernosia-Documentation...How Mush is Enough??? (PDF)
13b-Art Cernosia-Top Legal Issues in Providing Special Education (PDF)
14-Sharon Walsh-New Part C Regulations:  Policy Changes Needed for Statewide Implementation (PDF)
15a-Nancy Reder-Recommendations for Improved Coordination Between Title I and IDEA (PDF)
15b-Nancy Reder-Washington Updates (PDF)
16-Jan Tomsky-Manifest This!  A Guide to Manifestation Determinations (PDF)
17-Kelly Whiting-Building Professional Capacity Using Special Ed Connection© (PDF)

2010 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

2009 Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Presentations

01a-The Year in Review:  Litigation to Learn From (2008-09)-Melinda Jacobs (PDF)
01b-Manifestation Determinations:  The Search for Meaning-Melinda Baird Jacobs (PDF)
02a-Understanding the Blurred Line Between "Specially Designed Instruction" & Regular Education Interventions-David M. Richards (PDF)
02b-IDEA FAQ:  1-1 Aides, Nurses & Parent-Contracted Service Providers at School-David M. Richards (PDF)
03a-Catching Up with FPCO:  The 2008 Amendments to FERPA-Christopher P. Borreca (PDF)
04a-Legal Requirements Critical to Compliance-Darcy L. Kriha (PDF)
04b-Bullying Outline (PDF)
05a-Child-Find in an RTI World-Jose L. Martin (PDF)
05b-Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act:  Confidentiality of Student Records-Jose L. Martin & David M. Richards (PDF)
06a1-Integrating Behavioral and Academic Supports (PDF)
06a2-Three Tiers of Evidence Based Intervention for Behavioral RTI:  Integrating Effective Instruction with Behavior Support (PDF)
06b1-Delivering Special Ed Services in the General Ed Environment:  Co-teaching and Other Practical Solutions to Compliance Barriers (PDF)
06b2-Middle/High School Blended Model of Pull-Out and Push-In Services-Diana Browning Wright (PDF)
07a-Restraints and Other Aversive Techniques:  Understanding the Legal Issues-Jim Walsh (PDF)
08a-What's Changed:  What you Need to Know About IDEA and Other New Laws and Regulations-Art Cernosia (PDF)
09a-FAPE for Students With Asperger Syndrome:  Essential Language, Behavior, and Social Strategies-Melisa Genaux (PDF)
10a1-504 Expansion-How Far Will it Go?  Title Page-Jeanne M. Kincaid (PDF)
10a2-504 Expansion-How Far Will it Go?-Jeanne M. Kincaid (PDF)
10a3-Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities FAQ (PDF)
10a4-Sample District 504 plan (PDF)
10a5-Official Version of ADA Amendments Acts of 2008 (PDF)
10b2a-IDEA & Transition-Preparing Students for Postsecondary Life (PDF)
10b2-IDEA & Transition-Preparing Students for Postsecondary Life (PDF)
10b3-OSERS Guidance on Secondary Transition (PDF)

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